It had been five years since the Battle of Hogwarts, when Harry Potter destroyed the dark lord, and saved them all. Voldemort was gone, the darkness which had enveloped their country was gone, and they all had a chance to be safe. Albus Dumbledore, who faked his death with the help of Severus, was back at the head of his school, and basically minister in all but name, now the likes of Lucius Malfoy were gone. For five years he had been shaping the world in his image, men smaller than him had often said he liked to play god, and at first the wizarding world approved. But the man grew; he hunted down anyone who was suspected having been dark, and killed not only them but their families, claiming they would be dark. Werewolves and other half breeds who some of them had stood against them, were imprisoned, either branded and castrated, forced to work for them, or killed. The underground which had once smuggled muggles out, had new work.

The remaining members of the Order, most had 'accidents' if they survived the war, except lackeys like Kingsley, gathered. They knew they needed to do something, they needed to stop the man, before he became even greater then Voldemort, but they were not sure how.

Severus sneered as he paced. "You know how dangerous it is for me to leave the school. I will not end up like Lucius. You said you had a solution."

A drawn Arthur, who had lost his wife and Percy, calmed him. "We all know what is needed. Or should I say who."

They needed a leader, the closest they had was Alastor but he was slowly losing his grip they feared, and Remus had escaped to the continent. There was one person who they knew who could lead them, one person who had the power to defeat Albus, and end this.

Severus knew their minds. "He's gone and he's not coming back. Do you think after the way you treated him, he will ever step foot in England again?"

Fred spoke up, having lost a good chunk of his body in the war, looking a lot like Moody. "I am sure if we can find him, he'll come back. He always fought."

Laughing, Severus thought they were all fools. "You killed his husband, and tried to give him the kiss. Just rewards for saving our entire world."

Harry James Potter, the BWL, and hero of the wizarding world, spent his life in abuse and risk, for a war that never should have been his. He had been too young for the pressure, he had been too young for the loss piled on him, but he did it. Because in the face of pain and betrayal, in the face of doubt and mistrust, he had always seen the good in people, he had always seen the beauty. He won the war, but people began claiming he went dark, a warrant was issued for his arrest for questioning, the media had the people calling for him to be kissed.

What no one had known, Harry had some how known it was coming, to this day they had no idea, assuming it was his husband. He disappeared into the night, making sure the goblins transferred his money from his parents and Sirius into untraceable vaults, and disappeared. He was only seen one last time in the country, on the night his husband was captured, and publically executed on trumped up charges. Harry had been too late to rescue him, and fled, and the only person who knew where he may have gone, was Remus, who disappeared now as well.

Severus shook his head. "I stood next to him when his husband was killed. Trust me, that boy will never fight for us again. He will leave us to our own demise."

George sneered at him. "You just say that because you always hated him. Harry is a hero, Harry loves us, he will come back if he knew."

Severus sneered."You really think he doesn't already? Our betrayal of him was worse then Voldemort. We nearly destroyed him. Why would he help us now?"

He had seen Harry, he saw him when he was nearly killed when he left his home. They could all remember the stories, that compared him to Voldemort, the abused orphan seeking power. He warned them, Severus reminded the others, he had warned them.

He stood to leave. "He told us Albus corrupted Tom, he told us he was dark, and did we listen? No. Maybe if we had, our future would not lie in cinders."

The last person he expected to speak up stood. His godson, saved by Harry from death. "We can not give up without trying. I will find him, convince him."

Looking at his godson, he was reminded of the youth with such promise, now running the underground with the twins. His father had been killed, his mother given the kiss, and Albus had a bounty on his head, worth more then the Malfoy fortune which he had confiscated. He had sworn to Lucius, he would keep the boy safe.

He threw a pendant at Draco. "Go to the veela lands in Southern France, last I heard, Remus was there. They may be your only hope to even find Harry now."