Upon entering his new home, Sasuke was greeted with a sweet smile from his adorable wife, taking notice of how beautiful she always looked now matter what it was she wore. Today was her favorite canary-yellow kimono with its soft-blue flower print and red sash. Her hair was kept to the side in a loose but elegant braid. And as usual, she wore no make-up, which was a treat for Sasuke since he preferred her natural and baby-soft complexion.

"Welcome home," she smiled, a light blush spreading across her doll-like features. The Uchiha could only melt inwardly upon being greeted so adorably by his lovable wife.

Within seconds, he had his arms wrapped tightly around her smaller and delicate shoulders, pressing his face into the soft tresses of her hair while inhaling the sweet and calming scent of jasmine she emanated.

"I'm home," he replied softly, drawing back so that she could see his face. He gave her a smile-of-sorts, well, by his standards at least since she was the only one he smiled in front of.

"S-Sasuke," she stammered "y-y-your hand is…"

"Hm?" Thanks to him being tall, Sasuke was able to peek over her left shoulder and catch a glimpse of his right hand unfastening her sash. He drew back once again and flashed her the most uncharacteristic smile he'd ever given, though to Hinata, she knew exactly what his smile translated to, or at least he hoped so.

"N-No, we can't…"

Oh, she knew all right.

Sasuke was glad to see her blush even harder as he slipped a hand underneath her collar protector, allowing his other hand to teasingly slide down her backside. He leaned forward, allowing his breath to ghost over the shell of her ear.

"What do you mean 'we can't'?" His hand slid further down, closer to its predetermined destination. "This should be considered normal since we're newlyweds, don't you think?" His voice was low and seductive as he traced the shell of her ear with his hot tongue, enjoying the sweet sound of her lovely moans. "And for you to greet me with that smile on your face," he moved down to slide his tongue along the side of her neck, smirking as she shivered against his touch "did you honestly think that I wouldn't be tempted?" With his right hand, he began to slowly slip down the now loosened collar of her kimono, revealing her porcelain-white skin.

"But S-Sasuke, we really can't! The dinner is-"

The Uchiha silenced her by placing his lips on her own, relishing the cat-like mewls that barely escaped her open lips as he kissed her, tasting the hot sweetness only she was able to give him. Still holding onto her, they both pulled away, breathless. Hinata's face was flushed more so than usual, something Sasuke found very erotic of her.

"I'd rather have dessert first," he breathed, leaning down to capture her lips once again.

"That's such a cheesy line!" someone laughed.

Sasuke halted his actions immediately upon hearing the familiar voice. Instead of looking at his wife as he usually did, he instead looked behind her, only to see her blue-faced cousin and her younger sister. Said blue-faced cousin was covering the little girl's eyes.

The young man glared at Sasuke with a look of obvious disgust. "You really have no shame, do you?"

"What? Why does he have no shame, Neji nii-san? What was he doing? When we came out here, you suddenly covered my eyes and the only thing I heard was the cheesy line Sasuke-san spouted," said the little sister.

Sasuke glanced down at Hinata. Oh God. "Your…family's here?"

Blushing, Hinata nodded. "Th-That's why I said that w-we can't," she whispered.

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