Piece 90: Bet

Theme: Remedy


"End… Shibuya? But Composer... Sir!"

For the first time since Joshua had met Megumi, he wondered if Megumi was always so quick to jump to conclusions.

"Megumi," Joshua started. His Conductor wasn't listening to him.

Megumi doesn't give him a chance to finish. "Shibuya is still full of possibilities! I can remedy this, sir! If the people are poisoning Shibuya's then I will fix it."

Joshua stares at him, weighing his opinions. Megumi still doesn't quite understand, but Joshua is curious to see how his Conductor would handle something like this. Somewhere in the depths of his logical mind, he suspects his own officers are direct cause of the poisonous song and that his own foul mood is just making it worse.

Finally, Joshua said, "A Game."

Megumi blinks behind his shades, surprised. "THE Game?"

"It's simple Megumi. You'll have three weeks. If you can't remedy this problem, you and Shibuya will be erased. If you can, then Shibuya stays," Joshua explained in almost lazy tone. This bet could work to his advantage.

"To make things fair, the officers under your command are at your disposal, of course. And I will handicap myself to my human form only. My only allies will be Neku and Sanae." They were the only two that Joshua trusted with his life after all. "Ah, and I suppose whatever Players we come across the game. You'll get a week's head start."

"Very well. I accept this bet."

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