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Chapter One : A Most Unwanted Guest

The wolf knows what the ill heart thinks.

Imaginary Spaces.

The room is all in white, as it always is. An oppressive blinding white that eats all within it. Blurring those without to obscurity. A needless haze with no form, and even those are rare in this white. There is only the coldness of this light, myself, and the climbing stair. Here I shall wait until the world is made ready for me once more. It is always the same. It is a constant dance where one dresses to be admired and the rooms are made ready but the feast never does come, the guest never arrive. The white eats it all and starts anew.

I envy them at times. How they are given the privilege to not notice the repetition of destruction in which they are trapped. Each time the white leaves they begin anew with no knowledge of what has come before or what will occur again. It makes them all so infuriating. Their easy ignorance traps us in this ever repeating waltz of days and moments. Within it's grasp, I grow bored.

Alucard Castle

December 25 2199 AD 3:00 am

The white abates and I am awake once more. The bed's blankets are soft against my skin. The finest caliber of cotton is the only thing allowed to come in contact with my flesh. Nothing harsh, nothing rough ever touches this pale shade. I wallow in the bed hours my weighty petty skirts gone for a simple shift which lets me trap in the warmth of my own flesh against the blankets. The heavy comforter of black and rose brocade pressing against me like the embraces I have never experienced but in my younger days imagined before time and station took such girlish dreams away.

I close my eyes as I am ever so tempted to once more slip away to sleep for a more pleasant dream. I feel Nago's purring snores as his ball shape is curled at my feet. Deep within dream, one filled no doubt with bowls of creme and loving adoration. Things I could never bestow upon him, not that he ever did anything to deserve the praise he sought. He would have to be punished as it was for he knew better than sleep on my bed. Yet away from their eyes where my status must be kept I allow myself a small smile as I gaze down upon him. Gii as well, his plump red form resting, using Nago as his pillow. I knew quite well from moments where I used him as my resting place he was quite possibly one of the softest pillows ever made. A cradle made particularly for the body that sat in it.

My eyes are clearer now and I can see the moon light give it's long lazy beams through my window onto the floor. My fingers reach their digits to entangle in the long strands of honey and gold hair that have spread themselves around me in my resting. This is one of the rare times my hair is allowed to flow freely. Outside the presence of my own room such freedom is below me, yet I relish these rare moments where with my hair so drops my need to place myself within my status. I am no longer Rachel Alucard, head of the Alucard family. Princess by right and vampire who is both powerful and cruel. Here I am simply Rachel, nothing more. No longer rabbit, Vampire, idiot, or demon. Only Rachel at long last.

I rise from the bed with utmost care. To rouse my underlings would demand that I once more place upon myself the crown of 'Alucard' which I am not yet prepared to do. So with quiet shuffling worthy of the highest of ninja, except one Bang Shishigami for quiet would not know his name for he obstains from it, I raise. Shifting from the sweet silky embrace of the sheets the air embraces me harshly and I wince as I realize a window has been left open letting crisp cool evening air slip within my cozy room. Pale feet touching the floor feel the sting of the cold more than the wisps that play with my hair and tickles the edge of my shift against my ankles. The bright white color of the silk seems to blend into my skin making us both glow under the radiant moonlight. Quiet steps take me to the window as I feel the wind flutter against my face. Sending short bangs and longer tendrils dancing in the ballroom of air. It brings with it the pleasant gift of the roses from my garden as it tickles my nose before wrapping itself around tendrils of my hair. Their scent sweet and strong with the first of the early dew that even here manages to settle.

Roses, perhaps my only love in this world. They bloom ever long in my garden, and I never grow tired of their scent. Tea is not quite tea without the fresh scent of roses. A small noise of approval escapes my throat as I close my eyes to better enjoy that delicate aroma. That is when I feel it, the presence like a cold dagger against my heart. Not many can sneak past my mental grasp... but with him I am not surprised.

He laughs, cold and grating. A rusted door squeaking as it is beaten by the wind squeaking in cruel tones it pierces the room. My eyes narrow their ruby lights flickering dangerously in the dark as I turn to stare upon the shadowed corner of my room. He sits at the small round table where I often take morning tea on days where I am not feeling up to taking my breakfast in the garden or dining hall. His mere presence soils the cloth upon the table as well as my free mood. All I am aware of is that I am over exposed, and to one I do not wish to be as such. His eye roaming sickly in his head as that jeer of a smile stares out at me, snarling and sneering all at the same time.

"So this is what the stupid Vampire looks like not so dolled up, huh?" He laughs again, harder this time. I am amazed Gii and Nago have not awoken, but it is apparent as I gaze upon them that they are not on our plane. I should have guessed. Despite myself my arms cross my chest defensively and my will alone keeps redness from reaching my cheeks. Not even Valkenhyn has seen my in so little...for him to see is disgusting but also most intimidating.

"Tarumi." The word is like acid in my mouth filled with the taste of his horrid self. "You may be a vulgar animal, but I never imagined you would stoop low enough as to sneak into a lady's boudoir uninvited." My words are practiced, cold biting steel as my eyes narrow. My arms dropping away as the mask of Alucard comes around me. "I suggest you leave, lest you be uncovered as a simple pervert."

He laugh grates me again like rough nails upon my spine, "Ho-ho, even in your pajamas you are one scary lady."

"If your plan was to catch me at a disadvantage you are sorely mistaken." I pause for a moment, looking at the one eyed half there creature who is neither demon, human, nor vampire. "And an idiot. Now leave at once, I'm in no mood for your games." My voice is becoming harsher now. His mere eyes on my form in this simple clothing makes me feel transparent. It is not a sensation I enjoy, nor do I enjoy his sickening laugh as that one eye rolls up and down my shift.

"Oh, but you look so much better like this 'doll-face'. Better a doll, than a rabbit. With such clothes you almost losing that childish look of yours...but I suppose you like your," his sickening chuckle over comes him for a moment before he continues "loli."

My eyes narrow to dangerous slits and he is painfully aware that he has touched upon a nerve. He shrinks back slightly as I take a step towards him. "You shall leave, or I will throw you out. In pieces" My voice is a mere whisper as a darkening force follows behind it echoing it against him so it reverberates at his very core. His laugh is no longer so haughty. Within it there is a nervousness within it's timber that reassures me of my placement in his world.

"I don't want to stay here anymore. The company of a fucking vampire isn't my favorite activity. You are no treeeeat" He give a disgusted noise as he shimmers in and out. "But soon Rachel, you'll be singing to my tune. Give my regards to the old man." I do not like the ominous tone within his voice, but as I am about to demand an explanation the world shifts and he is gone once more in a wave of pealing but soon fading laughter. The world shifts unpleasantly as missing color filters back into the room, and I am alone once more.

"Tch." I hiss out as I once more hear the sounds of my garden, the snores of my subordinates. I have no interest in rest now, in fact the only thing I now wish is to be away from my home. Away from those peering eyes I still feel on my bare shoulders and neck. The need for my garments is becoming unbearable, their heavy and protecting nature to give me my strength. The armor of this Alucard.

"Nago! Gii!" My voice pierces the empty room like a sharp knife to a carrot. A sickening crack in the room once filled with only the far away sounds of morning. They are startled awake instantly, falling over one another in a dazed panic as dreams quickly fade to reality.

"Princess!" Nago is the first to come to his senses, leaping off the bed and dumping Gii upon the floor. His cat form once more taken as my scowling eyes drive a shiver that raises his fur. "W-What do you require M'lady?"

"Wh-Why Nago! That was mean!" Gii is awake now, his baby like voice filling the room with annoyance before the weight of my eyes shatters his annoyance into deep rooted fear. "P-P-P-P-P-Princess?!!!" My hand cracks across his face sending him spinning in air for a moment though I severely doubt he feels it.

"I demand fresh clothes. Now." A rush of movement, purpose, bring them to their feet. Quick and clumsy in their attempts to grab the garments I require. Normally it is Valkenhyn who prepares my clothes for the day, but waking him is one thing I must avoid should I find the solace I need. Petty skirts, my frills, the hard cotton coat to stand over them, my tall heels. All of it quickly prepared. I almost think to change colors as my outfit was made in several pallettes of my enjoyment; however, I decide against it slipping into the standard red and black ensemble. It is comfortable to me, an old friend in my moment of my misdirection. My face is a stone slab, but within I am still shaken with the notion that Tarumi not only entered the castle...but sat within my very room for who knows how long..

Disturbing would be putting it quite mildly.

"What now mistress?" It is Gii speaking, his voice rousing me from my thoughts of Tarumi. I turn to him my skirts waving comfortably with my movements. "I require amusement. I will leave at once."

"Yes Princess!" Shouts Nago, excited at the prospect of an adventure so early in this time loop. His body contorts, shifting to become a large umbrella as he normally is whenever we leave the castle. His now handled form fluttering towards but I make no move to welcome him into the long soft digits of my hand.

"I shall be leaving, alone."

Both of my creatures are taken aback. Gii falling out of the air to bounce on the floor with surprise. My harsh tone leaves no room for argument, but I see them both desperately trying to find words with which to dissuade me. I say nothing, I merely disappear into the cloud of black that takes me away from them. Away from them all.

Valkenhyn will most surely be cross should I not return quickly. So I leave knowing I run on borrowed time. Very rarely have I ever felt the need to be alone. Nago and Gii are pieces of me in a way. Each serving a purpose. Today...Today I must collect myself, and there is only one place where I may do that...

Near, him.

I shall only hope that Valkenhyn arises late this morning.