Rifts Are Strange Things

Disclaimer:So they got the country right, but not the person. Closer, RTD, but still not anywhere close enough. I'll just hunt you down with some Ianto fangirls...

A/N: Okay, so this wasn't the drabble I was trying to write, either. Looks like that one just isn't happening. This one's a bit more serious.

Chapter 11: Philadelphia (100 words)

The Miracle Day fiasco was over and done with, the bad guys caught, the alien tech repossessed, and the Torchwood Hub being slowly rebuilt.

Or it would be, as soon as they figured out a city.


Rex, Esther, Gwen, and Jack stared at their fifth tag-along member who wasn't even a legal adult yet and was attempting to dictate their moves better than the once more immortal Jack.

"I mean come on, if I managed to end up in a parallel Cardiff because I fell through a Rift in my Philadelphia, who's to say there isn't one here?"