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Kitty Paradise

Chapter 13

True to his word, Tom ravished Harry all four nights that they were there, the tempo varying with what mood they were in at the time. But besides the sex they went on a tours of the island, swam often, and relaxed on the beach. Harry, making Tom help him, made a really big sand castle with no magic; just some buckets, water and sand. When they were done they felt really accomplished, it was fun as neither of them had made one before. They took pictures of it of course, as did other people who came by to watch. They had also gone scuba diving, and that had been something to see. They also ate out every night at fancy restaurants and bought souvenirs for various people. One night they even dared each other to go skinny dipping in the ocean outside their hotel room…which led to them making love on the beach. Thank god for magic or they would have been caught. They had laughed themselves silly when a muggle couple had been standing only a few feet from where Tom had been pounding into him; it had only made it even more erotic.

All in all, they were having a great time.

Eventually the time came for them to go home. Though they would miss their short reprieve from reality, they were both eager to get back home to their twins.


"Oh my kitties! Mommy missed you soooo much!" Harry gushed as he held Raja and Felix close. The twins mewed and giggled their happiness at seeing their parents again.

"How'd they do?" Tom asked Molly.

"Oh they were fine. The first day they were a little fussy, but Fred and George came over and kept them entertained," she replied.

"Oh no," Harry said handing Raja to Tom who proceeded to kiss her chubby cheeks, "Merlin only knows what they picked up from them."

"Can't be any worse from what they pick up from you," Tom said.

Harry glared at him, "You're just like Hermione." Tom only smirked. "Anyway, really the twins were okay? No trouble?" he asked.

"No, they were perfect angels," she sighed, "It's so nice to have children in the house. With Ginny and Ron at school this place gets pretty quiet."

"Must be nice," Tom commented as Raja began babbling away to her brother.

"Oh don't get me wrong it is nice, but after having all the noise all the time…"

"You got used to it?" Harry answered and she nodded, "Well, we'll let you watch them from time to time…if that's okay."

"Oh! Of course it is. I would love to watch them again. They're such cute little things."

Harry smiled, "Good, I think Tom and I would like some alone time once in a while," he said winking at his husband who smirked back.

"So? How was your honeymoon?" Molly asked.

"It was great! We had so much fun!" Harry said, "It was so beautiful over there. Clear skies, sunny and the water was so blue. We made this huge sand castle out on the beach. I took pictures but I haven't had them developed yet. I'll show them to you when I do."

"I look forward to it," Molly said with a smile.

"Well, we'll take these two off your hands now. Say bye bye," he said to Felix and he curled his fingers in her direction. Harry smiled and got up to give Molly a hug. "Thank you for taking care of them."

"It's no problem."

"Good bye Molly," Tom said with a slight bow of his head.

"Oh, none of that, you're family now," she said and gave Tom a big hug. Harry's eyes widened in surprise as did Tom's. Harry had to hide his smile at the bewildered look on Tom's face. Molly pulled back and patted his cheek, "You take care of yourselves now you hear," she said looking at both of them.

Tom could only nod.

"I'll be seeing you cutie pie!" Molly said kissing Raja's cheek.

With that they flooed home.


Tom and Harry settled back at home with ease; it was like they never left. Only difference was that while they were away the twins had started to crawl. Harry spent most of his time chasing after them and making sure they didn't get into anything. Now that Nagini was here, she kept the twins easily entertained; following after her as she slithered about the living room. Nagini seemed to enjoy the attention the twins gave to her.

"Hey," Tom said as he walked in finding Harry sprawled out on the couch.

"Where have you been?" Harry asked worriedly, "You've been cooped up in you office for the past week and then you leave without telling me."

"I have a reason," Tom said picking up Raja and kissing her on the head.

"You'd better," Harry said picking up Felix and bouncing him on his knee.

"Well…" Tom said and smiled at his husband, "You're looking at a man that is now part of the working force."

Harry gaped, "You found a job? Where? When?"

Tom chuckled, "It was entirely on accident, really it was," he said when Harry gave him a look that said he thought otherwise. "When Lord Voldemort died, my views didn't change. I still wanted… change," Tom paused to gather his thoughts, "I thought as Tom Riddle I could do things differently so I sent various letters to the ministry regarding an idea that I had always had. Something that I wished was available when I was younger…"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked curiously.

"Some place to go for people like us, children like us. Growing up at the orphanage was…difficult because no one could understand me. Because I was different. I don't want any child to go through what I did. I want there to be a place for them to go to where they can stay."

"You mean like an orphanage for magical children?"


"That's a brilliant idea!" Harry said enthusiastically.

"I thought so too. That's why I wrote to several departments about it; I had to start somewhere. But anyway, before we got married I got several letters from people who liked my idea and they wanted to endorse it."

"That's good isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. Only the minister knows who I am and doesn't entirely trust me…"

"Oh. Stupid Fudge," Harry grumbled, flattening his ears.

"Indeed. Well, I went to several open meetings at the ministry. You were busy with the wedding," Tom said at Harry's questioning look, "I went to talk about possibly passing something to check on magical children. Anyway, long story short. Dumbledore got wind of it and I talked to Fudge about it and now I'm the head of a new department in The Department of Law Enforcement."

"Wait, you're working at the ministry?"

Tom smiled, "Yes."

"Oh Tom! I'm so proud of you!" Harry said hugging him tight, "You are going to do great, I know it."

"Of course I am," Tom said smugly.

Harry lightly hit him on the arm, "What are you going to do first?"

"Well build a place first to put them all."

"Yeah, but how are you going to find them? Don't we find out when they are 11 that they have magic?"

"No. Magical children in the muggle world don't find out until then, but the ministry knows. They have a book that has a list of every magical child the moment they start displaying magical abilities. If we use that to find ones in muggle orphanages, or the ones that are being abused and take them in…"

"You would save a lot of children," Harry answered.

Tom nodded, "Just think, they could be adopted and put into proper homes where they belong and… can be loved."

"You're a good man Tom. Truly. You have such a big heart," Harry said touching Tom's face, "I already know that a lot of children are going to be very grateful."

"I just wish that there had been someone there for me," Tom said a brief flash of emotion.

"Well, I guess you'll have to be that person that others wish for," Harry said with a smile and Tom smiled back. They sat there in silence for a while until they heard a crack of apparation.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Tom asked and Harry shook his head. Tom started to get up when Ray poked his head in.

"Hello!" Ray said brightly.

"Ray!" Harry jumped up and hugged him, "You're back! How was your trip?"

"It was great. Thanks by the way."

"You deserved it especially putting up with this one." Tom said gesturing to Harry.

"Hey!" Harry pouted.

"Yes well. I like a challenge," Ray said. "Have you seen the Prophet today?"

"No, why?" Tom asked curiously.

"You two made the first page," he said giving the paper to Tom.

Harry leaned over to read the headline.


"Looks like they found out," Harry commented, "It only took them about a week."

"Pretty good considering how nosy they are," Tom murmured as he continued to read the article.

"Hey they got your name right," Harry exclaimed as he read. "'Potter married ex-death eater and father of his twins Thomas Riddle, not Randall as we had originally said, in a quiet ceremony with friends at their home last week.' Is that alright?"

"It should," Tom said, "Most of the people I went to school with are either dead or don't remember who I am. Besides, I don't think they would be able to connect me to Voldemort, only my inner circle at school knew we were one and the same."

"Yeah, plus there is probably more Thomas Riddle's out there."

"How did they know it was Riddle?" Ray asked.

"Probably floating around the Ministry. I've been there a lot this past week, someone is bound to hear it and pass it on. It was time anyways. I was using Randall as a precaution."

"Ah," Ray said, "I see. So you're just going as Thomas Riddle now?"

"Yes, Tom and Thomas are not that far off from each other."

"Tom can be a nickname," Harry put in.

"So everything is sorted out then…wait, why were you at the Ministry?" Ray asked.

"Tom is now working there," Harry said proudly.

"Really? That's great! Doing what?"

"He's the head of a new department," Harry answered, "but we can talk about that later. I want to talk about you." Ray gulped. "So," he said turning to Ray with a gleam in his eye, "What happened?"

"W-what do you mean?"

"Come on Ray, you're practically glowing."

"I am not!"

"Yes you are. So?"

Ray looked at Tom but he could tell he wasn't getting any help there as Tom was curious too, "Well…I met someone."

"You did? Awww, how cute!" Harry scooted closer and nudged him in the side, "Spill!"

"Her name is Tracy and we met at a night club," Ray revealed, blushing.

"Oooooh! Tracy!" Harry giggled making Ray blush more, "Ray and Tracy, sitting in a tree," Harry sang bouncing Felix on his lap, "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"What are you, three?" Tom asked and Harry promptly stuck his tongue at him. Far more surprising was that Tom did it right back.

"I think you're both three," Ray said.

"Whatever." Both replied.

"So are you keeping in touch?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. We agreed to owl each other. Maybe we'll…I don't know…a-anyway," he said quickly changing the subject, "How was your trip?"

"Fantastic," Harry purred and Tom couldn't keep the satisfied smirk off his face.

"That's good," Ray said feeling uncomfortable.

Harry laughed and took Felix's hand away from his face, "Sorry Ray. But it's the truth and not with just all the sex."

"So you did a lot," at Harry's grin Ray elaborated, "I mean, that you did a lot of things."

"Yes. You should have seen the room we had! Right on the beach," Harry said, stopping Felix's hand from tapping his face again, "We went to a bon fire while we were there and met a few people. Went drinking, shopping…" Harry continued to talk about what they did.

Felix on the other hand was tired of being ignored and took a hold of his mother's hair and gave a tug, "Mama!"

All three adults stopped talking and stared at the blue-green eyed twin.

"W-what did you say?" Harry asked shocked and turned Felix toward him, "What did you say sweetheart? Come on say it again for mommy."

"Mm…mm…m-Mama!" he said again, quite happily this time now that the attention was on him.

"Oh Felix!" Harry cried and hugged him close, "Good job! Tom did you hear? He's talking!"

"I heard," he said scratching Felix's ears.

Raja, not about to be outdone by her brother, started making noises, "Mm…mmm…mmm"

"Come on Raja, you can do it," Harry urged in excitement. "Say Mama!"

Molly, Tom and Harry waited with bated breath as she tried to work out the word, "mmm…mmm…mmm," she repeated bouncing in Tom's lap.

"No?" Harry frowned.

Tom kissed the top of her head, "How about me princess, do you know who I am?"

"Da!" Raja said proudly.

Tom swelled with pride as his daughter beamed up at him, her little tail wagging enthusiastically. "That's right," he said, "I'm your dad," and pulled her close. She snuggled up to him and purred against his shoulder.

"Da!" came from Felix and again from Raja, "Da!"




Back and forth they went. "Okay, we get it you know who he is," Harry laughed leaning over to kiss Raja.

"Ma!" she said suddenly and he smiled, "That's right." He looked up at Tom with tears in his eyes, "They're talking!" Tom nodded and looked at his children who were babbling away. "I can't believe this! Where's my camera?"

"This is certainly something to come home to," Ray said taking Raja so Harry could rush to get his camera.

"Yes. It certainly is," Tom agreed.

"You do know that they are never going to stop now right," Ray said.

"At the moment I don't care."

Harry came back and several pictures and a video later, they let the twins go to crawl around them and Ray went to unpack leaving Harry and Tom sitting on the couch together.

"The next few years are going to be difficult especially when they start teething and walking."

"We can handle it."

"I love you," Harry suddenly said.

"I love you too," Tom replied kissing his forehead.

"My life is perfect," Harry said snuggling into his husband's side, "Our life is perfect."

"And it's only the beginning."


*10 years later *

Platform nine and three-quarters was packed with people like they remembered it. Parents running here and there making sure their children didn't forget anything and saying their good byes, others saying hello to fellow classmates and asking how their summer went and so on. Currently everyone's attention was on one particular family, one that hasn't been seen for quite a while, one that has ears and a tail as a family trait—the Riddles.

Though everyone was staring, they didn't even seem to even notice.

Harry stood back from adjusting his son's collar. "Now you have everything, right? Books, jackets, quills…"

"Yes, mother," the son says with a roll of his blue-green eyes and looking over at his twin sister who gives him and identical green-blue eye roll.

Harry clasped his hands together and nodded before bursting into tears and hugging his kittens close.

"Mom!" the twins complain in embarrassment.

"Harry," Tom chided softly, "They're not going away forever."

"I know. I just…I didn't think it would be this hard," Harry said letting them go and wiping his eyes.

"We'll write every day," Felix said.

"Yeah. Everyday," Raja repeats.


"Promise," they reply.

"Da-dee! I wanna go too!"

"Me too!"

"Mee free!"

Tom looked down at his three other children; two boys and one girl. "You three still have quite a few years to go."

"Aw!" they chorused

"How much wonger?" one of the boys asked.

"About…nine years," Tom said.

"That is a wong time."

"Yes it is."

The little girl raised her arms and Tom picked her up, her tail automatically winding itself around his arm. "I don' wan' Rara and Lix to go."

"I know sweetheart, but they have to. They have so much to learn."

Tears welled up in her green eyes and her ears flattened against her head.

"Don't worry Gwen. We'll be back for Christmas," Raja said.

"You will?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, of course," Felix said, "We'll bring you, Noah and Tristan presents."

"Yay! Presents!" Tristan exclaimed jumping up and down in excitement.

Harry smiled at the four-year-old triplets, then back at his two oldest. The lights of his life; his precious kittens. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"Me too mom," Raja said and Felix nodded.

"Now don't you worry about what house you go into," Tom said, "Whether Slytherin or Gryffindor, it doesn't matter."

Harry nodded, "Or Ravenclaw," he added. With Tom for a father it was a possibility.

"What about Hufflepuff?" Raja asked worriedly, "I don't want to go there."

"We won't love you any less if you do," Harry said, "But you are allowed a choice if you ask."

"I don't know what house I want," Felix said thoughtfully, "Mom's house or dad's."

"Well whatever it is, we are proud of you," Tom said.

"Me too!" Noah piped up and the others voiced their agreement.

"Thanks," Felix said ruffling his black hair and ears and Noah beamed up at him.

"Before you go. I want to give you two something," Harry said gesturing to the side. Tom smiled knowingly and tended to the other three.

"What is it?" Raja asked coming closer as Harry dug around in his pockets.

"What is that?" Felix asked wrinkling his nose as Harry pulled out a thick old folded parchment.

"Not everything is as it seems, remember that Felix," Harry said his eyes sparkling.

"Is that-" Raja lowered her voice, "Is that the map?"

Felix's eyes widened as his mother's smile widened, "No way! You're giving it to us?"

"Well, I have no need for it," Harry said with a shrug, "but I do have a few rules." The twins nodded, heads full of possibilities. "One, you share this okay? I don't want a letter from one of you saying that you aren't, cause I will take it away. Am I clear? Good," he said when they nodded. "Two, you don't use this every night. You still have to do all of your work. Don't get distracted. If you do and your grades slip, your father will be very cross with you. And three, I don't really care how you two use this but I would rather like for it to stay in the family okay?"

"Meaning don't get caught," Raja deduced, but Harry just smiled.

"Thanks mom," they whispered and gave him a big hug and a kiss on each cheek.

"What you talking bout mama?" Gwen asked.

"Something you'll know about when you're older," Harry said cryptically, but it seemed to appease her, at least for now.

The train's whistle let out its shrill shriek alerting to its departure. Everyone on the platform immediately started moving hurriedly.

"We gotta go," Raja said giving her mom, dad, little brothers and sister a big hug. Felix doing the same.

"Stay out of trouble," Tom said.

"At least not too much trouble," Harry corrected and shared a look with his husband.

"We will," the twins said, "Love you!"

"Love you too," Harry called as they rushed into the train. The five of them waved at Raja and Felix as hey leaned out the window.

Gwen and Tristan started to cry as the red locomotive took their siblings away from them.

"Don't worry. We'll see them in a couple of months," Tom reassured them. "Ready to go? How about we get ice cream on the way?"

"Yeah! Ice cwem!" they cheered.

Tom looked over at Harry who was still watching the train. "Hey," he said softly wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing his forehead, "They'll be okay."

"I know," Harry said softly. He looked up at his loving husband and at his three kittens, one in Tom's arms and the other two holding onto his legs. He looked at the red speck as it turned the bend. He sighed contentedly, "I know."

They had certainly come a long way to get here. But he wouldn't have had it any other way.


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