Anyway I have an idea of my own. I think Salazar Slytherin is the giant squid! What do you think?

That would be so cool. It sort of fits him too. Slytherin is compared to water (like Gryffindor is to fire, Ravenclaw to air, and Hufflepuff to also shows in where the common rooms are located) so being a water beast that likes to scare children would be right up his alley. Sadly, he will not be the giant squid in this story.

This will be the final chapter for the first book of Ravenclaw Rejects.

The End of the School Year

By the end of the school year, many changes had taken place. For one, James was on speaking terms with Ginny Weasley. She appreciated what he did for her in Myrtle's bathroom, and saw past the rumors to actually find a great guy. She was fun to talk to, and fly with (Luna and Neville were never that keen on flying) despite her firery temper. He also had an invitation extended to him by the twins to the Weasley home. They apparently saw "true potential" in him and wanted to "train him some more". It also included Luna as well. The twins appricated how she could twist a conversation around (and it did help them get out of trouble more than once). They also saw trickester potential in her as well. James just thought they wanted heirs to their pranking kingdom. He didn't mind. He had to make people become more open minded. It was his duty. Plus, life was too boring otherwise.

His mental shields had taken on a shape. To people trying to get in his mind, they were confronted by a very angry basilisk named Nathan that tried to bite their head off or try to petrify them (which in reality ended in the person being out for a couple of moments...but it was still cool). Luna was impressed and said to keep practicing during the summer.

Everything was great until one fateful day after exams. "Crim, what are you doing this summer?" Luna asked.

"Going back to my Aunt and Uncle's." James lied.

"I don't feel safe with you going back there. Is there something wrong? Please tell me." Luna pleaded.

"Nothings wrong. They won't bother me this summer." Because I won't be seeing them. They can't bother me if they are not there.

"If anything, and anything goes wrong, just come by my house. Here's the address." Luna handed him a piece of paper. Then she handed him a book. "This is about all the other forms of wizarding transportation you haven't heard of yet, just in case you can't call the knight bus. I'm sure the Weasley's and the Longbottom's would take you in as well."

"Why are you going on about his so much?" James asked.

"It's just a feeling. It's like your gut instinct. I know there is something you are hiding, but I also know you need time to heal and open up on your own. You'll tell me someday. I just want to let you know that I'm here no matter what happens to you. Remember that." Luna grabbed his hand. "You are my first friend after all."

The train ride was nice and tense at the same time. Luna was worried, and so was James. He had no where to stay this summer. Neville was also in their compartment along with Ginny. "So, what happened between you two? I've never seen you this down before." Neville asked.

"It's just...I wish Crim would open up to me more." Luna said. "Nev; tell him that you are also there for him, no matter what happens."

"Of course I am! If you have any issues, just come to Longbottom manor. We have plenty of room. The manor is quite massive after all." Neville said.

"The same here. You can count on me. After all, you did help me with Tom." Ginny said quietly. "Plus, the twins have already invited you over. Can I ask you one thing?"

"Yes, what Gin?" James asked.

"Other than stop calling me the nickname my dear twin brothers call me; please keep the twins under control. I guess...just be a good influence. Those two drive me crazy sometimes!" Ginny yelled.

"Can I ask a favor of you also Loony?" James asked.

"Anything, Crim." Luna said.

"Keep my trunk again this summer. I have everything I need in this knapsack." James patted the knapsack at his side. "Don't worry; I've already started my summer homework before I've left school and I'll do the rest when I visit your house and the Weasley's and Nev's."

"Okay, knowing your relatives, that is a good idea." Luna said.

When they arrived at the station, Luna went immediately to her dad. Seeing them there, looking so happy, made James think he couldn't impose. They same with his other friends. Even Neville seemed to have a special connection with his Gran. He couldn't weight them down. There was also another feeling there, and he recognized it as jealously. He had never had a parental figure to look out for him; he was always fending for himself.

"James, it is a pleasure to see you again." James jumped to Mr. Lovegood's voice.

"Pleasure to see you again too, Mr. Lovegood." James stuttered back.

"I see you and Luna made lots of friends. Good term, you two?" Mr. Lovegood asked.

"Amazing Daddy! The books don't give it justice." Luna said.

"I couldn't of put it better myself." James replied. "Hogwarts is like a big, welcoming home. I love it. You guys have to leave soon, right?"

"Yeah Crim. See you next year. Don't forget to write. If you are ever in any trouble..." Luna babbled.

"Just come and get you. I got it. See you Luna. Bye!" James waved as the two of them disappeared into the green flames. He then proceeded to walk through barrier to the muggle world, and muggle London. He didn't know what to do but keep walking. Something was bound to happen. After all, he could always take care of himself.