My Little Girl

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Bella's point of view

Hi. My name is Isabella Marie Cullen and I have been a vampire for over 300 hundred years. I was changed on my 17th birthday. My father Carlisle Cullen died when I was 2yrs old. I don't really remember him though. I know he had wavy blonde hair which my mom said I took after him. Ocean blue eyes that can make you lose your train of thought. (I just think it was her personally but hey, they was married.) He was 6'2 really tall compare to her 5'4 which I took after her.

My dad wanted to become a doctor but my "grandpa" wanted him to become a pastor just like him but dad was reluctant. See grandpa hunted vampires and made dad join in. On one faithful night while he was "hunting" he died. Nobody would tell me how. I kept badgering mom about it but she would never speak about it and when I mention anything about dad she would leave the room. She was never the same after his death. Mom killed her self when I was 6 cause she couldn't handle it anymore. She said dad was her soul mate that life wasn't the same without him. So she killed herself.

I had to go live with grandpa which I hated. I couldn't do nothing. Since I was his only living relative I was to take over the church when I turned eighteen. Yeah right. Grandpa was not a nice man. He believed in witches and vampires, at the time I didn't I thought he was going crazy. He was strict I couldn't play with my friends I had to study the bible. If I didn't I would get spanked. I had to run up and down the steps twice a day. And if I fell I would get spanked which I fell down a lot. I'm a total klutz so I got spanked a lot. A six year old should be able to experience childhood. Something I didn't get to do. I would always cry, praying to heaven that my mom or dad would come back to save me, but I knew that was impossible.

By the time I was ten I knew the bible inside out and backwards and forwards. I outgrew my klutziness which something I'm glad I did. Grandpa took me to church every Sunday and made nice to the people of course but when we get home he starts calling them names.

I was leading vampire chases when I turned 15. I could out run the villagers. Grandpa gave me specific orders to burn anybody who was a witch (nonsense) or a vampire (nonsense again). But I did what I was told.

Seventeen was when I had enough with his rules. I couldn't do this, I couldn't do that. It was enough to drive me insane. We got into a big fight because I told him I didn't want to lead innocent victims to their demise because of a wacko who thinks they are going to harm us with there spells or rob us of our blood. Saying that to him was a big mistake because he slap me. Not once, not twice, but three times. Telling me I was not worthy of being in his family. He called dad a bastard for "abandoning" him. No not his daughter or his wife but him. He said dad was selfish and that's when I lost it.

I told him that he can't control everything and everybody. People have lives to. They want to do things there way and not have to worry what people thought was right or worry. I told him I was sorry dad died, but he didn't abandoned you. You basically sent dad to his death. You pushed him away. And because of your selfish behavior I lost not one of my parents but both of them at a really young age.

I knew I had to get out of their so I went to pack a few clothes. I grabbed my teddy which I called him Carlisle junior or CJ for short. I put on my blue bonnet that had a yellow ribbon that wrapped around it. I was wearing a yellow dress that was knee length with a blue ribbon wrapped around my waist. Mom left me her and dad's wedding rings, I had them on a chain which I always wore around my neck. I had on my grandmother's earrings (on my mom's side). They were pearl earrings that dangle. My shoes were black boots with straps going across. (I don't know what kinda shoes they had back then).

After I grabbed everything that I was taking I told grandpa I was leaving. He begged me not to go, when he realize I wasn't listening he switched tactics by saying I have nowhere to go and nobody would take me in. he didn't realize I been planning on leaving anyway so I booked me a train ticket out of England. I was going to stay with this girl I met while chasing *rolls eyes* vampires when I was 16. I kept touch with her and told her what's been happening. She offer me to come and stay at her house in Dublin, Ireland.

I said goodbye to grandpa for I will never see him again. (oh how true that was). I met up with my friend at Shropshire, and then we got on a big boat and left for Ireland. What I didn't know was that my life was going to change forever.


The bell had rung signaling it was time for lunch bringing me out of my past and into the future. I rose out of my seat to gather my books when I was hit with the scents of five different vampires. That is strange, I never came across other veggie vampires maybe this could be interesting. I sniff the air there are girls and three boys. What's strange is I never picked up the scent till now. Oh well.

I walked towards my locker when I see the none other than Mike Newton. My personable lab dog. Internally I groan. There is no way I can ignore him.

"Hey, Bella!" he shouted. It's not like I can't hear him. Man why is he so annoying.

"Hey, Mike." I replied trying to be nice.

"You wanna sit with me at lunch today?" he asked shyly.

I don't wanna hurt his feelings but as soon as I went to say something a pixie like vampire yes vampire came up and hugged me. I don't' know her from Adam and Eve and yet she's standing her like we're long lost friends. I take a chance and look at Mike and his mouth is open.

"I.-I-I didn't k-k-know you knew the Cullen's." he said disbelieving.

I was going to say something but one word lingered in my mind Cullen's. How and why do she have my last name. I need to question this little sprite but before she said anything she spoke at vampire speed "I know who you are I been waiting on you for a long time. As for your questions they will be answer in due time,."

I just looked at her in shock.

"Come on," she said laughing this time for human ears. "I want you to meet the family."

The way she said family I got a weird but happy feeling. She links her arm into mine and we walked towards the cafeteria. "By the way my name is Alice, I'm your new best friend." she grinned when she said that and I grinned back.

I don't know why I had a feeling my life is going to change forever again. I'm happy about, maybe I won't have to spend my existence alone. I can finally be happy.

"Hi Alice, my name is," I don't think I should tell her my last name yet. "Isabella, but call me Bella." I said looking at her.

"Well, Bella what do you say?" she said while bouncing on her heels. She looks like a little ball of energy.

"Say what?" I asked confused. But she don't say anything but pushes open the door to the cafeteria and all heads turn towards me. But the one head that I notice is a bronze hair god with the topaz eyes.

"Edward. Edward Mason. It can't be he died." I mumbled to low for human ears but all the vampires heard. Damn vampire hearing.

"How do you know Edward, Bella?" ask Alice. I had a feeling she already knew. I couldn't help but stare at him. It's been over 100 years since I seen him. Is it possible. No my mind must be playing tricks on me. It can't be because I heard say made me want to cry.

"I loved you Bella. How could you leave me?" he stood up as he spoke.

I did the only thing I could do was turn around and leave. Right at that moment I didn't realize my life was going to change more then ever. Cause as soon as I saw the parking lot I noticed a black Mercedes pull into a parking space. And the man or vampire I thought I would never see again stepped out of the car.

My dad. My dad was here. He was alive. Well alive as a vampire came be. I must made some kind of noise as he looked in my direction and he gasp. I wonder if he recognized me. Cause I recognized him. Even though mom never talked about him she gave me pictures. Tears came to my eyes even though I can never shed them, but what I did next shocked me and him.

"Daddy?" I started dry sobbing. "Daddy is it really you."

"Yes my angel its really me." he hugged tightly for which I didn't really care. All I can think of is I have my daddy. He's in my arms something I thought impossible. "I missed you so much sweetheart. But know this never stopped loving you and never will. I promise I will never let you go again." All I could do was nod.

Today my life has changed. I found Edward. I met him in 1917 when he was 16. We fell in love and then I told him I was a vampire. He was everything was fine until nomads came and threaten his life. So I left trying to protect him from this lifeā€¦.so good it did me. And then I saw the greatest man in the whole world my father Carlisle Cullen. Yep today was a good day. I wouldn't change on bit.

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