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Really… This couldn't be happening could it? Something so simple, turning and twisting into a chaotic mess that definitely was out of the age range listed on that innocent looking box. Whoever decided this game was rated ages '6 and up' really, REALLY did not know the Hitachiin brothers, this was Hikaru's fault, he had to be up to something. Really? Honestly? Who else but him would come up with playing Twister in nothing but their swim trunks?

"Right foot, green!" Hikaru nearly crowed as a large grin threatened to split his face in two, finally after so much plotting he had a way to help his 'slightly' younger brother who had done so much for him. His noble sacrifice, stepping aside so that Hikaru could even have a chance at Haruhi's affections had not been forgotten. Sure Hikaru came off as brazen, and more than a little selfish, but his own self-serving ways could take a break with Kaoru was around. Providence had caused the young Potter heir to be in their home that weekend, and who was he a mere mortal to argue with the Gods decree?

Hikaru was going to land Kaoru a boyfriend this weekend, one that was apparently much more flexible than he had ever realized apparently. He would really have to try his best to remember to thank Sirius-san on Monday for all his help.

Thursday had started like a normal day, well really as normal as anything could possibly get at the elite Ouran Academy, classes went by with hardly a fuss. Most students returned to their beautiful homes while others remained behind, forming into the small groups that were their clubs. Hikaru sat next to his brother, laughing loudly over a joke that was hardly entertaining coming from one of their guests. He bowed his head in an exaggerated attempt to calm himself before seemingly looking up at his 'beloved' Kaoru with half lidded eyes; really the girls had no idea he was looking beyond his younger brother's shoulder, eyes landing on the clueless young woman who held his heart in those tiny pale hands of hers. Haruhi was truly fascinating, mesmerizing in fact, he watched as nimble fingers brought a bite of creamy cheesecake to those soft baby pink lips and he… Quickly, very quickly, dropped that train of thought.

A few soft knocks echoed against the rich wood of the main door of the music room, before opening after a polite wait and revealing the young man that stood behind it. Potter Harry had transferred to Ouran Academy only a few months ago, having packed up his life completely to settle in Japan to be near his remaining family member; Ryoji "Ranka" Fujioka. From Hikaru's limited understanding of the situation, Ryoji had been adopted as a young child by the Evans family and lived with them until the age of 16. He had then left behind his adoptive parents and two younger sisters (Petunia age 10, and Lily just on the cusp of turning 9) to return to his roots and Japan. Ryoji had attempted to remain in touch with his family but, the distance, establishing himself in a new country, finding love in the beautiful Kotoko, had driven the two groups far apart from one another. Ryoji had last seen his youngest sister Lily on his wedding day; she had been the only member of his European family to make the journey out to Japan. Lily and Kotoko had gotten along amazingly, especially when they had the opportunity to compare love interests (well, as much of a love interest Lily could have at age 12). Ryoji nearly cried when his dear sister got on the plane back to England, he did cry years later when he received a cold and impersonal letter from Petunia about the deaths of both his adoptive parents, as well as the more recent deaths of Lily and her husband James.

Apparently in the letter Petunia-san forgot to mention the existence of his nephew Harry, the only child of his beloved baby sister. Ranka (as he was well established in this name) only learned about his nephew after Harry had found some of his mother's old letters and took the chance in writing his estranged uncle. Both Ranka and Haruhi were delighted in finding out about their unknown relative, and quickly scrimped and scraped a ticket to Japan for Harry to come and visit. Haruhi and Harry had hit it off immediately, even with growing up on two complete different sides of the world they seemed to have so much in common. Upon learning of Harry's inherited wealth from his father (as well as his GPA from a secretive boarding school for the elite in Scotland), Ranka quickly ran out and enrolled his nephew in the same school his daughter was attending; bringing us back to where we are now.

"Haruhi? May I talk to you when your club is done for the evening?" Harry asked politely, his soft British accent caressing the Japanese language in a way that quite frankly, should have been very much illegal. He looked around the room at the young women that seemed to be eyeing his athletic form in a hungry manner. When Harry had been introduced for the first time to the Host Club, Tamaki had set upon him immediately; holding the young Brit to his chest tightly declaring he had found the newest host! Apparently he felt that Harry Potter-san was perfect for the 'shy type' seeking customers, one that the young women could nurture! He was turned down flat. Harry did become a regular visitor to the club though, taking the time to continue learning about his cousin and spending time with her. He came so often that customers began speculating he had a 'forbidden love' relationship with his slightly younger cousin, this was met with coos and cries of 'MOE!' until Renge appeared with the suggestion that perhaps Harry was more of Mori's type.

Hikaru had laughed quite loudly at this, taking in the shock painted on most of the faces in the room, as well as the barest hint of a blush that showed on the Morinozuka's cheeks. He had turned to his brother to share in the fun, still cackling until he saw his brother's response to Renge's words. Kaoru was staring down at the table of elegant cherry would, digging his fingers into the material and scaring it with his nails. His brother's face was hidden by his hair, but in the reflection of his cup of instant coffee – he was upset. A heavy frown covered Kaoru's face that almost seemed to twitch in an attempt try and stop the negative response. His cheeks were pale, as all blood had left them and retreated inwards, but his eyes – they glowed. Such a mixture of emotion really couldn't be possible surely? The anger, jealousy, longing, guilt, hopelessness, desire, and so many others that he couldn't define seemed to burn a hole into the table, Hikaru was confused for a moment before he finally understood. Kaoru had a crush on Harry! So many simple things seemed to click together in his mind, focusing so strongly on those memories and his response to them; the rest of the hour seemed to pass in a matter of seconds until only the Hosts and Harry-sempai remained.

"What's going on Harry-chan? Is something wrong? I knew you shouldn't have stopped living with Ranka-san and Haruhi-chan! You're afraid of the dark and being alone! Do you need to hold Bun-Bun?" Hani all but pushed the stuffed rabbit into the young man's arms, which held the rabbit carefully to not damage the gift.

"No, no Hani-sempai. That's not it at all. I loved living with 'Aunt' Ranka and Haruhi; I just wanted to ask Haruhi a favor." Harry-kun had moved out of the small apartment a few weeks earlier, into his own small but very beautiful home a few blocks away from the main entrance to Ouran. He hadn't minded the close-quarters with his family, but really he didn't want to put them out anymore than he already had. Ranka had been distraught, but easily subdued when he was handed a key to the house and encouraged to drop in whenever he wanted.

"I'm sure you all as well Haruhi knows my godfather has been in town for the past few days and well… He pretty much destroyed my house." Harry blushed and rubbed the back of his head, looking to the side as he quickly rambled on. "Not that he did it on purpose, it was pretty much one big accident that lead to even more accidents. Right now the house isn't livable, and I was hoping I could stay with Haruhi for a few days while those problems are fixed."

"I'm sorry Harry, but dad and I won't be home for awhile. With tomorrow being the start of the weekend dad is going on a trip – with Sirius-san remember? And since they were going to be gone I was going to go with Mei and stay with Misuzu-san at the pension in Karuizawa… although, I suppose you could come with us if you like." Haruhi quickly added with a smile towards her slightly dejected cousin.

"Harry-kun can stay with us!" Hikaru nearly shouted, moving quickly towards his sempai before wrapping an arm around his shoulder. Looking out of the corner of his eye he saw Hani-sempai giving a pout in Mori's direction, and Kaoru had jerked to look at him with wide disbelieving eyes. "I mean it'll just be for the weekend and I know how much Okaa-san has wanted Harry to come around again. Kaoru and I would make sure he wouldn't need to worry about a thing!"

"I-If you're sure it wouldn't be a problem Hikaru-kun, then I suppose its alright." Harry mumbled dubiously, cautious of whatever the elder Hitachiin was plotting. While most missed it, Hikaru caught the glance that Harry sent in Kaoru's direction; it was, dare he say it… almost hopeful. Hikaru couldn't wait until tomorrow night!

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