Title: After Hours
Author: TLF
Summary: When visiting hours are over, Bella runs into a handsome doctor. Dr. Fun Bum is ready for your check up. Please get naked.

"Bella, really, I'm ok. Go home. I'll be fine."

"Dad, I can't just leave! This is all my fault." I threw my face into my hands, my long brown hair falling forward, overing my blush as I remembered what started all of this.

I pulled into the drive of my Dad's small, but homey two story home, trunk and backseat loaded with groceries and a few assorted pots and pans that I had bought, noticing that Charlie was lacking the last time I visited. I popped the trunk and got a number of brown, plastic bags loaded on my arms, before I twisted the key to the door out of my pocket, effectively hitting myself in the thigh multiple times in the process. A particularly nasty collision between myself and a can of peaches definitely bruising.

Succesfully opening the door, I entered the home through the utility room that led directly to the kitchen. I set the bags down and headed back out for more. Once all of the sacks were inside and the new pots and pans sat on the counters, I closed the door and locked it, pushing and turning the handle to ensure I hadn't misturned the key.

I flipped on the radio, dancing lightly around the kitchen as I put away apples, carrots, and other miscellaneous food stuffs. My poor father, he never really understood the meaning of proper nutrition, and it was my self proclaimed duty to ensure his cabinets remained well stocked. As I had just finished sliding some cheese into the fridge, a particularly good song came on the radio, Viva la Vida by Coldplay. I scooted my booty over to the radio, doing a horrible rendition of a moonwalk and turned the volume up as loud as possible.

About half way into the song I had all of the food stored away and was starting on the pots. I just put my hand in the cabinet to the left when I realized I was not alone. A boot, dark, black and fairly large stared straight at me. I quickly reacted, pulling the pot straight out of the cabinet I had just placed it in, and with an Amazonian warrior cry flung it up into the space above me, my mouth opening into an "O" and my eyes eschewed into twisted beads of self preservation.


The sound of the pot hitting flesh resounded through the kitchen, even over the music, and I saw my fathers face, a barely audible, "Hi Bells," escaping his mouth before he thudded to the floor.


And here he lay before me, surrounded by machines and hooked up to various monitors, a monstrous and angry looking bruise of multiple shades of multiple colors glaring up at me, since my father's eyes were swollen shut and couldn't glare at me themselves

"Daddy! I'm so sorry! You can't possibly forgive me for that!" My misery and self guilt overtook me.

"Bella. Honestly. Leave."

Ouch. He snapped me right from my wallowing thoughts before another wave of remorse crashed through me. He wanted me gone, so I'll go.

"I'm sorry Dad. I'll just um...I'll just go now."

He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you."

My lips whispered a quick kiss to his head and I left, the door clicking softly behind me. Head ducked down, I slowly walked down the hall with one of my favorite sweaters clenched in my fists. I pressed the button on the elevator and waited before I soft ding alerting me to the left. I entered the cubicle and looked at the floor, watching as the sliding doors slowly closed in. With about six inches more space between closing, I heard a deep, velvety voice call out.

"Wait! Please hold the elevator!"

My head snapped up, and simultaneously my hand shot out between the doors, my eyes glazed over, and my jaw unhinged completely from my skull.

The few inches between the door still remaining framed the most perfect man I had ever seen, about 9 feet away, running quickly toward the elevator. Then they slid open to allow him entrance and I had to wipe my chin, just to ensure there was no drool. He. Was. A. God. Even more so he was wearing a white doctors coat, looking like something straight from a wet dream, and dirty Bella immediately came out to play.

Oh baby. Look at that hair. And those eyes. And that torso. And...well fuck. That everything. Hello Mr. Hottie, where have you been all of my life? I just wanna lick you from head to toe. Gah.

"Thanks." The same velvet voice floated to my ears and I looked at this man's face to see a perfect grin hanging from his cheeks.

Oh God, that grin.

I think I just creamed my panties.

Not yet. But we are definitely getting there. Reply, you look like a dumbass.

I scrambled to find my voice, emitting a high pitched squeak when I found it,


He grinned again before punching a button to his floor. Of course, as my life would have it, we were on the thirty second level. I was going to get off at the first, and he was getting off at the tenth.




Me wanty more time with Mr. Hottie. ME WANTY.

Dirty Bella screamed, however my more sane and logical side however was pleased that we wouldn't be spending the entire ride together. Obviously it would be awkward with my dirty side mentally fucking him where he was standing, and I don't think my cheeks could get any redder without me combusting.




We sat there in sexual tension (at least on my part) for a good thirty seconds when my phone began to ring, the theme song to Buffy the Vampire Slayer pounding lightly from my purse. God that was embarrassing. I was going to kill Emmett, I decided, my face completely and totally flushed now.




I fumbled through my overly large bag that had been hanging from my shoulder, adding Alice to my list of people to kill. I never should have let her talk me in to this ridiculously huge purse.




For the second time today, my clumsy side peeked it's obnoxious head through as my bag slipped from my arm and onto the floor, multiple objects rolling and scattering about as the elevator dinged again, alerting our arrival to the tenth floor. The doors slid open and thing that had a larger momentum rolled out. I dropped to the floor immediately and grabbed up the items in the car, reaching out after to get the things outside to see the most glorious site in the history of glorious sites.

Mr. Hottie was bending over to get some of my stuff and I mentally became the wolf seeing an attractive lady, whistles ringing throughout my head as my eyes widened again, my jaw dropped and my tongue lolled out.

Mr. Hottie has now officially been declaimed Dr. Fun Bum, because damn, I wanna have fun with that bum. I wanna squeeze it, and hold it, and....ungh.

I barely managed to close my jaw when he turned back around, holding out whatever it was that had rolled out of my purse.

"Here you are miss."

He grinned a little with a faint blush covering his cheeks, his eyes shifting a bit.

Damnit, he probably saw my ogling his rear. Damn. Damn. Damn. Please shoot me. I made him feel awkward because I couldn't control myself.

I fumbled with my hands while I stared at him before managing to compose myself somewhat and taking the stuff from his hands.


Both of us jumped when my skin made contact with his, a spark of electricity shooting through my arm and straight to my clit. Myself because, well, I was hot for this guy, and for him probably because he didn't want such a weird ass creepo that had been staring at his ass to touch him.

Please, please let me ungh!

I retrieved my hand and the doors began to slide shut, my eyes never leaving him until they were thoroughly closed. I stood back up and looked down at my hands.


I let loose a squabbling noise as I realized he had probably been uncomfortable for two reasons. One, I had completely fucked him with my eyes, and two, because he had been holding my girly products.

Dear God,

Please smite me now.



I walked out of the elevator when it reached its descent and out of the hospital into the parking lot. As I got in my car, one last thought came to mind, even through my embarrassment. Dirty Bella and Sane Bella were at complete agreement.

At least we're coming back tomorrow! Maybe we can convince him to play doctor with us.

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