There comes a time in everyone's life where you question your purpose. You look for meaning, signs, an omen to help explain the chaotic normalcy life on this planet brings. Some turn to god. Others reinvent traditions of the old and forgotten. I look to the stars. Astrology has always enthralled me with its eerie accuracy. Your sun sign, its placement along with all of the planets at the time of your birth enact this sort of fingerprint on your personality. Most people laugh at the thought of the horoscope in the newspaper having anything to do with their lives. For the most part, they're right; it's extremely vague and fortune-cookie-esque. However, if you get your hands on a book or article with correct information in it, you might be shocked to read secrets about yourself that you thought no one knew of.

Take me, for example. Quirky, quick-witted, flamboyant Jinx. I'm an Aquarius. People who are educated on that sort of thing would be able to guess that from my wardrobe alone, I'm sure. Aquarians have an odd style to them, the non-conformists of the Zodiac, if you will. We are sometimes absentminded, but in a mad-scientist, waiting for the mothership sort of way. We take extensive notes, on almost everything, especially our own reactions to things. Why? Well, why the hell not? I'm an incredibly fascinating person. You just read this whole damn story told from my perspective, after all. Alright then, moving on.

Each sign in the zodiac is ruled by one of the planets sulking around the sun in our galaxy. Aquarians are ruled by Uranus. This rebel planet rotates sideways at a 98 degree angle, completely unlike the other eight planets. Sound familiar? Uranus is the Greek equivalent of Oeranos, the god of the Sky. He was the father of the Titans; those little experiments than ran amok with chaos across the earth until the Gods themselves finally vanquished them. Are you following? Are things beginning to make a little bit more sense? Are you an Aquarian as well? Does your toothpaste often go missing because you used it as a bookmark or a wedge to keep your lab table level?

Enough about me, you've been in my head for 30,000 words already. Let's talk about Raven.

Raven has always fascinated me with her endless patience and self-discipline. With her ability to get back up on her feet after she came crashing down in a fiery inferno like a flesh and blood phoenix. Her enormous strength of will and loyalty are unshakeable, even with the impossible staring her in the face. Her courage is astounding; no matter how afraid she is, no matter who or what she faces, it never falters. Even herself, she faces, on a daily basis. Raven never gives up or gives in. Never have I come across a person where the phrase 'to the death' has rung so true.

Our dear Raven, is a Scorpio. Woah now, don't look so shocked. You knew it all along, secretly in the back of your mind. That's the way Scorpio's like it, you see. They are the undisputed sexual sign of the zodiac, with degrees in Sadism, self-destruction, and obsession. Scorpio's see the world as black or white, and have an annoying intuition that always seems to pick up the things you don't want anyone to know about. Blunt honesty, cryptic statements, and mysteriously absent backgrounds are typical of someone born under this sign. They are the people you don't want to mess with, because they never forget, or forgive, and they can wait an obscenely long time for revenge. …Sound familiar?

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto. Ahh, now you see. That tiny, frozen rock on the farthest reaches of the solar system. It lurks around in an exaggerated ellipse, sometimes dropping so low it crosses orbit with Neptune. It's a sneaky little fucker. Little is known about it, half the time you can't even see it, and it represents a most impressive concept. Pluto is the Roman version of the Greek God, Hades, ruler of the underworld and everything it contains; oil, riches, dead people. It represents sex, death, re-birth, and most importantly, transformation. But I will get back to that later.

Of all the good and bad that can be said about any of the other eleven signs, Scorpio has perhaps one of the darkest darksides imaginable. And with that comes a certain understanding for the darkside of humanity as a whole. A Scorpio appreciates the horrendous truths we lock deep inside ourselves. They are a fiercely loyal individual; they make great best friends and terrifying enemies.

Now, take into account all that you know about Raven. Set aside the fact that she's an empath, part-demon, can levitate, project her soul into another realm, travel the gap between time and space…all of that. Forget it for a moment and pretend that Raven is just a normal, unremarkable, twenty-six year old woman. Now think about the previous paragraphs describing some of Scorpio's likeable and not-so likeable traits. Pretty scary, huh? Okay, now add in all her demonic traits. Words fail you, don't they? Well, you've already read my feelings towards this woman.

Another trait of a Scorpio is their transforming qualities. If you happen to be in a relationship with one, friend, lover, victim, they will consciously, and subconsciously, work to remake you into a better person. They will take it upon themselves, with their deep insights into the workings of the world, to force you to look in the mirror; to face yourself, your weaknesses, your fears. Life is about change, and Scorpios are one of the driving forces behind that change.

Don't like it? Too bad. Because if you allow yourself to get close to one, they will change you, and short of changing your name and moving to Mexico, there is nothing you can do about it. They might even find you in Mexico, twenty years later when you thought you'd finally escaped the change because they forgot about you. They never do. They never forget anything. Trust me on this. I did the same thing, moved to Eureka, and she got me in eight years… Help a Scorpio out and they will gladly bend over backwards to repay the favor. Fuck a Scorpio over and… well… may the force be with you.

So when you look to whatever you call your gods, seeking answer to life's big questions, you should ask yourself if the answer is in the transformation. We all have a Pluto in our lives somewhere, circling us in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with absolute truths and bitter realities.

"Hey, Jen," Ben called from down the bar. I glanced up to see him pointing and turned towards that direction. A smile curved the corner of my lips as the aforementioned woman sat herself at the bar and arched a delicately elegant brow at me. I knew that look and exactly what it implied; I miss you, I want you, let's go, now.

Raven is my Pluto. And her timing, it should be said, is impeccable.