The Light

By Sentarla

A/N: Thanks to Bonnie for the beta and thanks to mouse who is my light when the world gets dark

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There are eyes everywhere, but so few see. So few see what is right in front of them. I do, and that is my curse.

I was once told it was a gift, a gift not to be wasted by ignoring it. I disagreed at first, preferring to be stubborn and push first the words, and then Her away.

When I finally understood the cost of such ignorance, it was too late, She was gone and I was in hell. I continued to breathe, I went through the motions of life, but it was easy to see that I was a dead man walking.

It was two years to the date that I saw the reason for my continued existence. Like my "gift", it too was a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I knew that the end was near, and a curse because I did not want to do what I knew must be done.

I spent hours watching how he interacted with people and wishing desperately that people could see him the way I saw him, but alas, as weeks passed, none did, and I knew that I had to do it, and do it soon before it was too late.

This morning was the first in too many to count that I woke up with a purpose and a feeling of peace. Taking a cleansing breath, I leave my dwellings and head for the part of town where I knew he would be. Once there, he is easy to find and I sit beside him on a park bench where he is watching the people go by.

"You will not find any answers here," I say to the man next to me.

Opening his eyes, he gives a slight smile and replies softly "I know".

"You are a bright light being smothered in the darkness. It is time for you to be free." I say the words calmly but with steel conviction.

"I am free. It is the darkness that is trapped. There will always be light where there is darkness and it is the light that smothers the darkness." With a deep sigh he turns more fully towards me and for the first time in just over two years I feel the full power of the light and am in awe. I feel that I am being wrapped in warmth and for a few moments I wonder if maybe I am the one who needs to be released.

Nodding as if he can read my deepest thoughts, he lays his hand lightly on my arm.

"How can I help?" he asks softly.

I look at the hand and then into his blue eyes and shake my head.

"No! You will not do that. The pain is my own to bear. People do not see the cost to you, but I do. All light fades and in the end darkness consumes all. You should not suffer others darkness, it is theirs to bear, not yours."

Taking his hand off my arm, I close me eyes and gather the strength I need. Opening them, I look into this bright blue eyes and whisper what is deep within my heart.

"Forgive me."

In one quick movement I bring my right hand out of my pocket and just as I am about to end his suffering a sharp pain hits my chest. I raise me eyes to look behind him and into another pair of blue eyes that shine even more. As my world is filled with light I hear two words softly spoken.

"You're forgiven."

And then there is no more as the light smothers the darkness and I finally realise the truth. Too late for me, but maybe not for the two bright souls I have left in the ever decreasing darkness; and as the darkness in my soul lessens as it is surrounded by the light, I smile and pray that the light in their eyes and hearts never go out.


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