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Name: Rebecca Rhodes
Nickname/s: Becky, Bex
Age: 16 same as Alexis
Dorm: Obelisk blue
Personality: Outgoing most of the time but can be shy and quiet
Family: Brother Atticus Rhodes and twin sister Alexis Rhodes
Looks: When she was a kid, she had blonde hair like Alexis but before she came to duel academy, she dyed it a light brown.
Deck: Unknown, for now.
She also has gold-like eyes, like Alexis, her body shape is the same as Alexis.

Extra Information: Jaden and Alexis are dating, also Bastion is dating a new girl.

New girls profile.
Name: Ruri Sarasa
Age: 15
Dorm: Ra Yellow
Personality: Shy, kind, quiet but will do anything to help her friends
Family: Unknown
Looks: Short shoulder length lilac hair, dark brown eyes with a tint of red, she has a small petite body.
Deck: Fairy