The Boy From The Future: Goten

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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Young Super Saiyan

Following the defeat of Freeza on Namek, the heroes of Earth had known only peaceful days. Those killed by the Saiyans had been revived and even Vegeta had struck an alliance with them, if only to see Goku again and challenge the warrior to a duel. They all knew Goku was alive and he would be returning some day. They just weren't expecting to feel several powerful ki signatures coming towards Earth. Gohan, Krillin, Picollo and Vegeta recognized one of the signatures as Freeza's. In a near state of panic, the warriors had gathered in a deserted little desert as they awaited Freeza.

"What do we do? Goku's not here and we can't beat Freeza on our own." Krillin said.

"Shut it, baldy." Vegeta reprimanded the fighter.

"We don't need you to tell us what to think." Tien exclaimed. "You killed me. I don't know what you're even doing here."

"Relax, Tien. Vegeta's on our side." Bulma told her three-eyed friend.

"This bickering does nothing for us. Freeza is our worry." Picollo stated.

"Why are you even here, Bulma?" Gohan asked.

"I never saw Freeza before. Not even on Namek. I just want to see him." She responded.

"Whatever you do, keep your power levels low. Freeza can't sense ki but they will obviously be equipped with scouters." Vegeta said. "We'll walk to where they're landing."

With a decent plan in the air, the heroes traveled through the vast desert to seek out Freeza.


"What do you think of this planet, son?" King Cold asked Freeza.

"It's not a bad place. I'm sure we could actually fetch a decent price for it." Freeza stated.

"And what of this Goku that you mentioned?" King Cold asked.

"We'll kill all the people of this planet before he arrives and then kill him in retaliation for humiliating me." Freeza said, his normally calm voice giving rise to a tinge of anger.

"Hhmm? My lord, there is someone approaching us." One of the grunts said.

Freeza looked ahead as he saw a mysterious figure approaching. Upon getting a closer look at the figure, he saw a young man with spiky black hair wearing an orange gi.

"So it seems you've arrived already, Goku. I don't know how you beat us here but it doesn't matter. You're going to die here." Freeza stated as if he were speaking fact.

"I'm not Goku." The young man said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot what your pitiful monkey name was." Freeza replied.

"Whoever you think I am, I'm not. Well, unless you think I'm going to kill you. That much is true." The young man said.

"Insolent little monkey!" Freeza exclaimed as he fired off a ki blast. The young man casually flicked the blast off into the distance.

The grunts didn't even wait for their order to attack but before anyone could see anything, they were all dead on the ground.

"Hhmmpphh… Pathetic little grunts." King Cold said.

"Shall we end this now? I'm not in the mood to drag this out." The young man said.

"What are you plotting, monkey?" Freeza hissed out.

The young man smiled as a wave of energy rushed over him. His spiky black hair rose up and changed from black to a very shiny gold and his eyes changed to a very greenish-blue. The whirling of energy stopped and Freeza took a step back.

"Afraid? You should be." The young man said.

"Freeza, get a hold of yourself." King Cold commanded.

Freeza merely grunted out in anger and released wave after wave of energy, hoping to strike the Super Saiyan down. But it was to no avail.

"My turn." The Super Saiyan said.

With a quick motion, the Super Saiyan was punching Freeza in the chest and unleashing a powerful ki blast that vaporized him.


"What's that?!" Gohan asked.

"What is it, Gohan?" Bulma asked.

"Freeza's been killed." Picollo said.

In a rush of emotion, Vegeta took to the air to find the source of this new ki. The others followed, with Yamcha carrying Bulma in his arms.


"Well, most impressive. You defeated my son as if he were nothing." King Cold said.

The Super Saiyan remained silent as he turned to see King Cold standing before him. "Go home. I have no interest in fighting weaklings." He said.

This insult had damaged King Cold's pride and he charged at the young warrior. With a flick of his wrist, the young warrior had knocked the terror of the galaxy down. He let loose a ki blast and made short work of the evil alien overlord. He quickly drew his attention to Freeza's spaceship and destroyed it with ease.

"Phew…" The Super Saiyan sighed as he powered down. He turned his head to see Vegeta, Picollo, Gohan and the others floating in the air.

"Kakarot?!" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Huh? Who is that? I'm going to meet Goku now!" The young man said.

"Huh? That's not Goku? But he looks just like him." Bulma let out.

"No, his ki is a little different. That is definitely not Goku." Picollo stated.

The young warrior stood there as Earth's heroes approached him. He looked lost in thought, as if he wondered what he could say. He knew they had at least a million questions for him.

"Well, I guess it's okay for me to say this. No, I'm not Goku." He said.

"So who are you?" Krillin asked.

The young warrior paused for a brief moment before speaking. "My name is Goten. Goku's my dad."

To Be Continued…