Author's Notes: This will be heavily AU as I'm winging most of this. I never have any luck in getting every Green Lantern Comic that I can find. All the other Corps that were created also still exist. Most of my info comes from wikias and I'm also blending things from the DCAU as well as other DC Cartoons to fit where I would like for them to be.

Rings Of Fate


Digimon Lantern 1

Chapter One

Origin, Part One

Unbeknownst to Ethan Rayne, he had two items of great power within his shop. The two rings which while he thought they were excellent copies of the Green Lantern Corps' standard were actual rings that had been believed to have been lost along with their bearers With the rings depleted, they merely seemed to be rings. Rings that he happened to have being sold at his shop for two dollars.

"I can't believe you're selling these for two bucks." Xander said as he picked up the other remaining ring.

"What can I say?" Ethan asked the young man. "I love to give customers something good for their money. I may not have the right costumes for these rings but perhaps you can go as a Green Lantern out of uniform."

"Nice suggestion." A voice from behind Xander said. Xander turned to see the guitarist for the band, Dingos Ate My Baby, standing there with the other ring.

"Oz, right?" Xander asked.

"Yah." Oz replied.

"Guess we're partners, huh." Xander said.

"Guess so." Oz replied.

Xander looked over to see Buffy idolizing an eighteenth century dress and the shop owner went over to help her with her dress. Oz could tell the look on Xander's face.

"Jealous much?" He asked.

"Just the fact that the guy she intends to wear that for won't give a crap about the effort into she put into it." Xander answered.

"Don't let it get you down." Oz said. "Enjoy yourself."


"Spike, someone's come to change this day and he'll make the Slayer weak." Drusilla said to the bleached blond vampire.

Spike smiled. "Then I guess I'll be heading out tonight." He told her.

"You can't, Spikey." Drusilla told him. "The emerald ring men will send us both to the stars, they will."

Spike shook his head. "Don't worry your sweet head." He told her. "No green guys with rings are going to stop me from getting the Slayer."

Spike walked away from her and the vampiress began to cry. She then looked up to see a violet glowing ring float over to her. The ring slipped onto her finger and words began to form in her mind.

"For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night, accept our ring and join our fight, love conquers all with violet light." She said accepting the ring.

She fell asleep on the bed not realizing the crystal forming around her.


Ganthet and Sayd were observing the young girl on Earth. She was pure of spirit and hope seemed to shine from her of its own accord. The girl would be perfect for their new Corps. Sayd held the newly formed ring in her hand and seemed to be contemplating it fiercely.

"What is the matter?" Ganthet asked.

"Is it right?" Sayd asked.

"Sending her the ring will help her help the two teenagers who will become Green Lanterns this night." Ganthet told her. "She lives on the very mouth of Hell and yet her soul is one of the most pure that I've ever seen."

"Saint Walker is in Sector 2814." Sayd informed him. "I'll have him attempt to recruit her."

The ring vanished from her hand in an instant.


Warren fell to the ground as he appeared on Qward. He didn't know when that yellow ring had appeared on his finger but he had other concerns at the moment. Namely, the rather large muscular alien standing before him.

"Welcome to the Sinestro Corps." He said.


Green Lantern of Sector 2814, Telnar Mon, surveyed the chaos on the street. Realizing that the charge on his ring was low, he summoned his lantern to him. Touching the ring to the lantern, he was about to recite the oath when he was interrupted.

"Xander, I don't know what's going on." Willow said as she found her friend. "I got turned into a ghost and you think you're a Green Lantern."

Telnar held up a hand to interrupt her. "One second." He said. "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who worship evil's might, beware my power...Green Lantern's light!"

Willow gaped when she saw what her friend just did. Granted, this was the Hellmouth but even this didn't even make any sense. The Green Lantern turned towards her and smiled.

"You were saying, you crimson deity." He said.

"Are you flirting with me?" She asked taken aback by what her friend just said.

"Want me to?" He asked her.

"Never mind, you aren't really you." Willow told him. "You're really my friend, Xander."

"I know who I am." He replied.

"Form a mirror." Will said.

Telnar formed a mirror and looked into it. Shocked, he began to pat himself down trying to figure it out.

"Don't have hair?" Willow asked as the Green Lantern.

"Actually, I'm a member of a reptilian species." Telnar said smiling. "I'm just a natural flirt with females of any species. I think it's better to look for beauty where you find it and to remind the woman that you find beauty in of it."

Willow blushed which had to have been a feat as she was a ghost. "Well, what's your name?" She asked.

"Telnar Mon, Green Lantern of Sector 2814." He replied. "Since this situation is unusual, even for me, I'm at your command."

Before Willow could tell Telnar what to do, they heard a scream and saw a dark-haired woman running down the road. Telnar thought she was dressed rather oddly but also noticed the car behind her. He flew towards her and pulled her out of the car's path.

"Thank you, kind sir." She said to him giving him a curtsy after he set her down. "Clearly, you are a powerful wizard that has come to defend my virtue against these foul demons."

Telnar glanced over at Willow. "Did you catch any of that?" He asked. "I only caught like half of it."

"Just follow us." Willow said intent on leading them to Buffy's house.


The machine gun fire peppered the Sunnydale Police Department cars as Bonnie & Clyde tried to figure out some way of escaping from the bank they'd tried to rob. Robbing it proved to be a lot more difficult than they thought as no one happened to be in it and the vault was radically different from what they were use to.

"Have you figured it out yet?!" She yelled.

"No!" Clyde yelled back.

Suddenly, Bonnie's assault rifle was yanked from her hand and she watched as it was crushed by a beam of emerald energy. A man in strange clothes landed on the ground and pointed his fist at her. From his ring, green energy chains formed around her and her partner. The man lifted them off the ground using his ring and brought them over to the police officers who seemed a little stunned.

"They're all yours, officer." The man said before flying away.

Detective Stein shook his head in disbelief. One thing he never expected was a Green Lantern to assist him in any aspect of his job. Still, better to not look a gift horse in the mouth. He walked over to "Bonnie".

"Harmony Kendall, you have the right to remain silent." He said.


They had gotten into Buffy's house when they heard a fight break out in the street and Willow sent out Telnar to find out what was happening. He ran out intending to aid but saw that his help wasn't needed. A human woman was battling against a shaggy monster. She was dressed in a golden bustier with red, white, and blue adorning her outfit. Telnar decided not to try a closer look for risk of offending her. After throwing the creature hard into a tree, she turned to face him.

"Ah, a Green Lantern." She remarked. "Good, I am called Wonder Woman. Perhaps you have some knowledge as to what is going on in this chaotic town."

"Myself, not so much." Telnar said. "But there is a girl from this town that hasn't been effected as much by what is going on in that house. We should talk to her."

Telnar led Wonder Woman into the house to see Lady Elizabeth as she insisted about being called using salt to make a symbol on the floor. Willow was watching intently what her friend was doing. Elizabeth began to mutter in an unknown language and the salt symbol began to glow. In a poof of black smoke, a man in a black suit appeared.

"Jason?" Wonder Woman asked.

Lady Elizabeth embraced the man as if he was her lover which perplexed the man. He stared at her and a lock of sudden realization washed over him.

"Elizabeth, how can this be?" Jason asked. "You were killed by the thrice damned vampire, Angelus."

"I know." She said a tear rolling down her cheek. "I remember that night all too well."

"Did I miss something?" Willow asked.

"No Spirit, you did not." Jason answered.

"Okay, I'm going to find Giles." Willow told them. "Try to keep Buffy safe."


Willow walked through the wall and caused Giles to drup his cup of tea. She ran over to him.

"Giles, we have a problem." She said.

"Good Lord, what happened?" He asked.

"Everyone seems to have became their costumes. I dressed as a ghost." Willow replied.

"The ghost of what?" He asked.

"Nothing specific but Buffy isn't the Slayer anymore because of the spell." Willow informed him.

"Is she in danger?" Giles asked concerned.

"I would hate to see what could put her in danger considering who else is there." Willow answered.

"Who else is there?" He asked.

"Well, Xander is a Green Lantern and Cordelia dressed like Wonder Woman and Lady Elizabeth summoned some guy she knew using a salt symbol." Willow told him. "The guy said that she had been killed by Angelus though."

"Willow, where did you get your costumes?" He asked.

"That new place, Ethan's." She answered.

"Willow, this is important." He said. "Go back to them and let them know I'm going to end the spell. I just have to get to Ethan's."


"Buffy!" Angel yelled after the girl who ran out into the night.

Jason charged into the kitchen and saw Angel in his game face. He punched the vampire square in the jaw and grabbed a knife from the counter. Ramming the blade through the vampire's right shoulder, he seemed to relish the look of pain the vampire had on his face.

"This will be just a portion of the pain that you shall go through before I'm done with you, Angelus." Jason told him.

Telnar and Wonder Woman ran into the kitchen. The Green Lantern grabbed the vengeful man with a beam of energy from his ring and pulled the man away. Wonder Woman went over to Jason.

"What is going on?" She asked.

"You are inhabiting that girl's body, Diana, by means of a chaos spell. That girl that just ran out the door is the resurrected form of my beloved, Elizabeth Williams. That is the only way the spell would have allowed her to bring me here." Jason said before pointing at the wounded vampire. "And that is the demon that took her away from me."

"Now that he mentions it, I always thought Buffy looked familiar." Angel said.

"Gone, gone the form of man. Rise the Prince, forever damned. Boil the blood with heart of fire. Free the might from fleshy mire. Gone, gone, O form of man. Rise the demon, Etrigan!" Jason recited before transforming into his demon half.

Telnar was shocked and the Demon Prince was able to break free of his capture and charged at Angel but was thrown through the open door with Wonder Woman soon at her throat.

"Rise, rise o form of man. Begone the demon, Etrigan!" She exclaimed transforming the demon back into the man. "Be that as it may, Jason. He's the only one here who can help guide us so that we can find her."


"I should have listened to Dru." He said before bolting out of the warehouse.

Spike couldn't believe his bad luck. If he ever found that costume shopkeeper, he was going to teach the human why he was called Spike. He was about to feed off the Slayer when not only did his blood grandsire show up but so did that bitch, Wonder Woman, (or at least someone who dressed like that Amazonian slut) and the bloody whelp dressed up like a Green Lantern. That must have been what Dru had told him. He felt a force pulling at him. Spike turned to see some kind of red portal.

"Bloody hell." He said as the portal hurled him through.

He hit the ground on the other side of the portal to see a lake of blood. A thought crossed his mind to get a drink but that was before some large ugly demon guy stood before him in a red uniform.

"I am Atrocitus." He stated to the vampire. "Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps."


Buffy was still staring at Xander trying to figure out why he still had the Green Lantern uniform on now that the spell had ended. She was about to ask if there was anything wrong when he pointed his ring at them and formed a green force field. It was a good thing too as a yellow energy blast ripped through the warehouse and a humanoid figure in a yellow suit could be seeing floating in the air.

"In blackest day, in brightest night. Behold your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what is right. Burn like his power...Sinestro's Might!"

To Be Continued...

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