Glenn kissed him, deep and passionately, making Matt moan as Glenn's tongue made a sexual dance around his own. Then, he felt Glenn's hands on his ass, cupping and spreading his butt cheeks, and Glenn moving closer, plunging deep into Matt, whose moan was voiced into Glenn's mouth.

They broke the kiss, yet their mouths remained but a few centimetres away; their hot, ragged breaths caressing one another as their tongues previously had less than a minute ago.

With a most sensual lick to Matt's lower lip, Glenn gripped Matt's strong, muscular thighs and pulled, accommodating them at the sides of Matt's own body, resting the younger male's knees on his elbows, Matt's feet hanging in the air.

Glenn hissed, a shiver running up his spine: the change of Matt's position Glenn had fashioned tightened his love's already wonderful tunnel, and even without moving Glenn was sure to be touching Matt's prostate.

Matt, meanwhile, was thanking God for his flexibility and for Glenn to be so strong, since he was technically doubled over, while Glenn was technically supporting his weight with his elbows; now Matt was sure that when Glenn had said this would be a night he's never forget, the seven-footer had fully and unshakably meant it.

When he finally moved, Glenn wasn't into a slow pace. As quickly as he had entered Matt's anus, he had started to move inside of him. Soon, swift, deep, accurate, hot thrust began to feel Matt's body, and every wonderful shove brought out a cry from him, each ram more and more delicious than the last.

Without stopping the blissful invasion, Glenn took Matt's mouth in his, imitating the movements of his cock with his tongue, yet among the tongue-fucking of Matt's mouth, Glenn stopped moving his hips, but Matt had no time to whimper in protest, for Glenn, not letting his knees go, had taken an almost painful grip of Matt's hips, and began to move them at will. That move was something Matt had never ever imagined to expect.

First, Glenn would make Matt's hips move up and down, until he was so deep inside Matt his balls met Matt's ass, then he would circle Matt's hips around his cock, feeling how it tightened unconsciously every time his cock touched that wonderful group of nerves at the lightest move the seven-footer guided Matt's ass to do, Glenn could feel his shoulders burning, for Matt seemed to take out his pent up pleasure into gripping them, sometimes a scratch caressed his skin, and the pain and pleasure mingled ever so purely inside him Glenn could only ride it out with a hiss. Under such a treatment, all too soon, it was time for Glenn to extremely work on his self control, just as it was Matt's turn to beg.

"Fuck- Fuck me… pleeease stop- playing! Love it. Glenn…"

With a constrict of Matt's anus around his cock, Glenn started to move again, his resolve finally shattering, he rammed into Matt like there was no tomorrow, thrusting into his like a mad stallion, and Matt took every sweet invasion with a passion red delightful abandon, a red which turned to white heaven as Glenn's hot hand wrapped around his once again dripping cock surprisingly.

"God, yes, Glenn!" He cried, as Glenn's hand moved in time with his thrusts.

"Come for me, Matt…" Glenn's voice dripped sex, and an utter adoration that evaporated Matt's insides and twisted him into anything Glenn wanted him to be. "Come for me love…"

The beg was his doom, Matt's world turned into a pulsating sex tornado that swiped him from the world of the thinking and took him right into stratosphere, only aware of his own cry and how he had bitten Glenn's shoulder in the mix of his passion, and Matt vaguely heard his love grunt, but surely felt him stiffen, his hands grabbing Matt's ass so hard he was sure Glenn had left a mark, his love juices being spilled into Matt's anus, which milked Glenn in a sequence of swift, unconscious and erratic convulsions.

Sweaty, tired and sated, Matt was fully leaning against Glenn. That had been the best orgasm of his life!

/Just for this/ Matt thought, thinking of Glenn. /All the teasing was worth it just for this…/

Then Matt felt it: Glenn's cock, hard as if he had never come, still pulsating lightly inside his anus. The younger male moved back and up, to look at Glenn, and didn't find the sated, peaceful look he had seen the times they had sex on his face, what he found was a clearly lucid, still hungry, far from sated Glenn still looking at him as if he was to kill him from pleasure.

"Hope you're not tired yet" Glenn said, and his voice, though not as heavy as before, was still dripping sex. Then Glenn moved closer, and Matt felt rather than saw Glenn's tongue caressing the edge of his ears, and he felt as though his body was suddenly shocked with electricity. He let out a small, almost whiny sound from it.

"Hhmm… Sensitive after sex, aren't you?" Glenn's voice, low and sexy, was enough to make him tremble; his breath, hot and wet, caressing his ear almost made him whimper, and the tongue and mouth moving around his earlobe had him about to cry out.

"Actually, it's very sensitive after sex, it seems…" Matt barely had the energy to respond, surprised at the new facette of himself Glenn had discovered. He had no idea he could be sensitive after sex, he had never been with a coddler and Adam was so tired after a session he usually waited some time to get back to action again... or fell asleep nearly on the spot.

"I stand corrected" Glenn said, and effortlessly grabbed Matt's thighs, this time hooking them around his own body, and moved back to the bed, lightly kissing a sensitive, mewling Matt all the while.

Reaching the bed, he lay Matt on the edge, on the very same spot Glenn had been sitting while Matt played his tortures on him. Glenn stopped kissing Matt, only to look at him, to take in the beautiful treasure life had blessed him, every plane and valley he had memorized as if they were his own.

Matt repressed the desire to whimper, Glenn was now looking at him as it he were a fine, exquisite feast and the seven footer hadn't eat for days; under Glenn's heated gaze, Matt didn't know if he should be excited or frightened of what his lover could conjure.

Glenn moved forward, finally deciding where to start the treatment: he began to lavish his attention on Matt' already hard and excited nipples. As soon as his tongue met the hard protuberance Matt gasped, and his back arched a little, his overloaded senses intensely responding to the teasing.

Glenn would took the nipple in his mouth, flicked his tongue over it mercilessly, then he sucked on it a bit, and set it loose, letting the cool air play around the heated moist left by his mouth, then he blew at it, hot breath bathing Matt's chest, making him groan in need of the larger man, and Glenn trapped the abused nub in his mouth once more, this time between his teeth, and Matt gave a cry worth a sensational cock grip. Glenn was beginning to love this newly discovered facette of Matt's sexuality.

It felt too good. Everything was just too damn hot and overwhelming, it was as if his whole body had become a giant receptor of everything: sight, touch, feel, smell, taste... everything about, or made by Glenn made him feel as if he was swiped away by pleasure.

/I'll die/ He thought. /I'll die outta pleasure tonight/ A hot wetness torn him from his thoughts, and Matt looked down, to find Glenn kissing his navel, every so often stopping to draw a lazy pattern with Matt's previously shoot seed.

Looking up, Glenn's eyes met Matt, and Glenn grinned, that evil, sexy grin that told Matt he was in for another treatment from his love. Without preparation, warning or anticipation, Glenn took Matt's cock deeply into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" Matt yelled, as an intense wave of pleasure washed over him, so good it did hurt him. But Glenn, knowing that the light pain only added up to the pleasure, kept on his motions around Matt's engorging member.

With every lick, suck, light pull of Matt's cock, Glenn felt it harden and enlarge inside his mouth. By the time Matt's manhood was fully harden once more, the man underneath Glenn was writhing and whimpering incoherently, begging him to stop, then go on, to take him deeper, then to please, please, please stop the goddamn torture.

Releasing the instrument of his torment, Glenn grinned lusciously over Matt's pelvis, taking in the delicious looking flush covering Matt's face and part of his torso, his mouth was opened in a continuous breathing rhythm and his eyes were half closed, hands gripping the sheet, his cock standing up in attention against gravity. Suddenly, Matt gave a small whimper, it seemed even the soft breeze going around affected the younger male.

"Turn over, Matt" Glenn whispered, his body yelling at him to once again screw him senseless, his mind answering with a calming 'hold on'.

With a deep breath, Matt obeyed, telling his overly sensitive and tired muscles to get to work, so he turned, but just when he was about to lay back down on the bed, he felt Glenn's hands settle upon his waist. And he got it: Glenn wanted him on his hands and knees. And by experience he knew it only meant a deep, hard fuck that would drain them both into oblivion. Against all odds, Matt's cock twitched at the thought.

Smiling, Glenn ran his hands all over Matt's back, enjoying the softness of his skin, how he wiggled a bit when Glenn gave a light touch at the sides of his taut abdomen, a ticklelish reflect, then went up to Matt's shoulders again, and squeezed, a possessive gesture which, to Glenn's surprise, Matt moaned into. With a smile, Glenn's hands travelled down, to the round globes which formed Matt's gorgeous, edible ass.

Carefully, he ran his hands over the globes, kneading and gripping them in a random pattern, spreading them seldom, revealing the pink opening concealed between them, all the while hearing Matt's sounds of appreciation and smiling as the eager young male moved back against his hands, a silent plead for more. At one time or the other, he ran a finger up and down the cleft of skin, his fingers becoming moist with a mix of semen and chocolate syrup, a reminder of their previous, sinfully delightful activities.

Glenn's hands ran up Matt's body again, to his shoulder, and he pulled Matt up, so now the younger man's back was against Glenn's chest, and almost immediately Matt felt Glenn's mouth descending upon his neck, kissing, biting and sucking fervently, while Glenn's hands skimmed down his body, to Matt's ass, supping, pinching and caressing his buttocks, manipulating them at his will, and Glenn's other hand became noticed, this one on his cock, stroking it softly, a total contrast to the other attentions he was receiving from Glenn.

Matt vaguely wondered just how many pleasures Glenn could conjure at the same time to finally make him snap. Just then, barely pondering really, acting more on instincts , Matt's hand reached behind his body, to Glenn's very much alert cock, and took it, his hands caressing the wet with both cum and precum cock in that same agonizingly slow pace Glenn was touching his.

Glenn hissed, Matt's hand felt so good around his cock he had barely stopped himself from losing control of himself the moment Matt had taken him in his hand. He let the tormenting hand tease him some more, then slapped it away, causing Matt to whimper in frustration at the denial. Yet, his complain didn't last long, for Glenn's large, skilled hands were playing with his ass again.

"Yes…" Matt moaned, as Glenn's hands gripped his butt cheeks and spread them, then SMACK!. Matt jumped, and looked back at Glenn. "Did you just spanked me?"

Glenn's answer was a 'guilty' grin. "I've been wanting to do that for a while" He softly whispered, taking Matt off guard a little with the seduction held in Glenn's voice.

"I didn't expect it" Matt honestly said, looking just a little nervous, and Glenn had to remind himself the man in front of him was almost a virgin in the 'out of the conventional sex acts' area, considering who his 'initiator' was… then he chastised himself: thinking of Edge in a time like this had nearly killed his usually eternal libido.

"You could've told me about it" Matt said, now seeming a little more relaxed, mostly because Glenn had became busy by sucking on and biting his earlobe, something that barely even let Matt think.

"It would've take the element of surprise away" Glenn whispered against Matt's ear, then ran his tongue all over the frame of Matt' left ear. Matt gasped, Glenn really wasn't letting him think much with the things he did.

"I guess I was… sort of- ah! God… surprised… Fuck, Glenn, do that again" behind him, Glenn smiled and laughed to himself.

"The spanking or biting on your neck?" In a normal situation, Matt would've smiled at the joke, but right now, he was just a little peeved at Glenn's timing.

"The bite" he barely said, and Glenn complied, making Matt moan again, the set a small line of nibbles just around the area the ear met the neck, which seemed to be very sensitive, for Matt kept voicing his approval and asking for more.

"Whaddabout the spank? Don't it get an instant replay? Didn't you like it?"

"I was surprised, I gue—Hmmm…" Matt's speech was cut short by the feel of Glenn's bulbous cockhead pressing against his anus, so very slowly defeating the light resistance of Matt's sphincter, then sliding into his channel smoothly, his insides once again opened and filled by Glenn's cock… oh, yes… Matt did loved life in moments like this.

Focusing on his breath, Glenn resisted the urge to pound into the beautiful, willing body in front of him, Matt's anus felt so exquisite around his cock, much more moist than any other time, a very vivid reminder of their previous activities less than 20 minutes ago… Glen took a deep breath, just thinking about Matt, doubled over, screaming in ecstasy, his nails digging into Glenn's flesh, lost in desire made him wanna implode.

Yet, this time, the pace started slow. Painful and deliriously slow. Long thrusts caressed every alert nerve inside Matt's ass, emitting their own pleasure concert all over Matt's body, and he received everyone one of them, moving with Glenn, even meeting his thrusts, controlling his singing with delight inner muscles around Glenn's long, hard cock, trying to coax the larger man to move faster, a plea Glenn seemed to be pointedly ignoring.

Glenn's hands went from Matt's waist to his ass, and cupping and spreading the round cheeks, continuing the lazy thrusts while seeing how his cock go in and out of Matt's anus, not just feeling the heat around him, but also seeing himself moving in and out of it was, how Matt's body pulled him into himself eagerly was just as hot as fucking his love senseless.

At a particularly deep, wonderful thrust, Matt felt tension whelming up inside of him, and his hands turned into fists around the sheets, his channel tightening in anticipation.

Glenn grunted, it was so hard to keep control like this, with Matt's body taking him deeper and deeper in its heat, asking for more with each move. He wouldn't last much, his resolve to tease Matt to insanity would brake sooner of later.

Deciding on sooner Glenn sped the pace, giving Matt exactly what he wanted, and Matt took it all, bit by bit the younger male moved against Glenn, meeting each of the world rocking thrusts, his body singing with mad mount up pleasure. Still holding Matt's waist, Glenn sat on his heels, provoking Matt to sit on his lap, straddling him, Glenn occupied himself a bit by nibbling on Matt's ear.

"Come on, Kitten, move… I wanna see you go wild on me" Matt trembled, feeling Glenn's heated breath on his now damp ear, silky and hot.

Glenn told him to use him, and use him he would. Almost immediately Matt began moving up and down on Glenn's lap, impaling himself on Glenn's hard, massive cock, now crying every time Glenn's cock brushed that sweet bundle of nerves inside of him.

Groaning, very near to his peak, Glenn sneaked his hand over Matt's waist, and without warning wrapped his strong fingers around Matt's cock, who hissed in bliss, and reaching for Matt's face with is free hand, Glenn turned his head bit, claiming his lips.

Desperate for release as he was, Matt lost himself in the deep kiss, moaning and mewling into it as Glenn's hand kept on tormenting his cock, his tongue fucking his mouth. Matt moved again, with the same speed yet this time more limited, barely moving up to sink back down again, the bulbous head of Glenn's cock touching his sweet spot all he while.

They broke the kiss, but Matt never turned back, his mouth inches away from Glen. "God, I love you" The seven footer surprised himself by saying, and tightened his hold of Matt's cock, who whimpered in response, before squeezing his inner walls, taking all of Glenn's rod into himself.

"Fuck, I do love you, kit" Glenn groaned, his hands going to Matt's hips, guiding them down, then back, until Glenn felt all of Matt's back against his chest, Matt still moving over him, then he felt Matt tense, a low cry escaping his lips, as the tight channel around his cock tightened in an uncertain patter; grabbing a hold Matt's hips, Glenn threw his cares to the wind and rammed into Matt's heat once, twice… and the third was made out of white pleasure as he spilled his seed violently into Matt's body.

He became vaguely aware of Glenn's weight lightly draped over him, his body screaming in painful bliss at the contact with Glenn's skin, aside from drained he seemed to be even more alert and sensitive of every thing around him, but a weight lifted off his head as he felt Glenn's now flaccid cock diminishing from within his body with a soft pop, it seemed Glenn's gigantic stamina had finally died down. With a contended sigh, Matt nuzzled the bed and gladly gave into the sweet arms of slumber.

"Now, now, kitten, don't fall sleep on me" Glenn's voice kept him from sleep. "I don't appreciate my lovers falling sleep while I'm still making love to them" That pulled Matt right outta sleep, and deep into the awake world. Surely, Glenn had to be kidding, right? Matt looked over his shoulder, to find Glenn looking at him with an almost innocent look on his face. Almost.

"More?" He almost shrieked. "Haven't you had enough?"Glenn's seemly innocent look changed into a mischievous and almost evil one, accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

"I told you not to play with fire, didn't I?" Matt could only nod. "And on top of that, I've been celibate for two months, not to mention that stunt you pulled on me…" Glenn moved closer, knowing how much his touch must of affect Matt, and stopped just above his ear, making sure the man beneath him not only heard, but felt his next words. "Kitten, baby, you just got burnt" As expected, a shiver ran up Matt's body at the mere feel of Glenn's breath against his ear. Then he went a little down, focusing his attentions on Matt's salty with sweat neck: he nibbled it, and kissed it, sucked on it alternately, Matt voicing his approval beneath him, with every soft purrs Glenn got out of him due to his administrations.

Glenn chuckled, hearing the purrs beneath him. "You purr just like a happy kitten who just caught the big, fat mouse and ate it bit by bit" He joked, still lavishing his attentions on Matt's neck, then went slowly down his love's back, kissing and lightly massaging it as he went, until he found Matt's round buttocks, and bit down on the left one.

Matt nearly jumped to the floor at the feel of the small bite, a light pain and, surprisingly, a great pleasure coming from the hard caress. "Do you mind if I eat your ass" Matt looked over his shoulder once more, to meet Glenn's eyes as the taller man held his left middle finger with his thumb, then released, letting it slap on Matt's left buttock lightly.

"Why would you wanna eat my ass?" Matt doubtedly asked, confused and intrigued at the proposal of his love. To his surprise, Glenn looked sincerely shocked.

"Don't tell me you've ever done it?" Matt shook his head 'no' for answer. "No one's ever done it for you?" Matt's previous gesture repeated. Glenn looked like he was slapped right across the face. "But—you have such a great, bitable ass!" And Matt noticed Glenn sounded and looked sincerely shocked.

"I do?"

"Haven't I told you I love it?" Glenn asked, still touching lightly Matt's butt cheeks, occasionally pinching them and handling them at his will.

"Every time you have a chance" Answered Matt, to which Glenn gave his love the largest puppy eyes he could master.

"So… can I?" With a deep breath, Matt nodded his consent, he trusted Glenn, and on top of that the single idea excited him.

With a feral grin, Glenn ran a finger down Matt's left buttock, then kissed it, and smiled to himself, feeling how Matt tensed just a bit, a small sound coming from beneath Glenn. "Don't worry, love" Glenn started, trying to coax Matt into relaxation. "In a few minutes' time, you'll be begging me not to stop" Unbelievably, Matt believed him.

Glenn started his treatment with a small bite, enough to pull at little skin and strike a nerve without actually hurting, strategically placed just where Matt's right buttock met his thigh. Glenn smiled to himself, hearing Matt gasp beneath him, and somewhat relax under his touch.

Then Glenn decided a little coaxing was in order, so he spent a few moments worshipping Matt's soft, round mounds with his hands, alternating the touches with a seldom kiss, or a wickedly accurate nip, set in just the right place at just the right time, if you asked Matt. "Matt… syrup?" Glenn asked, already holding the forgotten bottle.

"What?" Was all Matt was capable of saying, when he felt it, the cold concoction falling down the start of the cleft of his ass, then slowly dripping down, and even though he was expecting it, he couldn't help but jump at the feel of the cold liquid meeting his opening, nor moan at how good it actually felt.

Matt looked back some, and found Glenn looking at how the chocolate dripped down his rear absorbedly. Then, suddenly, Glenn looked up, and locked eyes with Matt, who couldn't keep a sense of overwhelming at the intensity held in Glenn's eyes; the man looked more than ready to devour him.

With an impish smile, Glenn moved down and forward, and Matt both saw and felt Glenn's slick tongue sweeping up his cleft tersely, tracing short laps all around his ass, but never touching his opening. Without even noticing, Matt relaxed, only focusing on Glenn's tongue moving on his nether regions, over his perineum, the line of his ass, and even a small sweep over his scrotum that made his body sing with pleasure. Yet, a part of Matt's head nudged him on the fact that Glenn was doing all but exactly telling him what he would do.

Meanwhile, Glenn was barely restraining himself from taking Matt once more, he occupied himself by having his tongue sweep all the way up his ass, loving the way Matt gasped his name out when Glenn's tongue met his opening, then one sole finger followed his tongue's path, but then stopped at Matt's anus.

Matt felt the light pressure of one of Glenn's fingers against his ass, and he moaned, pushing back. Right now, horny as he was, he would take anything of Glenn into him. Behind him, he heard Glenn give a light chuckle. "Glenn, please…" was Matt's response, just as Glenn's other hand made itself present at his hip, touching him along the line of his pelvis, making Matt wiggle under the light touch.

"Patience is a virtue…" Glenn said, slowly pressing his fingers into Matt's anus, on purpose, Matt knew, for he was as slick and lubricated as he could ever be.

"Right now, patience is an annoyance" Matt grunted out, moving back, urging Glenn to do whatever the larger man was planning.

His finger entered Matt's tight channel easily, mostly helped by the syrup and the results of Glenn's very own previous pleasures. Matt sighed, feeling the strong, long finger invade him slowly, but the light comfort of having a part of Glenn inside of him did not compensate the fact that a mere digit wasn't close to enough to satisfy him. "More.." he pleaded, and got a soft hush from Glenn as a response.

He moved his finger skillfully, angling him to where he knew Matt felt the most pleasure, the younger male's slick channel tightening every time he touched that blessed bundle of nerves that made every man see white.

After a few light strokes, Glenn pushed a second finger into Matt's willing ass, which was greedily taken by Matt's body. Glenn then changed the strategy a bit: he began making a scissoring motion with his fingers, spreading Matt's entrance.

He felt as though he was being split apart! Very deliciously, Matt might add. Glenn wasn't merely finger fucking him; he was spreading his hole, massaging his inner walls, slowly giving him a great deal of pleasure and tearing him apart in a whirlwind of a maddening painful pleasure world.

Then Glenn stopped, he stopped moving his fingers altogether, index and middle finger spread in a V inside him, pulling his entrance forcibly opened. Matt was quick to complain. "Please, Glenn… don't stop! Please-" his plea was cut short with a short sob. Matt felt so excited it was nearly unbearable.

"Don't worry, kitten" And Matt felt it: Glenn's breath was meeting his spread opening, Matt could feel the short hair of his usually neatly shaven beard caressing the insides of his buttocks as he spoke. The bare notion of that fact bathed Matt's body in a thick sheet of delight. "I got you right where I wanted you"

And Glen moved forward, his mouth going just in the middle of his fingers, to Matt's entrance, kissing the edges, his tongue sweeping the tight ring of muscles, his teeth catching bits of Matt's sensitive skin; Under Glenn's private administration, Matt barely notice he couldn't finish a moan, a writhe or a whimper without starting the other.

As said, Matt's response was immediate. At the first touch, he tensed some, but barely moved away from Glenn, who by then had a tight grip of his hips, reducing Matt's movements to a minimum. But as Matt felt the first wave of pleasure shaking him, he forgot all inhibitions and began moving back, asking, begging for more. It never crossed his mind that Glenn had told him he'd be doing just that less than ten minutes ago.

With a devil smile Matt never saw, Glenn's tongue entered his opening, and Matt gripped the closest things around, which happened to be a pillow, at the feel of the strong, slick muscle moving inside him, caressing his inner walls in an unpredictable, mind blowing pattern.

"Yes, god, yes… Glenn. So good… it feels… please, don't stop—keep going. Aah!" Glenn's tongue had flattened against his prostate, and was licking and moving against it, Matt's mind completely clouding in a white heaven of sheer sex.

Glenn stopped, but he didn't moved away from Matt's ass, for the younger male could still feel his heated breath against his opening, and Matt heard Glenn give a light chuckle. If Matt would've seen Glenn lick his lips the way he had done, the older Hardy was sure to come right there and then.

"You, me and chocolate syrup…" Glenn said, the exotic mix still stimulating his taste buds, his cock reacting violently to it as well. Beneath him, Matt bit his lips, the only things that sounded better than Glenn's word was Glenn's husky saying them, the seven-footer seemed to breath out sex. "Kitten, I think I'll never get enough of you…"

Then Glenn gave a parting lick to Matt's ass, he moved up and forward, his body hovering less than an inch over Matt's.

"I love you, Matt" He said, then joined their lips together, and Matt moaned against him when he found just the faintest hint of the sexual taste Glenn had been speaking of, and loving just about every bit of it.

When the kiss ended, Matt smiled, it was the first time Glenn had said the words outside a mad sexual ordeal, the closest thing to a 'love declaration' he had gotten from the older man, and it made his body feel as though it was made of jelly to hear Glenn say such deeply felt words to him.

"I love you too" Matt answered, and sealed their lips once more in another soft, yet sensual kiss. Glenn somehow now wanted to take things to a slow, loving making love deal, this 'popping I love you's' things that happened had him up in the clouds and without any thought of coming back down soon.

"You could do worst" Glenn joked, when the kiss ended, and got a soft slap to his shoulder from Matt. Matt had a thing for doing that whenever he did something like joking around in supposedly serious moments; Glenn liked to think of it as a way of scolding him without saying shit or actually hurting him, for a soft slap sure as hell didn't do anything to the Big Red Machine.

"Glenn… less talk and more sex" Glenn arched an eyebrow at Matt's words: get a hold of the Hardy getting all sex wanton on him! Under Glenn's half shocked, half naughty look, Matt's cheeks took the lightest pink hint. "Well, I really, really liked what you just did and I can feel your cock poking my hip, so don't blame ME for being desperate!" On his favor, Matt had the grace to look cocky and sexy while saying the words.

Glenn laughed, then kissed the tip of Matt's nose. "Al right, then… show me that gorgeous, hot back of yours and lay on your side." Quickly, and smiling, Matt complied, not sure of what Glenn wanted, since Glenn's hands resting firmly on his back told Matt the seven-footer intended him to remain laying on the bed, not on his hands and knees like Glenn often loved to take him.

"I know you're tired" Glenn said, taking one of Matt thighs in his hands and pulling it up. "So let me make you feel good" Slowly, Matt felt Glenn's hard shaft entering him rather easily, and moaned at the mere feel of it. "Without you moving a muscle." And Glenn moved soft raven locks a side, setting soft kisses all over Matt's neck.

This time the pace was set slow, yet deep and sultry. Glenn, since the first move, made sure to touch Matt's prostate upon each thrust, giving a low moan as Matt's body engulfed him easily, tightening as he moved out and greedily taking him in, almost as if not wanting for him to move back at all and remain deep buried inside Matt. That thought gave him such a pleasure, almost as much as the feel of Matt's inner walls, clenching and gripping him in the most sensuous matter amidst the soft love making.

Matt wouldn't last long, he just knew it. Glenn, though slow in his moves, was so intimate and deep he felt as though he was the most precious, beautiful thing on earth, making Matt feel as though there was nothing else in the world. Also the position Matt was in was very comfortable. In fact, Matt needed not to move at all, only to feel the steady rhythm of Glenn's thrusts and enjoy as each wave of uncut pleasure swam through him again and again, driving him closer and closer to divine, orgasmic rapture.

Glenn grunted, reaching his peak, and he resumed the soft oral attention to Matt's ear, getting a purr from said man, and his hand sneaked forward, to Matt's dripping hard member, immediately trapping it in his hold, and softly began to maneuver it, just in time with the deep, deliberate thrusts.

"Gods…" Matt was capable of gasping out, the cock moving inside, the hand at his own cock and the mouth constantly moving over his ear, face and neck were driving him crazy, with every touch he was further from this world and closer to nirvana.

Suddenly, Glenn began to move just a little faster, not breaking the intimate love making atmosphere, but only enhancing it some, just as his hand moved a little faster, and the mouth behind his ear became a series of quick, heated breaths bathing his face and neck. Glenn seemed to be as excited as Matt himself was.

"You're wonderful… prefect. So fucking perfect" Matt both felt and heard Glenn say, just as his tempo became just a little harder and his hand gripped him a bit tighter than before. A cry tore from his throat, and his whole body tensed and just for a second Matt thought he would faint from the intensity of the orgasms running through him at the moment, making his toes curl and his vision blur considerably, just as Glenn yelled his name and tensed, the waves of completion finally fuelling thorough his whole body and sating his senses, his limbs trembling and rejoicing in much needed satisfaction.

Spent, sweaty and overloaded with the feel of being satiated, with not-very-willing-to-move muscles, sticky to the root, with hastened breaths and light-felt bodies, Matt and Glenn passed their long sex afterglow pressed against one another, with Glenn's chest pressing up against Matt's back, his now limp cock out from the boy, who was softly purring, for he could feel Glenn's recently shoot semen oozing out of his body slowly, making him feel so inexorably dirty and giddy with himself and what he and had done, he could only purr at the reminder of the mind-blowing sex which was now moving out of his body. Behind him, Glenn chuckled.

"I'll give you a kitten disguise for Halloween… whiskers and all, you're the cutest kitten I've ever met" Glenn said laughingly, giving a light peck kiss to Matt's neck. Glenn didn't see Matt's brown eyes fly wide opened and totally focused.

"Fuck, kitten!" Exclaimed Matt.

"Can't do it no more, tomorrow, though, that's another story" and that got him a soft push on his shoulder. Quickly, Matt nearly jumped off the bed, and went into the bathroom. Glenn, still laying on the bed, followed him with his eyes, quite curios as to Matt's behavior, but really not caring much for it, if Matt didn't scream or call for him, he wouldn't move a muscle even if a plague of poisonous snakes decided to turn the room he was in into their nest.

A minute later, though, Glenn's curiosity stirred some, for he could hear hushed whispers from the bathroom, as though Matt was talking to someone.

Less than three minutes after coming in, Matt went out again, and Glenn saw he held a small box he had not seen before, not at the airport, but which looked suspiciously round the same sizes as the one Matt wouldn't let him take from him, and his curiosity now was tingling wildly. /The hell's going on here?/

"Well… I saw it back at home, and I just couldn't let it by! It remembered me so much of you, you know?" Matt said, in a low, shaky, almost shy voice. Glenn was now more than ever interested in that box and it's contents. Matt placed it on the bed, and pulling a light chain on top of the box, he opened it.

Glenn peered inside, and his blue eyes widened like saucer plates, for laying inside the box, in soft silky white cushion was nothing more than…

"It's a hairball" Glenn stated, now more confused than ever. "You bought me a hairball" he looked up at Matt, looking at him as if he had grown another head right in front of him. Matt didn't look back at Glenn prettily, in fact, Matt Hardy looked quite peeved.

"It's not a hairball, take a good look at it"

So Glenn did, and, to his utter amazement, the hairball now had two brown slits quite opened, in an oval shape which was set in an almost horizontal direction, just one a little less than an inch of each other, and in those oval brown spaced were another ovals, these being black, and the black oval were set down straight upon him.

Then, the hairball roused, and Glenn a pink tongue seemly picking out from nowhere, to only go back to its cave again, then the hairball stretched, and Glenn saw tiny paws and tiny little sharp nail peeked out from under the ebony mane, before the small, fat hairball went to his standing position once more, his eyes still set on him. Then, Glenn was finally able to see where the pink tongue had come out from, for the hairball opened his mouth and a clear, soft and sweet sounding 'meow' filled the silent room. /Holy fuck, he bought a baby kitten!/

"A problem with that?" Glenn looked up, now noticing he had voiced out his thoughts, and found himself frozen by the look of Matt hardy sitting in front of him, holding a BABY BOTTLE!

Not paying the least of attention to Glenn, Matt picked up the small kitten, and placed it on his lap, then slowly coaxed him into sucking from the tit of the bottle, speaking softly to him. "Oh, my poor baby, I totally forgot about you, I'm so sorry, love…" he coaxed, under the transfixed look of a very taken aback Glenn. "Well?" Matt brought Glenn back out of reverie, and the seven footer knew he expected an answer.

"I'm not bottle feeding any living thing" he said, before he could stop himself, and Matt only shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"He's a two weeks old little fella, he's only gonna need bottle feeding for a few day, two weeks at the most" Matt softly said, looking at the unsure face on Glenn's face as the seven footer looked at the kitten urgently sucking on the bottle. Matt sighed, he knew it would be hard to convince Glenn. "Just look at him, will ya?"

That said, Matt passed the kitten onto Glenn's lap, but remained with the bottle in his hand, for he knew that bit was something he'd never convince Glenn of doing.

In the changing of laps, a drop of milk fell onto Glenn's wrist, which had been resting n his lap, and the kitten, hungry for more, clumsily stood on the uneven planes of Glenn's barely covered body to his goal, falling on the hollow of Glenn's crossed legs as he went, then recovering, always under Glenn's silent gaze, he went to the wrist which had his meal on, and sucked on it as soon as he was within tongue's reach. The touch of the kitten's tiny tongue was almost unnoticeable for Glenn, but he felt a light tickle over his hand, and gasped out a laugh because of it. The kitten, feeling the surface he was on top of moving, lost balance, and clumsily rolled back with a soft 'raaouu', falling between Glenn's crossed legs again, this time in the shape of the ball Glenn had first laid eyes on him.

"Well… he IS sorta cute" Glenn said, and touched his finger to the kitten's head, who immediately nuzzled and licked at the caressing finger.

"And very tender" Matt joined in. "aren't you? Here you go" he offered the bottle back to the kitten, who eagerly claimed it once more, but the kitten, desperate for the bottle, jumped to grasp it before it got to him, and only ended up bouncing back down, to fall on his black back, but one he got the small bottle of milk, he never let it go. "And he's also very hungry"

"He looks like you" Glenn said, touching Matt's face. "Black, soft, abundant hair… large, beautiful brown eyes… unbearably cute…" Glenn moved his free hand to the kitten, and scratched him softly behind his ear, the kitten responded in a muffled purr. "purrs when is being petted." Matt knew by heart the kitten was now a fully adopted part of the relationship now. "Better than one to look like me… blue eyed, bold, large and all…"

Matt laughed, and kissed Glenn, careful not to squash the poor kitten still feeding off his bottle on Glenn's lap, and also careful of not moving the angle of the bottle much, not to choke the poor thing. "I knew you'd love it… what are we gonna name it?"

Glenn pursed his lips, still touching the kitten's head, who though still kept on his sucking motion, had his brown eyes half closed in what seemed to be a mix of relaxation and sleep, while Glenn thought of a proper name. A minute later, he grinned. "Chocolate!" Glenn proclaimed, and Matt's jaw fell, his mouth shaping a perfect O in astonishment: of all the names, Glenn had to pick out chocolate? Why? "That way you'll always remember this night and what we did every time you call the kitten"

/oh./ Matt thought. /that's why he'll name it that./

"Yeap. You're name will be Black Chocolate Jacobs Hardy" Glenn stated with a grin, picking up the kitten with one hand, separating him from his meal by the way, in which, amusingly enough, the kitten could take a few steps and cuddle on.

"Glenn, it's a cat, not a child" Matt said, laughing, and Glenn was still grinning when he turned his eyes on to Matt, his blue eyes had that excited hint which always came before one of Glenn's eccentricities… or when he was just about to piss Matt seriously off.

"Come on, Matt, it's a wonderful name, and my last name goes up front, cause well… I'm the dominant male of the 'family', and he likes me more than you, just look at him, nuzzling my thumb!" a look of sheer brightness crossed Glenn's face. "let's get him a girlfriend!" Matt didn't even have time to be shocked.

"It's only two weeks ol—"

"It is a male, right…. I can't tell, it's black down there… what's chocolate's sex, Matt?"

"A male" Glenn broke into a grin again.

"Let's get him a girlfriend, then! Or a boyfriend? I won't mind if he comes out gay-"

"It's a cat! You ever heard of a gay CAT?"

"Anything could happen, Matt, and the father's actions do influence on the children" Glenn seriously said, and Matt couldn't believe the sizes of the monster he had unleashed: with his utter cuteness, the kitten had awaken Glenn's technically non-existent paternal side! "Well, Matt, what do you say?" Matt merely crossed his arms over his chest, sighed and smiled an endorsing smile.

"Do whatever you want, Glenn" Matt softly said. It was best to just let Glenn boil in his own sauce sometimes; let the new thing fever go by itself. Silence extended for a few moments, in which Glenn looked deeply into Matt's eyes.

"Damn!" Glenn exclaimed, and nearly laughed at how the kitten nearly jumped out of his hand in fright. "Damn it, Matt, you're so used to me, I can't even trick you into an exasperated state so I can get the playful, good old fashioned make up tossing around!" pouting like that, Glenn looked so cute Matt broke up in a mirth.

"Silly…" Matt said between laughs, and moved towards Glenn, sealing their lips together in a soft kiss.

"So… you like the name, yes or no?" a soft kiss to Matt's chin.

"Yeah… Black Chocolate Jacobs Hardy it is…" Matt took Chocolate from Glenn's hand and placed him carefully on his box, along with what was left of his bottle, then went back to more important matters, like Glenn tickling his feet.

Sounds of laughter and merriment filled the room afterwards, in which bed were even more unmade than before, pillows at some point flew by and only the sounds of soft kisses interrupted the playful atmosphere of the two lovers, who now didn't miss the chance to say those three words they had forgotten to say in that wonderful first time alone, but that would never once again forget.

And as Glenn and Matt finally gave into a warm slumber, limbs intertwined in the need of closeness, Chocolate turned and turned on his soft white bed, and laid down carefully, not minding a bit of mess he had done with the milk, waiting for the sun, or one of his new masters to awake him… which ever came first.

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