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Tokyo, 1978

The city bustled around the two foreigners, no one stopping to even regard the male and female who seemed to fit in with the other Japanese humans so well. The tourists, though American citizens, blended seamlessly with the city's rhythm, looking for all the world like they belonged there, even though the two hadn't been back to the place of their birth for over a decade.

The female chattered with her companion excitedly, the male's stoic expression barely changing. The curly-haired female didn't take offense to this, though. She knew the golden-eyed male was paying attention, even though he didn't talk much. Shizuka Doumeki had never been much of a talker, after all.

The man, now 22 years old, kept half his concentration on the city, scanning for dangers, and the other half on his friend's babbling. In the crowd, he noticed a familiar head of messy hair, an almost feminine body structure, and pale skin that he recognized on sight. The person was just a block ahead, coming out of a general store, holding a heavy-looking bag in each hand.

Without a word to his traveling partner, Shizuka broke into a run towards the figure moving away from him. Doumeki caught up with the person in no time, the other having stopped to wait for the light to change for the crosswalk.

"Oi," Shizuka called out, a few feet behind the other figure. The other figure lifted his head ever so slightly, but didn't move otherwise, instead choosing to freeze in his tracks.

"My name's not 'Oi,' you know," the familiar voice answered after a moment. Silence fell between the two, neither moving as the city continued around them. The crosswalk light changed, but the one with the bags didn't move with the other pedestrians. Finally, the shorter male spoke.

"You'd think that even an idiot such as yourself would be able to come up with something better to say after three years," the boy said as he turned his head to face the other man. Shizuka found himself faced with those familiar bi-colored eyes, hidden behind wire-rimmed glasses. Tears, presumably from joy, flowed freely down the thinner man's face, and a wide smile had spread itself across the delicate features.

Shizuka lifted and spread his arms slightly, inviting the other to him. Kimihiro Watanuki needed no other invitation, as he'd already crossed the distance between them, dropping the bags by Shizuka's feet, and wrapping his arms tightly around the former Marine's middle. Shizuka draped his own arms around the smaller man's back, noting the trembles that tore through the other's body as waves of emotion crashed down on the more delicate male of the couple.

The two stayed in the embrace for a good few minutes, before Shizuka felt a tap on his shoulder. He glanced behind him, to see his female companion looking at him quizzically.

"Shizuka-kun, is this him?" she asked her friend. Shizuka nodded, as Kimihiro finally loosened his hold on the other, clearly wondering about the woman in front of him.

"I'm Himawari Kunogi. I'm a friend of Shizuka-kun. You must be Kimihiro-kun, right? Shizuka's told me so much about you!" the woman introduced herself before Shizuka could speak, holding out her hand to the other man with a smile. Kimihiro smiled back, shaking her hand while wiping his face with the other arm. After doing this, he offered a bow to the cute woman.

"Sorry about that, Kunogi-san. As you probably know, it's been a while since I've seen Shizuka-san," Kimihiro explained, looking a little embarrassed.

"Oh, it's fine! And please call me Himawari-chan," the woman said brightly. Kimihiro nodded, already deciding he liked this girl. He picked up the bags he'd dropped, which Shizuka saw were full of luckily unbroken bottles of Sake. The thinner man turned to the foreigners.

"Here, why don't you come with me to Yuuko-san's shop? I need to deliver these bags to her, after all. I'm sure she'd be glad to see you again, Shizuka. And of course, I don't think she'd mind meeting you, Himawari-chan," Kimihiro smiled at the Americans, looking, and feeling, as if he'd just won the lottery.

Before long, the three arrived at a highly out-of-place traditional style Japanese home nestled comfortably between some typically tall modern Tokyo buildings. Kimihiro led the visitors inside the house, placing the bags of alcohol in the kitchen before heading towards a screened room in the middle of the room.

"Yuuko?" the man called out, having reached the door. Said door slid open on its own, a voice carrying through the pipe smoke circling the room.

"Ah, Watanuki-kun, you've returned. As have you, Doumeki-kun."

The smoke finally cleared to reveal the familiar red-eyed woman sprawled over a couch, hair and fabric arranged elaborately around her figure, accenting the knowing aura of the woman. Yuuko sat up on the couch, holding a pipe rather elegantly in one hand.

"Come in, come in. It's rude to linger in doorways, you know," the woman smiled at the younger humans in front of her.

"Well, it certainly has been a long time, Doumeki-kun. I did wonder when I'd be seeing your handsome face again," Yuuko trailed a hand down the man's chin in a rather seductive manner, though the former soldier didn't react. The woman turned to the rather confused girl standing next to Shizuka.

"And this is Himawari, yes? Hm, she's certainly a cute girl. Doumeki-kun certainly is a lucky boy, to constantly find such cute girls to befriend," the woman chuckled, and Kimihiro blushed a little. Himawari couldn't help but chuckle with the other woman, seemingly unfazed by the fact Yuuko knew her name, though she'd never introduced herself.

"If you don't mind, Shizuka-kun, can I ask how you two got separated in the first place? You've never told me, and I've always wondered," the curly-haired girl asked her friend. Shizuka shrugged, and looked over at Kimihiro, as if asking if it was alright. After all, this involved the smaller man, too. Yuuko spoke for the boy, whose demeanor had done a total back flip to something clearly mourning.

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea. Revisiting the past can often give us some good insights for the future after all. And, since I think we're in for a long story, please sit."

The three adults suddenly noticed the pillows that had been placed around the room, clearly intended for people to seat themselves upon.

Once they all had settled onto their seats, Shizuka sent another look over to the man beside him, who nodded, and began speaking.

Late April, 1975

The last day of evacuations. This was it. Shizuka had already fetched Kimihiro, disguised as a woman, from Yuuko's store. Yuuko had not been present, and had told the boys not to wait for her if she wasn't there. Shizuka had wondered why, but neither boy argued with the woman. She was allowed to make her own decisions, after all.

The American Embassy was surrounded by desperate Vietnamese civilian, clamoring to escape the doomed nation. Shizuka kept his grip on Kimihiro's wrist tight as the two fought their way to the gate. However, Shizuka made the mistake of loosening his grip slightly when the two made it to their destination, and the gateman was about to allow Doumeki, an American Marine, entry.

Before Shizuka even knew what was happening, Kimihiro had been separated from him, and he was pulled by the guardsmen into the Embassy before any of the desperate creatures before them could get in. Doumeki's last view of Kimihiro was the boy's wide, bi-colored eyes filled with terror, and his arm reaching for his companion as he was swept away by the crowd.

Once behind the gate, Shizuka did one thing he had never, ever, done before. He lost control. He'd yelled at the guards, argued with them, tried to fight his way through the other soldiers that had been called to restrain him, and pull him towards that last helicopter. Shizuka, for once, didn't care about the scene he, the stoic one, was making. The only thought in his mind was to get back to the other boy that had been torn so cruelly from him.

Unfortunately, Shizuka's fighting was in vain, and he was forced onto the helicopter, followed by the guards, and finally, the American ambassador himself. Shizuka went numb as the helicopter lifted off the building's roof, leaving the South Vietnamese open to the vicious Viet Kong, and leaving the one he cared for most in the midst of the rambunctious crowd shouting and reaching for their last shred of hope that was flying away from them. Shizuka swore, in that instant, to find the Japanese boy he'd left behind again, even if the search killed him.

During that time, Kimihiro had managed to fight his way to the front of the crowd again, desperately telling the guards, in his falsely high voice, that he was the wife of a soldier on that helicopter, and that he belonged with the soldier. The guards paid him no mind, and Kimihiro wasn't sure they could even hear him over the shouting of the crowd behind him.

Kimihiro didn't give up, until one sound rose above the roar of the crowd-the sound of helicopter blades. With a feeling of crushing despair, Kimihiro watched as the helicopter rose into the sky, carrying the one he cared so much for, and officially abandoned the citizens of South Vietnam. The crowd behind the boy cleared quickly as the helicopter flew off, and, without the crowd pressing him against the fence, Kimihiro collapsed on the ground eyes locked on the speck of helicopter.

The boy's gaze didn't move for a long time after the helicopter had disappeared into the deceptively blue sky. Finally, however, the cross-dresser stood, and stumbled back to the club he worked at, finding his employer standing behind the bar.

The boy's gaze was lowered to the floor, and his entire body shook from unshed tears. He lifted his bi-colored eyes to the woman in front of him, revealing the tears that hovered so close to falling.

"You knew."

The woman moved towards the boy, taking him into her arms in a very motherly fashion. The boy, still dressed as a female, leaned into the woman's embrace, and finally let the tears flow. Yuuko let the boy sob into her black kimono for a long time, her own expression grieving for the boy.

After a while, the boy's sobs died down, and his breathing evened to normal. He didn't move from the woman's embrace, however, as it was clear he was still rather broken by this entire affair.

"I suppose I'll still have to work tonight?" the boy mumbled into his employer's voluptuous chest. The woman ran her hand through the boy's natural hair gently (the wig had fallen off).

"The club won't be open tonight, Watanuki-kun. In fact it won't be open ever again. Tonight, we leave Vietnam," the woman spoke firmly, her voice more serious than usual. Kimihiro looked up at the woman who'd cared for him for all these years, surprise written on his face.

"Where will we go?"


Yuuko's Shop, 1978

By the time Kimihiro and Shizuka had finished their stories, Himawari had one hand placed over her gaping mouth, a mixture of grief and horror in her expression. Her eyes held a substantial amount more of wetness than they had before, and it seemed like she was on the verge of crying.

"That's so horrible! I can't believe you two had to go through that!" the girl exclaimed, pulling the two males into a sympathy hug. Yuuko smiled slightly at the scene in front of her.

"So, what brings you and your cute friend to Japan, Doumeki-kun?" the Dimensional Witch asked, deciding to break up the adorable display of friendship before her.

"Oh! Shizuka-kun and I were visiting Japan for a couple weeks, because both of our families came from here after we were born. We're actually going back next week," Himawari answered for her quiet friend, kneeling back on her pillow. Suddenly, her expression brightened as an idea occurred to her.

"Watanuki-kun, you should come back with us! Knowing Shizuka-kun, he's not going to leave you now that he's found you, and I certainly don't want to go back home alone!"

The girl suddenly looked guilty after speaking, and she turned to the other woman with a sheepish smile.

"Oh, excuse me, I'm so rude! Would you like to come with us, too, Yuuko-san?" The girl extended her offer to the woman who had already returned to her sprawled position on her sofa.

"No, Watanuki-kun will go with you two alone," scarlet-eyed woman drawled. Watanuki looked like he might protest before Yuuko spoke up again.

"Kimihiro, your place is with these people," she began, smiling at the boy she viewed much like a son. "I belong here. My place is with this shop."

"But… Yuuko-"

"Kimihiro, it's no use protesting. I know you'll be fine. You are destined to be with these people. This was hitsuzen. Now go pack. We can't have you going to the United States of America with just the clothes on your back."

Kimihiro listened to the woman, and stopped his protesting. He stood, looking at the floor for a minute, before striding over to his former employer, a determined look on his face. The woman turned to regard him curiously as he approached, and seemed about to speak before the younger boy puller the space-time witch into a hug.

Yuuko looked shocked for a moment, before she closed her eyes, and hugged the boy back, a smile on her features.

"Thank you," the boy whispered, before pulling away, and walking from the room without another word. Himawari followed him, chattering cheerfully at him, clearly intending to help the boy pack. Shizuka stood to leave as well, but hesitated at the doorway, looking back at the woman who'd returned to her pipe.

"Yes, Doumeki-kun, you were right. I knew all along. But I had hoped it would turn out better, if perhaps I wasn't there. This time, it will be fine," the woman assured him before Shizuka had even spoken.

"Good bye, Yuuko-san," the man said after a minute. Yuuko nodded to him as he left.

"Good bye, Doumeki-kun. I know you'll take good care of him. Now it is certain he will not disappear."

AN: I still don't like that last line much. :/ Oh well. This fic is a bigass. It's over 5,000 words, total. LOL. I never thought I had it in me...

I wrote this fic after seeing a performance of Miss Saigon by my county's high school summer performing arts program, Summer Fine Arts. So far, SFA performances are pretty epic, because they go all out. This performance even got a real honest to God helicopter that had been with the coast guard for their performance. And there were fireworks involved in the performance. Epic, right?

Anyway, during the play, my mind imagined xxxHolic like the play, and this was born. I decided I wanted the ending happy, however, and I wanted Watanuki to be more of a 'Gigi' character. (Later, I realized the nickname Kimi was lik a mix between Kim and Gigi, and started thinking 'That's a coincidence!' before I mentally stopped myself, and thought 'Naw, it's hitsuzen.' Then I proceeded to mentally facepalm, because that was one of my sadder moments, lol.) I figured Watanuki looked kinda girly, and could pass for a girl if he wanted to, and I don't think of Himawari as being with Doumeki or Watanuki romantically. Plus, doumeki would be a baaaaaad hooker. Imagine his bored expression while doing a pole dance. It'd be more humorous than sexually provocative.

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