He and Lucius had married in secret, beyond his dad and Draco, there had only been the minister who married them. The twins and others had known, but could not be there, but Lucius promised when it was safe, Harry would have the wedding he deserved. Harry wondered if Lucius had known the wedding would not be to him, that Harry would be with another. Luna had told him Lucius died in peace, knowing from her that Harry would find love again, and Harry had. He wore the pendant from Lucius around his neck, and his wedding ring on the chain, a reminder of the man who'd always be with him.

As he was walked down the aisle, married in France in the beautiful sunflower gardens of the Delacaur lands, he was happier then he thought possible. All those who had been at the proposal two months before, and others like the werewolves and Delacaurs, were there. Jaime was there, looking like Gabrielle but with her husband's eyes, and he knew the couple were trying for another.

The minister spoke. "And who gives this young man in marriage?"

Remus was happy to do the honours a second time. "I do."

"Do you Severus Tobias Snape, Lord Prince, take Harry as your husband and bond, united in body and soul, till divided by death?"

Severus never looked happier. "I do."

"And do you Harry James Malfoy, Lord Potter-Black, take Severus as your husband and bond, united in body and soul, till divided by death?"

Harry beamed. "I do."

Fred handed a ring to Severus. "Take this ring and claim my brother as your husband."

Severus slid the ring on. "With this ring I take you as my husband and bond."

Draco handed a ring to Harry. "Take this ring and claim my godfather as your husband."

Harry slid it on. "With this ring I claim you as my husband and bond."

The minister ended it. "By the powers that be, I pronounce you husbands. Severus you may kiss your husband."

As Harry was drawn into his husband's arms, he didn't need Luna to tell him this time it would be different. He had been reluctant to come back, scared to face the war, and lose more he loved. But now in Severus he had a future, and life, he had happiness, and he would not give it up for anything. He became a Malfoy-Snape, though his kids would only be Snapes, but this time he would have them.

Draco and Luke hugged him when it was over. "I know this is everything he dreamed for you. I am glad Luke and I could be here for you."

Harry kissed his little brother on the head. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

There was no huge formal stuffy reception, a meal under the open sky, on the flat grass beyond, tables surrounding a make shift dance floor. The Delacaurs had offered more, but this suited them beautifully. Harry had pictured being married here since Severus brought him sunflowers when he proposed, and Severus more then agreed. The gardens at Malfoy manor were beautiful, but they would not have wed there. They were to honeymoon in Greece for a few weeks.

Severus drew Harry into his arms later for their first dance. "You have made me happier then I ever thought to be."


Harry and Severus had found out a month after they came back, they were pregnant, and Harry was delighted to learn it was a baby boy. He and Severus spent a lot of time at Malfoy Manor, but had moved to Potter Manor in Wales, when they returned. Severus had become a potions master for the hospital, and Harry held four seats on the Wizengamot, Draco and Severus giving him proxy, making the changes he wanted. Draco had returned to school, not a lawyer as he once thought, but a healer.

Just a week past the nine month anniversary of their wedding, on a surprisingly warm evening, Harry gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He looked like Severus, save for the green eyes and thankfully Harry's nose, even down to the long fingers. Little Altan Severin Snape was a precious gift, and love of his dads' lives.

Harry stood just before dawn at the window, holding his newborn son, his husband asleep when he heard a voice. "He's beautiful my love."

Turning around he saw Lucius. "How? You moved on before the kiss. How?"

Lucius came to Harry and brushed both his husband and baby with a kiss, so happy for Harry, and for Severus as well. He had wanted nothing more then for Harry to be happy and move on, and in Severus he had done so. And this little boy.

Lucius smiled. "The Gods thought you deserved a gift. I have only a few moments. But I came to tell you how happy I am you are finally at peace my love."

Harry looked down at the little boy in his arms, nursing. "I will always love you Luc, and our little boy. You will always be a part of me."

Lucius kissed him one last time, assuring Harry he and their baby waited, and decades from now, they would be reunited. He saw a long beautiful future for Harry, and two more to come after this little guy, and as his time ended, Harry knew he was truly at peace.

He looked out where dawn now shone."You were right Luc, the night was so dark, but the dawn is so glorious."

Author note: I hope you approve of my end. I need a really good challenge for my next story. So please hit me up with one.

The last line was in response to a note in Lucius' journal easier in the story "The night is always darkest before the dawn, my love, but I promise the dawn will be oh so glorious" which is a play of a quote from "The Dark Knight"

Altan Severin Snape: Altan (Turkish) means red dawn, the dawn on the horizon Harry finally saw, the future and hope, also in remembrance to Lucius whose name means light. Severin (French) tempered severity, honour to Papa, but he is tempered by his Daddy's heart