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Kane was having one hell of a night. First he had lost the match, but that didn't bother him much, but then, almost as if to finishing him and his mood off, Edge had beat the crap out of Matt Hardy. Again.

He huffed, drying his body with an extra towel, the 'extra' prefix coming from the towel wrapped around his hips, the only thing covering his overly large and strong body. He kept on pondering on the match for a while… it didn't bother him at all that Matt had gotten his ass kicked, he didn't give a flying fuck about the kid, what did bothered him though was that it had been Edge the one to kick his ass. Even if he didn't care about Lita and Edge anymore, never did for that matter, he had always known the two had something going on, and desperately waited, even helped Lita's 'betrayal' to finally become a public thing, it had bothered him more the fact that he had lost a shot at the tittle because of her than her leaving. He sighed to himself. He had NEVER been interested in Lita for that matter, he just wanted to have a son, or a daughter, he didn't care..... he had simply wanted to have a family... and the coin he tossed happened to chose Lita.

But his bothering came more from the little fact that what the two were doing had gone beyond anything he could ever think of; poor Matt had been only speaking of death and endings, he took it he really hated Edge for taking Lita away from him, and it bothered him to see such good boy wasting himself for such a slut. #Maybe it was for the best she didn't have my baby.... it would turn out to be the greatest bitch.... or bastard ever to step on this earth# Then again, if Matt wanted to fight for a lost cause, that was his thing and he had no reason to care about that, even if he had really considered talking to the boy, cause if he kept going the way he did, he wasn't gonna end very well... Edge and Lita were a little too demonical lately for anything involving them to end well.

With a groan he finished changing, bastard of his opponent really got inspired tossing him against the turnbuckle, hit him square in the shoulder a few times, he even had a small blue on it, but that was all cool, he had an amazingly large pain endurance, and if you didn't believe him go ask any of his tag team partners, he lost count of how many times he had to threaten them to cut their head off if they tried to take him to a hospital.

He left the stadium where Raw was at the moment in the car he had rented, heading to the hotel he was staying, he had decided not to join in the hotel the WWE had rented for the RAW roster, he felt like he needed a little privacy, but as soon as he took the last turn towards it and saw it he didn't feel like going to his room, watch some tv, have dinner and fall asleep. He felt like driving some more, see the city, have a drink, find a hot looking bitch for himself and get laid.... no matter the sex, he just wanted a bitch, and he wasn't as complicated as RVD. Dear god, the man just was capable of finding the tiniest detail, who would care if a woman's teeth didn't match the line of her nose, or if a man used a little too much gel, one wasn't gonna bother about teeth lines while getting a blowjob, and the gel, well, showers are always there for those type of situations. #I swear, if I was to hear him saying I should get contacts cause of my eye one more time, I would kill him. Thank God and Triple H for that stupid 'take your mask off' match, just to get him off my back, I mean he was cool and all, but Jesus-FUCKING-christ!!!!!#

An hour later, Kane had drove through half the city, in a speed that had would make police officers chase him speed on across the city, but unfortunately, he had found none, then he had stopped for a little dinner, the man had to eat, all the while thinking where to go, not deciding on anything concrete for he didn't know the city well. He was about to get into his car and drive off again when red neon letters hit a side of his face. Homo. He hadn't seen that when he entered the restaurant. #Nice name, very suggestive# he thought, and felt himself compelled to enter the club, and not having anything more interesting, or anyother choice he could think about, he did.

#Now this is what I'm talking about!!# Was the first think that came to mind as he entered, standing on a platform at the entrance, he could see the whole place from there, the whole disco was dark, pitch dark, one couldn't see a bat unless it was to strike him right across the head, he could only make out the bar and the bathrooms because they had dark blue lights around them, and he laughingly notice how there were two bathroom, but there was no sign whatsoever which was for men and which for women. There were men and women undistincly dancing and moving to the hot beat, not bothering if they were dancing with people of the same sex, or if they were four or more people dancing together. There were people who were actually making the hell out of each other in the middle of the groups. Kane had to laugh at that. This place really lived up to its name.

Walking down to the dancefloor, and declining a few invitations to do things he didn't want his children, when he finally had them, to do as he went by, from both men and women, he walked to the bar, to heat motors up a bit and kill a couple of braincells, then off to party until sunrise. He asked for Vodka, pure, and when the bartender gave it to him he downed the glass in one shot and asked for another, already feeling his head swaying a bit, that was a really good Vodka. Even so, he did the same thing with the next three drinks he ordered.

When he felt like he should start off the dancing and partying, and therefor looking for somebody willing, not that it was too hard, he just needed to find the little bitch that very sexually offered him a blowjob and asked for a few spankings. Talk about being direct. If he hadn't been sobber enough not to become aggresive in bed, fully aware of his strength, he would be tainting some round, naked ass in red right now.... or fucking a seemly wonderful mouth. #Now where could that slutty boy be??#

There he was. Grinnding against a really tall, massive guy, not as big and massive as him, but close nough. Guess that was his type. He stood up, then turned to his left, to where everyone had turned at the same time, the sound of glass braking against skull too unique to let by, and then the fight had begun, even in the darkness of the club he could see the fists and bodies hitting and bumping against each other, and he began to move towards the fight, technically pushing everyone out of the way, and as he came closer he saw a little something that stopped him, one of the fighters, with long hair, the tallest one of the two did a move he knew a little too well. The Twist of Fate.#Matt Hardy??#. He severely wished it was just a sick fan pissed playing to be a superstar. He began to walk quicker, watching as who seemed to be Matt Hardy kicking the unconsious body, and he could hear his yellings and insults. Yeap, it was Matt alright, he could recognize the voice. And what do you know, he was yelling at the unconsious body things like 'you know shit about me, you don't know what I feel, don't fucking joke about someone's pain, yada yada yada' #The kid really needs someone to slap him across the face#

So he did. As soon as he was within his large arm's reach he swirled him around and slapped him. Matt almost fall to the ground, but he miraculously managed to support himself on a table not to fall down, and without even looking at him he went up to charge at Kane.

"Who the fuck do you--"

"Listen to me, you stupid punk bitch" He inmediately retorded, evading the punch launched his way and grabbing a hold Matt's throat. Matt looked up at him, in a mix of confusion and drowsiness. #Figures, the kid's drunk# Then Matt's face went from confusion to shock, and Kane could faintly listen the kid whispering his name. Kane sighed, great, the kid was drunk, depressed, had nearly killed a guy just now, and now he was trying to hide his shame at being seen like that, Matt was avoiding his look and he could tell he was trying to put an apology together, because everyone in the WWE knew he was hurt, but no one knew he was this bad. Now he didn't want to punch some sense into him. "Com' ere, kid"

And he started walking to the bar, a strong hold of Matt's wrist as he went by, dragging the other male down with him. 'I'm not a kid' he heard Matt say, his voice low and dangerous, and Kane didn't bother to look back to answer. "No, you're not" He said, still walking through the crowd and glaring at anyone who'd dare watch him strangely. "But you're behaving like one" He could hear Matt's angry growl over the music and felt his light pull at the grip he had on his hand. In a way of telling him he was insane if he thought he would let him go, Kane tightened his grip on Matt's wrist.

They got to the bar, and as soon as they sat down a big, tall, bulky guy presented himself infront of them, telling Matt he had to leave, in that intimading voice that would make anyone shiver in fear.... anyone but Kane. "Listen up, man.... the kid's got issues, alright?? Got a little outta control back there, but he's cool now.... aren't you cool, Matt??" Matt stared at Kane apprehensively for a few seconds before saying anything.

"Yeah, yeah" He said, with a lazy wave of his hand. "I'm cool. You, bartender.... get me a bottle of whisky. Scotch. And ice. And make it a blue label. And a really large glass" the man looked from Matt to Kane, unconvinced.

"If he gets a little bothersome" Kane said, standing up as well, and the guard found himself looking up at the man, impressed at the muscle and sizes of him. "I'll kick his ass outta here myself. We cool now??" The guard looked at the boy again, he was currently helping himself a glass of whisky with a minimun quantity of ice, and then he looked up at him, and made a toasting sign with the glass, winking an eye at him.

"A'right" He said, then left, but not before taking a good look at the two. He was sure it wouldn't be the last he'd see of them tonight.

Kane turned, and found Matt downing half the glass contents in one shot, and took a deep breath, how he went from looking for someone to fuck, to babysitting Matt Hardy was beyond him. #At least you'll get to have that talk with him#. He sat down, organizing the way he would tell this man how much of a dumbass he had been the last couple of weeks, and how much of a bitch he had been to Lita and Edge's games.... specially Lita's. But Kane never got to say anything, for Matt spoke first. "Do you think I'm hot??" He said, staring at the glass, while twisting his wrist, looking at the licor and the ice as if they held the misteries of the world.

Meanwhile, Kane was stunned silent. Where the hell did that question came from??? If he thought he was hot... he honestly didn't know, he had never seen the older Hardy THAT way. But in a minute's contemplation he could inmediately say he was quite handsome, not what he usually looked for, that being smaller and less muscular males, if someone didn't believe him, they should check his partners list: X-pac, RVD, the hurricane.... Taker didn't count, they had never got along for long, side they were brothers..... but now that he really thought about it, the boy had his charms. "Yeah. Kinda" he said, inmediately regreting the 'Kinda' that slipped from his mouth, for Matt's eyes narrowed a bit at the word, and right now he didn't like adding more weight, the burden Matt had tossed upon himself was heavy enough. "I never thought about it really--"

"I know, it was a stupid question, I-- sorry" He softly said, and Kane had to read his lips to listen to him, what with the music and all. Matt drank what was left of his drink and grimaced, that must of been a really good Whisky. Then he moved to serve himself, but Kane got ahead of him, taking the bottle in his hands.

"Sorry?? For what??" He asked, pouring the contains of the bottle in Matt's glass, if he was not to talk about his latest actions then he could at least try and be a good company. Matt took a long drink before answering.

"Asking you if you thought I was hot.... I didn't want to insult you, you know..... cause most people would think I just asked you if you were gay" Matt huffed out a laugh, thumbing the edge of his glass, not looking at him, but looking at his thumb instead, and Kane noticed the short laugh was more of a hidded sob. "It was a stupid--"

"I think you're hot" Kane cut his off, and Matt looked up at him, eyes wide opened, not really assimilating what Kane just said. In an attempt to run from those seeking eyes Kane turned to the bartender and made a sign for another drink. "I'm not most people, Hardy, I'm not gonna think you insulting me just because of asking me that, to me it's just a question, the fact that happens to do something to do with sexual preferences only makes it a little..... complicated to answer, but answerable nonetheless"

Matt stared at him, amazed, as Kane took a sip of his Vodka, sure he had always known Kane to be a little out of the ordinary, but not that much, he never thought of him as more than a brute, big and frustated monster that cared about nothing or no one, or at least a handful of people, but he had never thought Kane to have such conviccion and self-trusted personality. "What?? Never heard a man telling another 'you hot'??" Kane asked out with a laugh, and Matt took a sip of his whisky, thinking for the first time in days, maybe Kane could help him ease his mind a bit on the topic troubling him, he seemed to be able to handle things well.

"I have, I just... I never.... thought you--"

"Could have the IQ to put a few intelectual sentences together?? Or actually have an interesting personality??" Kane could see the blush creeping up Matt's cheeks, and laughed again, he had just hit the nail on the head. "Don't worry" he said, setting his hand on Matt's shoulder reassuringly. "Don't tell this to anyone but... I'm a great actor and happen to have a reputation in RAW to maintain, so the 'Oh-my-god, he's smart' face.... doesn't get to me anymore" Matt could only nod, and he was about to let out another apology when Kane, once again, reassured him it was all cool.

"So..... watcha doing over here??" Matt asked, not knowing what else to say, this conversation had suddenly become utterly akward, not to mention embarassing, to him.

"Hanging out, watching the city, trying to lose myself some, looking for someone, anyone my type and get laid...." He lazily explained, then took another drink of his glass, while Matt could only stare, Kane going out to party and looking forward to get laid was something he'd never thought he would see. "And what you doing?? Other than trying to kill anyone who reminds you of 'we both know what' and trying to get overly drunk because of it that is??" Matt laughed, not at the question but at the 'we both know what' part, if he only knew....

"Pretty much what you're doing: walking, lose myself some, watching the people enjoy themselves mostly, I'm not good at dancing, Lita always left me on the dancefloor, said I had two left feet" He softly said, and Kane frowned at the look of sadness and dreamy wandering on Matt's face. He didn't understand him. Why would anyone dream about something that seemed to hurt him so much, unless Matt was just overeacting and he didn't give a flying fuck about Lita, the way he had done a few months ago.

"Really?? she did that??" Matt nodded. Kane took a drink. "Well that's not very nice" Matt drew in eyebrows together at Kane's 'supposed' musing, cause even if he wasn't looking at him, it was obvious the taller man wanted Matt to hear what he would say next. "How can you be with someone that would turn their back on you at the slightiest mistake you do??" Matt laughed, out loud, slapping Kane's shoulder as he did, and Kane could only stare at his sudden outburst, what the fuck was so danm funny, he was serious when he said that, and he hoped that would bring some sense into Matt's head, but on the contrairy, it seemed to drive him insane. After a few more minutes, Matt managed to calm himself, under the very confused and intense look of a very not confortable Kane.

"Sorry" he whispered out, and giggled. "It's just too danm funny"

"What??" He asked, really annoyed this time. 'it's just too danm funny' he said, that part was obvious.

"This.... you trying to sooth my pain, not a year we were triny to kick the crap out of each other for Lita... and now..." He giggled again, Kane began to think that either Matt was really drunk, or he was having an histerical attack, declining for laughing instead of crying. "Now you, her betrayed ex-husband, is trying to get me, her latest betrayed ex-boyfriend, into letting her go when you were trying to kill her yourself a few months ago..... the irony" He was drunk, defenitely, it had to be, cause he saw nothing funny in the situation, or the way he had spat at him he had been 'betrayed', even if he knew that bit wasn't true, and he had always thought himself to have an extensive sense of humor. Seing Kane wasn't joining him in his laughter, Matt stopped, and considered that Kane mayhap not taken it as easily as he did. "I didn't mean to--"

"You didn't" Kane quickly cut in, ordering another glass of vodka, seriously considering on asking for the whole bottle, this conversation was gonna take a little more than he had bargained for. "Tell you the truth??" Matt frowned, what could this truth be?? He found himself nodding more than out of curiosity than anyhting else. "I don't really care about Lita" He said, and Matt choked on his whisky, surely he hadn't hear the taller man right, had he?? Cause the destroying fit he threw at Raw sure as hell said otherwise. "Never did. I just wanted her to have my child" he continued, taking a large drink, emptying half his glass. He decided he defenitely needed to ask for a bottle. "I always knew they were together, even while I trying to beat you away from her, didn't care much, as long as she could give me my boy or girl... I could always sue her for cheating and take the baby under my custody, but then..."

"She lost it" He whispered, and Kane nodded, silent, it still hurt him to lose his unborned baby, he had so many hopes around him/her.

"And I decided it was time to have her gone.... and played stupid for the next months, letting her run off with Edge and accepting her 'my body aches' excuses, just not to have sex with her. I didn't want her anymore, I thought she would be a great mom, but then I saw she wasn't the angel everyone thought her to be" Kane concluded, and asked for his danmed bottle, his side of the confession was over, now it was Matt turn, if he wanted of course, he wasn't going to force him, but he could tell the boy was too shocked out of his mind to say anything. It took a few minutes to get Matt in the world of the thinking again.

"Wow..." Was all Matt said, taking another drink while digesting the just said information. "You really are a good actor. I totally bougth the 'wounded husband' act." He laughed out, Kane joined him a second later. Matt fell silent for a while, he never thought Kane and him had anything in common, but now that they had this conversation he noticed they did, they had both fooled the entire world, and now it was his time to confess. "I never loved her either" to say that Kane choked on his Vodka was an understandment.... #Matt never what?!?!?!?!?! Ok, Kane, this kid is trying to pull your leg!!!#

"Are you trying to pull my leg??" He exclamed, and Matt laughed again, this was exactly what he had expected anyone would react when he told the truth. "You never loved her?? Are you kidding me??? you've gone suicidal against Edge for the last few weeks, man, I've got chills looking at you go against him, man. You're so head over heels for her, everybody knows that. You still love the chick for that matter, and her cheating and leaving you still hurts you like HELL!!!" the hell this kid was gonna try and play him, he may not like gossips, but he knew enough to know that, at some point, Lita and him were mad about one another.

"Actually, it was HIS leaving that hurt me" Kane drew his eyebrows together in confusion.... 'he's leaving'??

"Edge??" Matt nodded, a sad smile settling on his face as he remembered what he had lived with the blond. Kane still wasn't able to come out the shock.

"Lita and I did dated for a while, but we broke up inmediately, and remained as friends cause I started seing Edge then, and for the sake of the Raw image, and how much the fans loved our couple, we decided to keep the act up some more" he laughed to himself a little, then looked up at Kane's dumb-stroken face "not even Jeff knew we broke up after a while, or that Edge and I were a couple." Matt sighed, turning to look at his now empty glass once more. "It didn't bother me to see you and Lita together, at the time you seemed like a great couple, she was evil and you didn't look very left out, Lita's always been a bitch, I knew it since we started dating, but what really hurt was she knew how much I loved Edge, and still had the nerve to sleep with him, and him..... he just dumped me off for her, like the four years we spent together meant nothing...." His fists tightened, and Kane could see real fury burning in his chocolate eyes, so much there were tears dying to roll down his cheeks, and then was when it really downed on him tha Matt was telling the truth, and he felt like going after the two bastards and teaching him a thing or two about loyalty, that type of things shouldn't be done, losing a friend and the person you love at the same time. He should know, ask him about his experience with X-Pac and Tori.... he was still looking for someone to give heads like Sean. "even when he was in Smackdown we never lost touch" Matt's voice brought Kane back to reality. "we always found a way to see eachother, and he promised me so many danm times what we had was foverer" And he couldn't keep the tears at bay anymore, they began to run down his cheek, just as Matt rested his head on his arms, his hair falling around his head like a veil, protecting him from the eyes of the worlds as he broke down silently, Kane being the only knowing witness.

"Hey...hey...." He touched Matt, but the other male didn't respond, then he grabbed a hold of him and helped him get up.

"What are you doing??" Matt brokenly asked, as Kane took both the Vodka and Whisky bottle, handed a quantity of money he thought was enough to pay both checks, he thought it was, the grin on the bartender said it all, and began, once again, dragging him through the place.

"Getting you out of here" He answered, not bothering to look back at him. "A club is not the place for you, not with the emotional turmoil you got going on on ya" Matt remained silent, one because he didn't exactly know what to think of that and two he was too danm drunk to fight Kane.

Kane and Matt went out the club in a rush, or rather Kane went out in a rush, dragging Matt along with him, and when Kane had reached his car he oppened the door for Matt. Matt grimaced. "No, man, I got the motorcycle I rented right over there, I'll just follow you to wherever you wanna go and keep on talking there" He suggested, yet the sway of his body told Kane he was in no condition to drive, let alone a motorcycle.

"No way I'ma let you drive, as drunk and suicidal as you are and all" He said, and shoved Matt into the car, he rounded it and entered himself, turn the engine on and sped off.

"So, where are we going??" Matt asked, more out of himself and sleepy than paying attention to anything.

"To take you to the hotel and get you to sleep.... and get you some aspirines, you're gonna need them" Matt whined, and Kane could only stare at him as if he had grown another head.

"Naawww.... they'll be there and-- and they'll dancing and laughing and kissing and--" Matt cut his whining, watching Kane rolling his eyes. "I don't wanna!!!!" He finished, like a little kiddy being obliged to do something.

"Fine.... we'll go to my hotel" Kane saw confusion in Matt's eyes, the kid was so expressive, he wondered if he'd be so expre-- he cut the thought of right there, Matt was in no condition for he to be thinking that, he was drunk and depressed, he didn't need no one hitting on him, no matter how much Kane needed to fuck someone and how delicious looked Matt, sitting on the seat next to him, looking at him as if he a hero, only for not taking him to his hotel and saving from the party Edge and Lita were sure to throw tonight.

"Thanks, Kainny..." the rented car's tires screeched its brake, almost getting Matt into slamming his head against the panel.

"What did you just call me?!?!"

"Kane" Matt said, smiling like a kitten, and still looking at him adoringly, why, Kane didn't know but he didn't like it, he felt like he was naked under that look, and then Matt's chocolate eyes slowly closed, and he fall sleep. And Kane could only stare at the peacefullness he could see in his face, and, at some point, he decided that, thought he wasn't his regular type of man, Jeff on the other hand.... Matt was defenitely someone worth a hit on, smart, the going out with Edge stunt he pulled was quite good, passionate and a risk taker, not mention devoted(four years with the same men was something he could only dream on).... and defenitely hot. With a sigh he resumed their way back to his hotel. Too bad the kid was too danm inlove with a bastard for his own sake.

#Why do I always get myself into this things??#

K: I don't believe this!!!! me and Matt.... together?!?!?!

Mh: At least she got that bitch off me.

L: i'm no bitch!!!

K: Excuse me, but, being with three men at the same time.... that pretty much describes a bitch, Lita.

E: Hey!! Careful what you say to my woman...

Mh: YOUR WOMAN?!!?!? Ha!!! Give her six month and I'll see her in the arms of the next one in line, or you think that fire she's got bettween her leg's gonna die out for ya!!

Ck:HEY!!!!!!!! This is supposed to be a comment session!!! you're suppose to put your comments on the fic and say what you think!!!

L: I think this fic sucks, I mean it's got no--

Ck: Get the fuck outta my comment session!!!!

L: What?? why?? I'm saying what I think, you put me up like a bitch!!!

K: You are a bitch!!!

Ck: Thank you, Kane.... tell me, who would you like to sleep with on my next WWE fic??(Kane grins from ear to ear, then whispers something in Ck's ear) Dear god..... Like that??? Specificly?? (Everyone starts coming together, trying to know what K is saying) Danm!!! what a perverted mind you got there, sailor, you kiss your mama with that mouth??

K: Quite a lot of times actually.

Ck: I like the idea. Start working on it and hand it over later.

Mh: So..... about the fic.... it was good, it showed a very interesting side of things....

L: that's exactly what sucked!!!!

K: And it's not just 'let's get together and go at it', it actually has a sequence(Ck starts whitsling) It doesn't end in the next chapter does it??(Ck rolls her eyes innocently) This is not a PWP fic, right?? (Ck keeps on whistling) I take everything back.

Ck: No!!!! It will last.... it has a plot.... promise.... #Just.... a really short one....#

K: Good, then I like it.

Mh: Me too.

L: I still think it sucks.

Ck: K, darling, chokeslam her and I'll hand you know who to you with strawberry ice cream and cherry on top.

K: oh Lita..... (L runs off, K hot on her heels)