"Oh, Emmett---" I called, sweetly. "Before you place that order for a new Steinway concert grand, remember that if Edward gets one whisper—no, not even that—a lip-synch-- of what I've planned for his birthday—you're the one who's going to be extra crispy."

"You wouldn't." he scoffed.

"Wouldn't I? No, I wouldn't. That's Rose's department."

He remained unimpressed.

"Debbie Does Dallas." I reminded him in the barest of whispers---and then I ran for it. Out of the house, over the river and halfway to Hoquiam....

It's a good thing I'm still a newborn. He never caught me.

Bella to Emmett--From "Magic: The Birthday Present"


There was no help for it, they were just going to have to rebuild, Rosalie thought as she cleared away the rubble of the room that until last night, had been the bedroom she shared with Emmett. Just as well, she was getting bored with the surroundings.

She found the black metal box tucked between the slabs of drywall. Once opened, it contained a number of slim black cases. DVDs.

She read the titles on this discs inside. "Behind the Green Door." "The Opening of Misty Beethoven." "I Am Curious (Yellow)."

So am I, she mused as she put the DVD in the still working player.

Two seconds later, the room was filled with the acrid stench of burning electronics and her shriek filled the entire house.


Emmett did as he was told and raced up the stairs, Jasper and Alice on his heels.

Edward winced at the mental--and vocal--volume. "Best get Renesmee out of here," he muttered to Bella. "Before she learns a whole new vocabulary..."