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I stomped over the bridge of the koi pond in frustration. Stupid Kazuma! I thought in frustration and anger. Stupid Valentine's Day!

Of course, somebody had just had to have the stupid holiday that was coming up tomorrow. And, of course, I just had to have a crush on Kazuma Yagami, the Contractor of the wind spirits and my personal bodyguard.

"Dammit!" I yelled, kicking a rock into the pond. Ripples spread out and slowly faded away the further they got from their center. And, of course, my friends Yukari and Nanase had been pestering me nonstop about getting Kazuma a valentine, which I had been hesitantly planning on, but hadn't.

Maybe I could secretly leave some chocolates on his doorstep or something, I thought. I quickly banished it when I realized that Kazuma wasn't stupid. He would know it was me from the very start. And I was absolutely, positively not giving some to him to his face!

I felt myself getting angrier and angrier, felt my temperature rising. It wouldn't be so hard if I knew that he didn't feel the same way about me! How did I know that fact? I just did. It was my instinct.

I began to yell angrily, and pelted rocks into the pond as fast as I could. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I cried inwardly.

"Wow, this is a sight."

I turned to see Kazuma leaning against a tree, watching me with a smirk on his face. Idiot. "Why are you standing there watching me, you pervert?" I snapped at him, trying not to blush as I remembered why I had been throwing rocks into the pond like I was trying to kill it.

"Because it was amusing." He smirked again. "Why were you so mad?"

"N-n-none of your damn business!" I said, brushing past him.

I heard Kazuma sigh. "I wasn't really here just to watch you have a tantrum," he said.

"Oh, really?" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "Then why were you here?"

He gave an arrogant grin. "We have a mission. Let's go."


I walked silently next to Kazuma, fuming inwardly. He was nonchalant, an annoying little grin on his face. Our case, which had been a monster down in the subway, I had totally bombed. I had somehow managed to screw things up a little, seeing as we hadn't really had any cases to take care of lately. Of course, Kazuma had been the one to defeat it, so now I was left in the dust and feeling worthless.

"I told you we should have taken some time to practice," Kazuma pointed out to me as we walked along the sidewalk

"You shut up!" I snarled, turning to glare at him.

Kazuma shrugged. "I was just saying."

I continued to storm down the sidewalk, but after a few seconds I realized Kazuma wasn't with me anymore. Not being able to resist, I turned to see him looking into the door of a sushi place.

"I have something to do," he said, catching me looking at him. "You can go home."

My brow twitched. He was dismissing me? How dare he! "Excuse me?" I said stonily.

Kazuma sighed. "I have some business to take care of," he said. "Go home." He glanced at me once before opening the door and disappearing inside the shop.

For a moment, I just stood there seething and wondering what he was doing. Finally, I crept forward and peeked around the corner and into the store.

Kazuma was sitting at a table, talking to detective Tachibana.

The first thing I felt when I saw them was pain. How come Kazuma was with her? Did he like her? It just wasn't fair! Why couldn't he like me?

I turned away and strode quickly down the sidewalk, trying to push the turmoil out of my heart and mind. Of course, though, it wasn't simple.

I suddenly saw Ren through the crowd ahead of me. He saw me, and started waving and smiling. Before I could go to him, though, a hand dropped on my shoulder. And before I could whirl around and tell whoever had touched me to get their hands off, a voice reached my ears and everything seemed to fade away. All there was anymore was the voice, and the person who belonged to the voice.

"Hello. What seems to be troubling you, miss?" a musical voice asked softly.


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