Because I've been such a bad author, I've decided to post the epilogue, too. Enjoy! ^-^

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I fidgeted nervously at the entrance to Kazuma's apartment building. What was I even doing here? Why was I even giving him these damn chocolates for, anyway? He would probably just laugh at me and mock me for them!

Thinking this, I almost turned around and went straight home. Almost. Instead, I angrily forced myself inside and into an elevator. I didn't even give myself time to think; just pressed the floor button and waited for the elevator to stop. When it did, I shot right out and was banging on Kazuma's door nearly seconds later from exiting the elevator.

The door opened after a few seconds and Kazuma gave me a lazy smirk. "What's up?" he asked.

"N-nothing," I stammmered angrily, doing my best to hide the red box (no, they're not heart-shaped; how girly do you think I am?) behind my back.

"Nothing, huh?" he sneered. "Then what are you hiding behind your back?"

My face flushed in embarrassment. "Nothing, dammit!" I snapped. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about!"

"Haha, it sure doesn't look like 'nothing'," Kazuma snickered. He tried peeking over my shoulder, but I backed up so he couldn't see.

"Stop being so suspicious! You're so damn paranoid!" I yelled. I felt my heat rising even further. "You're such an idiot!"

"Takes one to know one." Kazuma idly leaned against his doorway.

I let out a shriek of fury and agitation. That was it, no way were words of thanks coming from my mouth!!! I threw the box of chocolate full-force at his face before turning and storming down the hall.

I was just about to step into the empty elevator when an unseen force yanked me backwards. I absolutely knew Kazuma was pulling my leg. I whirled, getting ready to spew some foul words and insults, but none were able to come because Kazuma was standing right behind me. Not only that, but his lips stopped me before I in kissing, stopping me.

It didn't last very long, only a few seconds. But it was enough to send jolts of electricity through my spine.

When Kazuma pulled away, he smirked at me. "Better catch that elevator," he said with an evil chuckle. His wind blew me backwards into the elevator right on time for the doors to ding shut.

....okay. I had not understood that all. Kazuma obviously knew that, and had shoved me into the elevator to make me even more confused. Did he have any other hobbies besides driving me insane?

"KAZUMA!!!!!!!" I yelled, punching his floor level button violently.

Still.... Through my anger, I couldn't forgot how those tingles had felt when he kissed me....


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