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~At the Infirmary~

Her eye lids slowly fluttered open, the first thing she felt was that her arm was a lot heavier than normal, so she looked down to see Zane snuggling her arm, she didn't want to disturb him, he looked so…innocent. He had strand of teal hair hanging between his eyes, she brushed it out the way with her fingers, though suddenly feeling weak her hand fell, dropping onto his shoulder waking him, he made a small 'huh' noise and looked up to see her looking down upon him.

''Bex!'' Zane shouted as he pounced on her pulling her into the tight hug of death ''Zane..can't...breathe'' ''Oh god, im sorry..just….so glad to have you back'' he said ''What are you talking about? How long was I out?'' she asked, with a raised eyebrow ''You've been out for almost 6 days now ...'' ''Wow, its been almost a week ..'' ''Yeah..Bex, while you were out cold, I told the Chancellor of Chazz's action's, I hope that's alright, I mean he got banned from school property by Seto Kaiba himself, amazing huh?'' he said while smirking.

''How come's he was so nice anyway I wonder? I wouldn't have normally thought he would be so..generous'' Zane muttered, more to himself than to anyone else but Rebecca heard his almost silent thoughts ''It's because before I came to Duel Academy, I got a job at Kaiba Corp working as Seto's personal assistant'' she explained. ''Oh, I er...sort of understand now...you sound close to him?'' he replied, she smiled like an angel ''Well I suppose…Seto Kaiba doesn't really get close to anyone, however im close friends with his younger brother Mokuba so …we have a mutual respect for each other I guess you could say'' ''I see''.

''Bex? Can I ask you something?'' ''You just did'' she said with a childish grin on her face, a sweat drop slid down the side of Zane's head, though after a few seconds of silence he sighed ''Becky ...i'd go into it but im not too …experienced in this kind of situation, so I'll just get it over with …would you by any chance… consider being my girlfriend?'' They both had pink cheeks…but she soon smiled ''Yes, of course I will Zane'' she replied while leaning in to give him a kiss, after a minute or two, they both pulled away panting softly.

''Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, its duel monsters spirit day tomorrow'' Zane said ''WHAT?'' an ocean of tears streamed down her cheeks ''But that means I wont have time to get a costume'' she said sadly. Then the gang burst through the door ''Becky! Your alright!'' Alexis shouted running across the room giving her sister a big hug ''Lex, calm down, shes's okay'' Atticus said. ''Atty, ive been here for what? ...Almost a week and I still haven't gotten a hug from you yet'' Rebecca said, holding her arms out to her big brother ''Aww sissy'' he bent down, pulling her into a bear hug.

A quiet voice broke the touching sibling moment ''Its duel monsters spirit day tomorrow and I still haven't got anyone to go as Dark Magician Girl …this is just my luck'' Syrus said, head down. Alexis smiled at the small boy ''Im sure you'll find someone eventually Sy, you've just got to be patient''.

Ms. Fountaine poked her head through the open door ''Excuse me, but Dr. Crowlers class begins in five minutes, leave and you can come back and see her after class''. Zane ran his hand through her hair and gave Rebecca a gentle kiss on the lips goodbye after the others waved to her and left 'I think I have an idea that'll make Zane's eyes pop out of their sockets' she thought. She soon fell asleep thinking about her plan for tomorrow.


In the morning she woke up and remembered Ms. Fountaine saying that she could leave the infirmary today as long as she took it easy, so she got out of bed slowly, put on her uniform and thought about starting to put her plan in motion.

~At the Red Dorm~

Jaden looked around at all the students in their costumes, a lot of the boys looked like they had barely spent anytime on their outfits but were more excited that they had no classes today…and that they were able to ogle all the female students in their tiny costumes.
He saw Chumley standing over what looked like a giant painting, he casually wandered over and peaked over Chumleys shoulder ''Sweet poster Chum'' Jaden said ''Yeah, apart from that magician guy being in it, Chumley did a pretty good job!'' Syrus said with his hands on his tiny hips ''Yeah, agreed'' Jaden said, arms folded ''I rule'' Chumley said with a smile, Jaden nodded in agreement.

''So its a costume duel?'' Atticus asked ''Tight idea'' Jaden replied ''So who's dressing up as Dark Magician Girl?'' Zane asked ''Sy, you do have someone right?'' Atticus asked, a small pervy grin escaping onto his face ''Errr not really …but no one will mind, Im just using her to help sell the duel, you know advertising'' Syrus said, trying to look cool ''Ah, false advertising, maybe?'' Bastion asked ('When did he get here? ...' a thought running through everyone's head?) ''Wow, er I really didn't think of that, guess i'll need to find someone to play the part then…like Alexis!'' Syrus exclaimed, a massive smile on his face ''Yes a fine idea'' Bastion said, ''Yeah, good call'' Jaden said, he looked over to Atticus who had somewhat of a disgusted look on his face ''Er I could be The Dark Magician Gu-'' Chumley was cut off by a hyper Syrus, who was jumping around ''So Lex, will you do it? Come on please, please, please? What do ya say?'' ''Well actually, I already have a costume, but I have a better idea who could be her anyway ...'' Alexis said pointing her thumb over her shoulder ''AAAAAHHHHHHH! But what demented planet has this come from? How is this a better idea?'' Syrus shouted freaking out.

An older woman aka Dorothy dressed up as Dark Magician Girl in front of him trying to look smexy ''Erm, Planet Chumley? C'mon, you don't think Dorothy pulls that off?'' Chumley asked sounding scarily serious, Syrus's face cringed ''Pull it off? ...Don't put that in my image in my brain! Please Chum!'' ''Excuse me, but ive made an amazing Dark Magician Girl and have done for 10 years, that's how long ive owned this costume!'' she said winking, then everyone heard a ripping sound ''Aaaahhhhhh'' Dorothy squealed, her costume had a rip up the side, the boys turned white in horror ''I thought the arms were feeling a little tight, oh and the seam too, oh well would you mind sewing it up?'' the boys shook there heads so fast they could've ripped off ''Waaaaaaah! My costume duel is gonna be a bust ...'' Syrus fell to his knees in sadness.

They all eventually went inside and waited for the rest of the student's to show up , Alexis was trying to fix Dorothy's costume, but left it after Dorothy had to go and help the food stalls stock up. Not so long later they heard loud footsteps. They followed Jaden, whom was now in costume, outside to find Chazz in an XYZ Dragon cannon suit, Atticus ran up to Chazz and shouted ''Two things Chazz, Number one: Nice costume, Number two: What the hell are you doing here? Weren't you permanently expelled cause you tried to rape my little sister!'' ''Yeah, I WAS but im back, I was uh...hypnotized? I don't know by who ...so I didn't mean to do what I did'' Chazz stuttered with shifty eyes ''Sounds toooootally believable'' Alexis looked like she would kill him any second, Jaden put his on her back ''Just leave it for now..we'll sort it out''.

Atticus pondered to himself '' ...I wonder what Zane'll have to say about this'' The silence was soon broken by 'The Chazz' ''Now let's get down to business and start this costume duel, so who's it gonna be?...Alright, Jaden since no one's volunteering im gonna volunteer for you, your duelling!'' He pointed to Jaden ''I AM? Well okay get your game on Chazz'' Jaden said, getting pumped up ''Yeah right, not in this costume, I can hardly walk'' Chazz said ''Oh oka …Chumley, duel?'' ''I really shoudn't, just ate'' Chumley replied ''You Syrus?'' Jaden asked, smiling at his friend ''Sorry but im the master ceremonies for this duel, im doing the play by play'' ''Aww man, then how about-'' Jaden was interrupted by a bright flash in his eyes ''Oh my god, what the hell are you doing?'' he heard Alexis's angry voice ''Ya know, just big brother stuff …like taking embarrassing pictures of you! Then I can show them to Mum, Dad-'' ''Er, no, you will not!'' ''-and uncle Doug and aunt Gail and cousin Alana …OHH!'' with that Alexis tried to hit him around the head with her harpie claws, Atticus ducks and legs it with Alexis on his tail.

Jaden's face fell ''That's just great, now ive got no one to duel ...''
''Uh ah, I'll duel you'' the guys turned to see '' ...Dark Magician Girl?'' gasps and whispers were heard throughout the crowd. The Dark Magician Girl giggled ''Now that costume fits!'' Syrus drooled like a pervert, he and all the other boys in the crowd had hearts in their eyes ''Wow, who is she?'' ''Anyone recognise her?'' ''No, but I wish I did'' ''Isn't she-''.

''So can I?'' Dark Magician Girl Smiled sweetly at Jaden, he was about to reply when Chazz interrupted him ''Can you what? WAIT! Duel? Definitely, absolutely, for sure! As organizer of this event I say yes! '' ''But Sy organized this event …'' Jaden defended his friend ''Who cares? The answers still yes! If that's okay with you I mean ...'' Syrus looked at his crush with a red face ''Ah! Your cute, of course its okay! Let's do this!''.

Zane arrived at the Red Dorm a little later than he had hoped but he couldn't find Rebecca in the infirmary though he decided she was probably already there, then on the way there he unfortunately ran into Crowler, who requested that they walk together. Wanting to see his girlfriend as soon as possible, said yes and left it at that. Bastion had seen the pair near the Red Dorm, greeted both Zane and Crowler and followed them to the side-lines.

''Well its not a bad turn out, just who is duelling in this match?'' Crowlers voice was like sharp nails running across a chalk board, Zane's head immediately started to thump 'I'll see Ms. Fountaine for some pain killers after this duel is over'. ''It looks like.…Jaden and what appears to be….THE DARK MAGICIAN GIRL?'' Bastion's eyes widened in shock, what just came out his own mouth ''Dark Magician Girl? Don't be ridiculous, there's no such- …AHHHHHH! Why look, its Dark Magician Girl! I SAW HER FIRST! I SAW HER FIRST!'' Crowler's screeching voice continued to murder Zane's ears .…till it clicked in his mind what his Professor and classmate were talking about.

''SYRUUUUS! WHERE ARE YOU?'' Chazz shouted at the top of his lungs ''Okay Sy, just play it cool, don't be too obvious, gotta let her know your interested-.…..'' Syrus looks over to the spirit in question, and sees her smiling right at him ''!'' ''SYRUS! Quit going gaga over Dark Magician Girl and get over here! What are ya just gonna stare at her all day?'' Syrus momentarily snaps out of it and joins Chazz ''Quiet Chazz…Now introducing our main event!'' ''Dork it's our only event'' Chazz sneered at the small boy ''Oh...Right...Oh look the duelist's have just stepped into the arena!'' ''What do you mean? They've been there for the last ten minutes now!'' Vein's started to pop out of Chazz's forehead, ignoring him, Syrus continued ''At my right we have Jaden Yuki! On my left we the Dark Magician Girl! Isn't she just the cutest?'' he finished with a dreamy sigh ''Nice job…Real professional'' Chazz rolled his eyes ''Oh c'mon! You were thinking it!''.

Dark Magician Girl turned to her audience and waved to her fans ''Hi you guys, hope you all cheer me on'' the entire crowd went nuts, screaming and shouting how much they loved her ''GO DARK MAGICIAN GIRL!'' Syrus had joined in, his choice to win was obvious ''Ya know Sy, were supposed to in neutral ...'' ''Sorry Chazz but im shifting into high gear'' ''You've lost it- ...'' ''DUEL BEGIN!''

Jaden ignored their loud audience and turned his attention to his opponent ''I don't know who you are but good luck'' ''Hey thanks…you to…hey can we have stake's cutie?'' she winked at Syrus ''Your talking to me?'' the girl laughed and nodded ''YAAAAY! IM CUUUUTE!'' he coughed, trying to control himself ''Y-yes of course'' ''Great! How about if you win I'll tell you who I am and if I win I leave without anyone here knowing?'' ''Sure, sounds good ...Get your game on Dark Magician Girl!'' they both activated their duel disks and the duel began.

In mid-duel Zane was able to get a closer look of the girl 'She looks familiar …but I cant put my finger on it …'.

The last of Dark Magician Girl's life points were eventually wiped out ''I guess now…I have to tell you who I am'' all the guys cheered her on then got quiet as she started to walk through the crowd of people, looking around. Then noticing the guy she wanted to see, Zane's face turned to confusion as Dark Magician Girl got closer and closer to him, eyes locked on each other but as she got a few feet away from him ''Hey wait yo- ...'' gasp's could be heard throughout the large group of people as she stood on her tip-toes and kissed the Kaiser on the lips.

A few seconds passed and she pulled away slowly ''Hello Zaney baby'' Zane's eyes were as wide as dinner plates ''Bex?...Why are you?...You look..'' He checks his girlfriend, head to toe, a small blush sweeps over his cheeks ''You look uhm…'' ''Slutty? ...Its skimpy I know, but I was going to surprise you'' ''Surprise me?'' she leans in close to him and draws small patterns on his chest with her finger ''Yeah, I was going to wait for you in your room but…I didn't want to miss spirit day, so I had to opt for something else, I wasn't too keen on coming out in public wearing this…it was supposed to be for your eyes only'' she looks up and smirks at him, Zane Truesdale is never left speechless …but this shall be the only exception. ''Oh man..and I thought I was gonna score with Dark Magician Girl'' Syrus muttered, his bottom lip quivering ''Oh Sy'' she kisses his cheek ''All better?'' Syrus jumps in the air and runs around like a crazy person ''I GOT A KISS FROM THE DARK MAGICIAN GIRL!

~After everyone changes back into their original uniforms~

Zane smacks his forehead due to his younger brother's insane behaviour, Rebecca hugs Zane around the waist, he wraps his long arms around her body in return ''I know you think he's crazy but you love him, right Zaney?'' she asked looking up at him ''First of all, yes I do love him, but you cant tell anyone ...they'll think im soft'' she giggles softly ''Second ..'' he pulls away ''Do not call me Zaney …ever again'' he says crossing his arms. ''Okay Zane-'' she stops herself as she notices Zane sending her a glare that could kill, she dramatically tears up, his face turned worried, then she fell on the floor trying to hold in her laughter ''She's a good actress Zane, don't underestimate her …'' Alexis said. Zane bent down to his girlfriend's level and tilted her pretty face up towards him with his index finger ''Your not really crying are you?'' he asked, she looked up with a trade mark Seto Kaiba smirk on her face ''Nooo but I fooled ya! I fooled ya! I foo-'' she was cut off with Zane kissing her, she tasted how sweet his lips were 'they taste so very sweet ...like he's been eating candy' she thought smiling to herself as he broke the kiss.

There was only one thing she could say at that moment ''ICE CREAAAAAAM!'' she said, everyone sweat dropped and did an anime fall '' ...What? ...'' she asked with an innocent smile ''Well after something like that, we were more expecting you to say something like 'WOW', rather than 'ICE CREAM', your a bit weird …even more weird than Chazz over there'' Atticus said walking over to Alexis, who had part's of his camera in her hands. ''CHAZZ?'' Rebecca and Zane shouted in anger and confusion ''WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SCUM BAG DOING HERE?'' Zane was about to attack him, Chazz flinched as Bex held back her boyfriend, Alexis placed her hand on his arm ''We can't deal with this right now, but we'll talk with the Chancellor in the morning …but now we have to clear everything away for the bonfire, okay?'' Alexis said quietly ''Fine'' Zane stated roughly, pulled away from both girl's and stormed up to his younger brother's dorm room. Rebecca looked up after him, a sad look in her eyes ''Im sorry, we should have gotten rid of him earlier'' ''Its alright, im more worried about Zane right now…I don't want him to take his anger out on Syrus…or anyone for that matter…I'll leave him and talk to him in the morning'' Alexis nodded and left for the girls dorm 'I hope your alright Zane…I don't want you to do something stupid that you'll regret later' she followed Alexis soon after.

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