Maternity Leave - SOLDIER Style


Cloud smiled, watching Marlene harassing Vincent to tie his hair up with ribbons while Denzel smiled broadly at the other man's pain. At that time something made him remember what Zack had once told him.

He loves to hate me. I think it's my hair. Long and black. It annoys him. I don't know why, he just hates it. He sure does love silver-hair. And blondes, for that matter.

"Hey, Denzel." Cloud said, smiling lightly at the kid. "Come here, I've got something to tell you."

"What?" Denzel asked, his full attention hooked on Cloud. He idolized the man and Cloud couldn't figure out why. Unless the blond hair thing somehow came into play. "Is something wrong?"

"No, everything is fine. But do you know who your parents are?" Cloud asked. "Really know?"

"Sure." Denzel replied, looking only a twinge sorrowful. "But why?"

"Well, I think there's something I should tell you. But I don't know if you want to hear it yet. You're kinda young."

"Hey! I wanna know! I'm not a kid anymore, Cloud." Denzel announced, placing his hands on his hips and otherwise trying to look courageous. Familiar, is what that looked like to Cloud.

"Alright. I knew a SOLDIER named Zack Fair, onceā€¦"

... Yeah, I have nothing else to say except I hoped you enjoyed. (and if you didn't... (holds up Masamune) Wait, the main character of Otomen?! I WANTED THE SWORD, NOT YOU. (BTW read Otomen. NAO.)