Sasuke was certainly the last person Hinata had ever thought she'd get married to, but the fact that she was lying beside him in bed only made it that much more real, not to mention the 14-karat diamond glittering beneath the morning sunlight on her ring finger.

Sitting up in bed, Hinata held the sheets over her ample bust, gazing down at the male beauty she'd somehow managed to snag. What he saw in her, she had no idea, but small details like that were nothing to worry about. All that mattered now at the moment was that she was finally sharing a bed with her beloved, who slept peacefully like a child.

His pale skin was a striking contrast against his dark hair and eyes. He had a slender and thin build; slightly muscular, but not obscenely so.

He's so beautiful… Blushing, she placed a hand over her mouth in embarrassment. Geeze, what am I doing? "Calling a man beautiful…" she muttered to herself.

An icy-cold hand shot out from beneath the covers and firmly held her wrist, obsidian orbs glaring at her with a tint of red. "And exactly who is this man you're calling beautiful?"

Hinata could only sigh as she turned her head away to keep her face out of view. It was hard to suppress her laughter, but she'd somehow managed it despite how adorable her husband was being. Though he didn't look it, Sasuke was in fact, the jealous-type.

A bit dense too might she add, since he had no idea that the 'beautiful man' she was talking about was him.

She gave her husband the most angelic smile she could muster, and leaned down to place a light kiss on his forehead, brushing aside his long bangs.

"Let's not talk about such unimportant things. For now, you have to get ready for work, don't you?"

Hinata watched with concealed amusement at the light blush coloring her husband's pale cheeks. He touched the spot she'd kissed him at. Sighing, Sasuke sat up, revealing the bare and top-half of his finely-toned body. Every time Hinata was able to glimpse at him in such a state, it always made her wonder, why had he chosen her?

"Ugh, I really don't want to go today…" he grumbled, scratching the back of his head with a slight frown on his face.

She stood up, keeping the sheets snugly wrapped around her nude body. "You always say that," she giggled "but when you're at work, you immediately become the company's ideal president."

His frown deepened. "As the recent successor, I don't really have a choice, now do I?"

Ready to see him off to work at the door, Hinata smiled sweetly at her beloved, hands folded properly in front of herself. "Have a good day at work, dear." Her voice was soft, sweet to listen to, especially for Sasuke. She watched slightly confused as her husband studied her with what seemed like dissatisfaction. Hinata's eyes briefly widened. Was something wrong?

The Uchiha sighed. "I…"

She blinked, her milky-white eyes focused solely on him, curious. "Yes? What is it?"

"I want you to kiss me." It wasn't a request, but a simple demand, one Sasuke was used to having fulfilled, whether he wanted it or not.

And from there, Hinata's portrayal of the perfect housewife shattered instantly, her face a bright red. "Huh? But-"

"You aren't going to say 'no' are you?" A somewhat evil smirk appeared on his devilishly handsome face. "Considering how wild you were last night, a kiss should be simple enough, don't you think?"

Steam began blowing straight from her head as Hinata stuttered for an answer, fidgeting nervously with the front of her apron. "W-Well, I…um…"

Closing her eyes shut, Hinata charged forward with the intention of giving him a swift kiss on the cheek. Sasuke, however, had used her lack of sight to his advantage and grabbed her by both wrists, forcing her up against the nearest wall. Their lips met in a battle of skills, something Hinata was losing terribly at. Sasuke was always doing this to her, ever since they'd started going out during their days at the university they'd attended. He was always pulling her along after him, at his own pace. And yet…

…Hinata could still feel nothing but love for him.

His tongue salvaged her own, hot, delicious, leaving her with a desire for more. Her hands found the front of his chest as she felt him through his jacket, rubbing, feeling every muscle he kept hidden beneath his work suit.

A low and sexy moan escaped Sasuke's thin lips, his face slightly contorted with pure pleasure. Hinata felt her heart skip several beats as she gulped down the lump in her throat. No matter how many times they'd done it, it always entranced her. The enticing look on her husband's gorgeous face when he was in pleasure was like seeing heaven for the first time.


Hinata rubbed herself against him this time, her eyes glancing upwards from beneath her long lashes to catch a glimpse of his face. Though he didn't look it, Sasuke was quite sensitive.

The Uchiha moaned again, his expression wearing an impossible look of innocence and sexiness. The combination was deadly, making it impossible for Hinata to keep from ripping his clothes off right there.

"Ah, Hi…Hinata…"

he's so cute~!

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