MY Little Girl

Carlisle's lost Daughter

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Bella's point of view

When Edward and I entered the house all eyes went on us but I noticed one pair that was full of sadness. Daddy. I rush towards him and pulled him into a hug. He must've thought I ran off. I got to prove to him that I am here to stay.

"Sweetheart where did you go?" daddy asked.

"I just had to do some thinking," daddy looked down he must be thinking that I don't want to stay here anymore. I can't let him think that.

"Daddy I do want to stay here I love you, but there's something in my past that you might not like and if I tell you then you wouldn't want me anymore."

"Isabella what makes you say that? I love you and I'm sorry I left you but if you think anything is gonna make me abandon you your wrong. You my daughter is my life, my flesh and blood. I will not let you go again." he said while squeezing me.

"You promise?" I asked.

"I promise." I was grinning so wide I thought my face was gonna break. Then daddy turn towards Edward.

Carlisle's point of view

I hugged my daughter tightly. She told me that there was something in her past that can make me not want her anymore. She got to know that I would follow till the end of the earth.

"Promise?" she asked.

"I promise." I said. I turned to Edward.

"Where have you been son?" I asked. I have a feeling he's been with Bella. So I wonder if he's gonna deny it.

"I just went for a quick hunt and went to my meadow." he said. I don't believe him but I let that slide for the moment.

"Why did you and Bella come in at the same time?"

"I ran into her when I was headed back towards the house and we stop to talk." hmm half-truths. I know the truth.

"Oh well, that's well okay." I said. I kissed Bella on her head and went to my study. I need to figure out what to do about Edward and Bella. Well since I'm up here let me do some work.

Edward's point of view

I need to watch out for Carlisle. He seems suspicious of me and Bella. I can picture that conversation if he finds out. He would kill me after he lectured me. That's great.

(Wonder where Edward went. Was Bella with him. Is mister prude getting himself some.)- Emmet.

(I'm so happy for you Edward but I'm warning you now you need to be careful around Carlisle, she is his baby girl.)-Alice.

I turned around and ran upstairs so I didn't have to listen to the others thoughts. I turned on Debussy and laid on my couch.

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