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Waking up Saturday morning it took Harry a moment to remember where exactly he was. He looked around the European style bedroom admiring the hard oak king-sized bed he spent the night in. While he didn't need a bed of that size, having the space to roll around in was amazing... maybe he should look into getting one of his own. The feather down mattress and pillows made it feel like he had sunk into one of the Weasley brother's Floating Pastries (guaranteed to make you light as a feather!).

Slowly Harry made his way off of the bed and towards the bathroom, rubbing sleepily at his eyes as he went. Picking up his duffle bag he closed the door behind him, and turned to look around the new room. The bathroom looked like it had been stolen right out the times of the Roman Empire. Marble seemed to cover everything; the floor, walls, ceiling, counters, bathtub... you name it, it had marble. Heading to the glass enclosed shower Harry stripped off his pajamas before stepping inside. He was in the shower for no more than 15 minutes, knowing that if he stayed in any longer he would fall back asleep.

Reaching blindly for a towel he wiped off his face before wrapping the thick cloth around his waist. He went for the duffle bag and frowned, noticing for the first time how in incredibly light it was. Peeking inside the bag he discovered the cause, it had been emptied out. Most likely it had happened the night before by the maid twins while he was being distracted by Hikaru and Kaoru. Stopping himself before he went off on that tangent he stepped back into the bedroom with the purpose of finding his hidden clothes. After checking two of the closets and one of the dressers Harry froze midstep as he heard a knock coming from the door.

"Harry-kun are you up? Breakfast should be ready soo-" Kaoru peeked his head in the door after getting no reply to his knocking on the bedroom door. It was pretty late in the morning already, even Hikaru was already awake, and he had headed downstairs towards the dining room after casually mentioning over his shoulder that Kaoru should go check on Harry.

After looking in the bedroom though, Kaoru couldn't decide if he should have really waited for Harry's response or not. Harry stood in the middle of the bedroom, wearing nothing but a navy blue towel. Most of his body had dried, but his hair was still dripping wet, causing heavy drops of water to fall to Harry's shoulders and cascade down the front of his body, showing off the toned chest and stomach as well as the very light trail of hairs that started just below his belly button. There was one particular drop that seemed to curve around Harry's right nipple before sliding down that long golden toned stomach until...STOP! MAYDAY MAYDAY! Kaoru blushed a deep shade of red, turning away from the slightly older teen in an attempt to bring himself back under control.

"Sorry Kaoru, I'm just trying to figure out where my clothes were hidden," Harry blushed, his hand gripping the towel as if it were a life line. It was his only option since he really couldn't go crawl off and find a hole to die in. He looked around frantically, his eyes landing on a small dresser off in the corner he hadn't noticed until now. Pulling it open he found his clothes folded, pressed, and he was pretty sure they had been re-washed as well. "Oh...well I guess I found them."

"Well, umm... I'm going to go wait out in the hall then, alright?" Without waiting for a reply, Kaoru hurried out of the room and quickly slammed the door behind him. Leaning against the wall he tried to catch his breath, not realizing he probably just caused more harm then good in that one action.

Hikaru was sitting down at the table drinking from a glass of orange juice when his twin and Harry-kun walked into the room. Noticing the concerned look on Kaoru's face and the slightly upset one on Harry's, he sighed deeply. Really these two were starting to look impossible, what on earth had happened in such a small amount of time that had both boys looking like they just wanted to run far, far away. He watched as Kaoru came to sit at his left and Harry at his right. Both quietly serving themselves breakfast before diligently eating it, their eyes almost never leaving their individual plates unless it was to sneak glances at each other that neither one saw the other make. Hikaru thought he had made some real progress last night, but he was coming to realize that every step forward caused two steps to be taken back with these two around. It was time for some drastic measures, all that was needed was needed was a little back-up.

Almost if on cue Yuzuha Hitachiin stepped into the room with her husband and personal assistant behind her. She looked over to her sons with a fond smile, before glancing back at her PA.

"What do you think, Toshinko? Isn't he adorable?" Yuzuha moved quickly behind Harry's chair, gently cupping his chin and tilting his head upwards. Blushing brightly at the attention Harry brought his napkin to his lips and wiped off any invisible traces of food before Yuzuha spoke again. "Don't you think he would be the perfect model for our winter collection? All those cool colors; blues, blacks, greens, deep reds…They would look gorgeous on his skin! It's so smooth."

"Oh yes Hitachiin-san! Or even some of the collection available now! I think we have some of the new jeans in his size here at the house." The young woman eyed Harry in what could be described as a 'hungry' manner, but none of the young men at the table believed her only intent was to 'eat' him.

"Perfect idea as usual Toshi-chan! Let's take him to the viewing room, maybe we can get young Harry-kun to pose for some pictures." The Hitachiin mother grabbed Harry firmly by the arm and tugged him out of his seat, ignoring any complaints from the dark haired boy or her two sons. After the door closed behind the two women, Kaoru turned with a frown towards his grinning brother.

"I want to talk to you about something important Hikaru. I want you to answer honestly." Hikaru was almost taken aback by the serious look on his brother's face and quickly nodded his agreement. "Do you have feelings for Harry-kun?"

"What!? No, of course not Kaoru! I only like girls remember? I just..." Hikaru looked around quickly trying to come up with a plan of attack before going straight for the truth. "I know you like Harry-kun, and I wanted to help you get him… I was hoping this weekend would help set it all up." Kaoru was speechless for a long moment, just staring at his twin with his jaw dropped. Had it been that obvious? Sure there may be a time or two (or a dozen) he caught himself just staring at the teen, but really? Hikaru had noticed it?

"Is that why you invited Harry-kun over this weekend?" Kaoru asked softly, not surprised at all when his brother nodded, coming to stand next to him and pressed a hand to his arm.

"I know he likes you too Kaoru. I wanted to do this so you would be happy with someone." Hikaru glanced away in attempt to hide the light pinking of his cheeks. "Now come on, let's go save your future boyfriend from Okaa-san."

"Umm… Yuzuha-san, I think you grabbed the wrong size. These pants are very tight," Harry called from behind the changing screen as he wriggled himself into a pair of dark denim jeans. His only response was a few minutes later when he was hit over the head with a long sleeved white t-shirt, that appeared to be too small as well in his eyes.

"Not to worry Harry-kun! They're supposed to be that tight. Now put on the shirt and we'll see about grabbing you some accessories!" Yuzuha was so happy she nearly applauded herself; her boys were always so good about bringing their okaa-san the best toys. First that adorable girl Haruhi, and now this stunning young man! She knew that he was a student, but maybe she could talk Harry into modeling professionally. Profits would skyrocket with her latest clothes on that strapping young body.

Harry stepped out from behind the screen hesitantly, wearing the jeans and t-shirt that seemed to hug his lithe form in all the right places. He lowered his head, hiding his response to Toshi-san's grinning form. Sure, maybe these two thought he looked pretty good in these clothes that seemed like a second skin, but remembering Kaoru's response to seeing him fully…

Harry bit back a sigh, rubbing his arms in an embarrassed manner. Was his body really that horrible, that one look had sent Kaoru running? That rejection had hit him hard, it had been extremely difficult leaving the bedroom when all he wanted to do was run and hide.

"Here Harry-kun; put this on as well," Yuzuha held out a black leather jacket that seemed to make Harry's thin waist even tinier while accenting and making his hips flare. "Now take a seat while we pick out some boots… maybe those combat styled ones? Toshi, I want the ones that go up to the knees but take out the black laces and put in some dark green ones. Also, please go get the new silver necklaces as well as the earrings that were dropped off last week, I think some of those would go great with Harry-kun's look! Now hold still dear while I go get my makeup case alright?"

"Yuzuha-san… really makeup isn't that necessary. I'm sure the outfit is just fine without it," Harry spoke up quickly, trying to back away but managing to only fall into the chair instead. Yuzuha stepped forward and blocked his exit, digging into the small bag and pulling out a tube of black mascara.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'm going to make you look gorgeous! Not that you aren't already, we just need to make those beautiful eyes of yours pop a little more. So first we're going to do your mascara, and then I was thinking just a touch of a forest green eye liner… then maybe a little color on your cheeks just so you don't look too pale, and then a little lip gloss! Nothing too heavy though, maybe a soft peach or something similar, we wouldn't want to make you look like an okama now would we?" As she started to get to work, Harry leaned back in the chair with reluctant acceptance, just how the hell was he going to get out of this? Best to… how had Sirius put it? Oh yes, best to just take it like a man.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each other with a firm pout on their lips; really it shouldn't be that hard for two people of their genius to sneak into one little room right? For forty minutes their Okaa-san had Harry-kun locked up in that room, they wanted to play with Harry too! They had changed into t-shirts and swim trunks, Hikaru holding a separate black pair under his arm for Harry... if they could ever get him away. Hikaru held in a grin as he looked up at the ceiling, ever sense he told Kaoru of Harry's returned affections, Kaoru had been downright bubbly. His brother was nervous, anxious, and Hikaru was pretty sure that spot on the rug where Kaoru was tapping his foot would never be the same again.

"Alright Hikaru, Kaoru! May I present, the lovely Potter-kun?" Toshinko pulled open the door dramatically, causing both the twins to drop their jaws. Harry's eyes looked enormous with the makeup carefully applied by the Hitachiin mother, and the clothes they put on him were pure sin. It was almost a shame they were going to have to strip him down to put him in swim trunks.

"You look great Harry-kun!" Hikaru bounded over, leaning over his shorter friend with a wicked grin before peeking over at his brother to catch his response. Kaoru had brought a hand up to his mouth in an attempt to hide the wicked blush covering his face, but really it did no good; Kaoru was doing a marvelous impression of a tomato. "You really should look into modeling. I bet you would be great at it. Hey, when did you get your ear pierced?"

"I... I don't really think that would be for me Hikaru-kun. And it's a fake." Harry fingered the silver loop on his left ear, glancing around the room nervously trying to look anywhere he could as long as there wasn't a person in his line of sight. "May I go change now Yuzuha-san?"

"I suppose... we did take a good number of pictures. You don't mind if I hold onto them do you? Although I'm sure Sirius-kun would love some copies." Yuzuha gave an almost demonic grin as she held up the digital camera. Harry nearly blanched in return before scurrying behind the changing screen, giving a small "Ow." as he was hit over the head by a pair of swim trunks.

"Change into that Harry-kun! The weather's great and we're going to go try out the new swimming pool that was installed last week. Don't forget to wash off that pretty makeup too!" Hikaru snickered, wincing at the mock punch his younger twin gave towards his arm.

When Harry saw the pool for the first time, he wasn't too surprised. Like everything else at the Hitachiin manner it was large and over the top, he was pretty positive that 'Olympic-sized' was too small of a term to describe the size of the pool before him. There was a large waterslide, a few different sized diving boards as well as a small alcove for sitting and eating lunch while remaining in the crystal clear water.

He chuckled, watching as the twins ran for the slide in an attempt to get there first before he slipped slowly into the cool water. Shivering he lowered himself down until just his ears and mop of hair were above the water, standing there for a moment to think on what happened back in the dressing rooms. He had noticed the way that Kaoru stared at him in those clothes that Yuzuha-san had provided, and it didn't seem to be in disgust at all. Maybe he misunderstood what happened earlier that morning? Kaoru did seem interested…but maybe that was just wishful thinking.

"Harry-kun! What are you doing over here? We should play a game!" Hikaru swam up and grabbed firmly at Harry's arm while Kaoru grabbed the other.

"Yeah, it's boring playing water games when it's just the two of us! We can finally play that commoner game that Tono was telling us about. I think he called it 'Marco Polo,'" Kaoru smiled, it was easily one that could be mistaken for the ones he gave the customers at the Host Club, but this seemed to have more of a genuine air to it.

Harry fell back into a lounge chair, exhausted after playing in the pool for hours with the twins. The way those two just seemed to have endless amounts of energy, it really did remind him of that pink battery bunny he had seen when sneaking a peek at the TV while at the Dursleys'. Shaking that thought out of his head, he lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the strong sun rays, only to freeze in place when he realized what was going on in front of him.

Kaoru was drying off with one of the towels provided by the manor's help, his head turned away and laughing at something his twin said as he ran indoors. Harry never thought he would actually be jealous of a towel, but there was a first time for everything. The way that towel got to run over all that silk like pale skin… Merlin help him, he was pretty sure it was all Sirius's fault for being such a pervert.

"Harry-kun! I was thinking about all the other games we could play now that you're here! How about a game of Twister to start?" Hikaru nearly bounced over, reminding Harry vaguely of Hani-sempai, causing him to nod slightly. Hikaru clutched on to the game as well as a few other boxes as Kaoru tugged on Harry's arms and pulled him up. "Let's go play inside!"

So now they had come full circle; it's amazing how fast memories of a few days could be summed up in a matter of minutes. Harry was still in the game with Kaoru, Hikaru having fallen over a few minutes earlier. Somehow they had ended up with Kaoru underneath him in an awkward version of the crabwalk, and Harry was facing upwards as well, but to reach that green that Hikaru called out...

"Are you okay Kaoru? I need to try my turn now," Harry tilted his head towards Kaoru whose arms were shaking slightly, but he nodded his agreement anyway.

Harry slowly arched his hips upwards, raising his hand from where it had been holding before and tried to tilt himself around, leaning forwards in an attempt to touch the elusive color. He heard Kaoru below him gasp suddenly, jumping up quickly worried that Harry had somehow stepped on something he realized too late that his actions made things worse. The jerking movement had both of them tumbling to the mat, Kaoru flat against the surface with Harry straddling his waist and Harry's face buried against his neck.

"Are you okay Kaoru?" Harry asked quietly after a long moment, his body practically frozen on top of Kaoru's as he realized the situation they had gotten into. He shifted just slightly, noticing for the first time the delicious scent that seemed to be coming off Kaoru. His hair smelled like apples, maybe touched by a bit of cinnamon… or chlorine seeing as they just came from the pool, either way it was heavenly. Barely aware of what he was doing he leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly to the exposed skin below Kaoru's ear.

It took Harry only a split second to realize what he had done, jerking upwards when he felt the sharp intake of breath from the teen below him. Giving one horrified look towards the redhead, he climbed out of the way suddenly and dashed out of the room, leaving the shocked (for two very different reasons) twins behind him.

"Don't let him get away Kaoru." Hikaru didn't need to say anything at all, when he turned to look at where his brother lay before, he was already gone.

Harry ran blindly down the hallway, making sudden turns again and again in a mad attempt to distance himself from that room as much as possible. With sudden clarity he realized he was near his own room and burst in the door, grabbing automatically for his bag and wildly started dumping his clothes in, while at the same time he tried to find his cellphone.

'I'll call Haruhi, Sirius…anyone! Even Tamaki, I just have to get out of here now. I can't- I can't believe I did that! He's disgusted, he has to be,' Harry thought frantically before giving out a growl of frustration. Where the bloody hell was that fucking cellphone?!

"Harry! Harry open the door! We need to talk!" Hearing Kaoru's voice calling loudly from the hall and the banging on the door only caused the panic to rise once again; Harry's hands were shaking as he dug for the cellphone, so absorbed in his search he didn't realize the door had even opened until he was pressed firmly back into the wall.

"Kaoru! I'm so sorry, I-I didn't mean-." Harry tried desperately to find the words to explain what happened, but his mind drew a blank when he realized that Kaoru's soft lips were pressed firmly against his. Strawberries. That was all Harry could think of at the taste of Kaoru's mouth; those lips applied just the right amount of pressure to his own before he felt the tip of Kaoru's tongue brush against the crease between his own two lips. A gasp of surprise was all that escaped him before Kaoru coaxed him into a deeper kiss, his arms slid up around the taller teen's shoulders as Kaoru's moved around his waist.

"I like you Harry-kun, please don't say what you did was a mistake." A serene smile crossed Kaoru's face, his eyes glowing as he rested his forehead lightly against Harry's. "Be my boyfriend Harry-kun, I don't think I could bear anything other than that."

If Harry thought that smile before was beautiful, it was easily surpassed by the one he received after he gave his consent. He tightened his arms around Kaoru's shoulders, pulling him down a little for another sweet kiss. He had daydreamed about this occurring for weeks now, but hadn't dared to actually hope for it to happen.

"We really should find a way to repay Hikaru, don't you think Kaoru? Although… Haruhi can be pretty oblivious." Kaoru couldn't help but laugh from that last comment, compared to how they had been behaving lately, how could they have the right to call anyone oblivious?


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