Title: After Hours
Author: TLF
Summary: EPOV from the elevator and his night. Good stuff.
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The beeper latched to the side of my belt begain to sound obnoxiously, alerting everyone within the vicinity of the waiting room that I was on call and needed. Sighing, I unlatched it from my waist and peered at the screen:

Floor 10. Denali.

Mrs. Denali was one of my favorite patients, though technically I wasn't allowed those. She was very youthful for one so old, her eyes sparkling as she teased me mercilessly and tried to set me up with her daughter, Tanya. Of course, I was perfectly content on my own, having left a relationship not three months ago that had left me rather...scarred. Physically and emotionally.

My love for Mrs. Denali is what sent me in a flight as I scurried out of the room and flew down the hall. A number of feet from the elevator I saw the doors gliding close to one another and unwittingly a shout echoed out of my mouth,

"Wait! Please hold the elevator!"

An elegant and pale hand shout out of the cart and between the doors, I was momentarily stunned at the fragility of it, the bones well defined in a smooth and healthy way, the nails – though bitten – healthy and pink from the flesh underneath. No veins or wrinkles were prominent among the knuckles that were delicately strained outward toward me, yet the hand was not young. I knew, in that instant, that something so beautiful must belong to a magnificent creature that surely took the breath away from all men and even some women, that the face corresponding to this fey beauty was equally as breathtaking.

Another part of me, also knew instantly that I wanted that hand wrapped around my dick.

As the metal barricades slid open I instantly had to use my clipboard to hide my erection when I saw what lay beyond.

Fuck. Me.

She would be the end to my three month celibacy, of that I was sure. Her eyes were what caught me first. They were wide, but not comically so, framed with a fringe of thick and dark lashes that extended well past her eyelid. Truly though, it was the color that struck me.

Molten chocolate.

Candied hazelnut.

Warmth and soil and earth and home.

I wanted to look into those eyes for years.

Next though, which had me almost groaning aloud was her lips. Pouty, perfect, plump and pink. I needed those lips to relieve me of this straining erection I was now sporting.


Ungh. Thoughts of what she could do to me with those nearly had me ejaculating in my pants, no physical stimulation necessary.

She cleared her throat primly, but not with malice or prudence. I realized how awkward this must be and how disrespectful I had been, mentally fucking this poor girl who had never even talked to me, much less given reason to fuel these fantasies. My mouth opened and closed a few times as I tried to find my voice, words escaping me.

Think. What would Esme say?

I nearly blushed at how stupid I had been. But, thank God, I hadn't blushed since the ninth grade, and quite frankly I think my body had forgotten how.


So simple, but why did I feel as though I had just asked her to bed with me? I wonder what she would have said if I had asked her to bed. Yes? No?


The most beautiful voice I had ever heard chimed back at me with the cadency of bells and crystal glasses being played by experts with wet fingers. I nearly choked on my own saliva, when I turned to look at her more closely, had she heard my thoughts? Had I spoken aloud?

When she said nothing after or made any movement to show that I had indeed spoken to her, I sighed. From relief or disappointment, I was unsure. I glanced at the elevators digital display.

Shit. We we're still only on the thirty second floor. How could that be possible? I had just made mental love to this woman and we hadn't even moved yet? I groaned internally. This was going to be the longest elevator ride of my life.

We slowly descended down to the tenth floor, and I was painfully aware of every shift, intake and exhale of breath and most importantly her taking her bottom lip between her teeth, the plump skin conforming to the white of the bone. It was singly the most antagonizing and sexy thing I had ever seen. I want her.

I was drawn from my thoughts when a rather loud rendition of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" called into the cart, and I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing, and then bite harder and for an entirely different reason when I saw the most enchanting blush spread across her face, starting from the base of her neck and under her shirt to every plane, from her nose to her high and smooth cheekbones. She fumbled with the large bag on her shoulder, digging into every crevice and nook as she searched for her cell phone.

The chime of the elevator alerted us to our arrival on my floor and I nearly turned to her, all thoughts of Mrs. Denali fleeting from my mind, as I almost, almost begged and shouted at her to ask me to stay. If this gorgeous woman asked anything of me, I knew without a doubt that I would comply immediately and fully, anything to make her mine.

The doors opened, and I was sentenced to walk out and away from this angel. Alas, a saving grace befell me when her bag dropped from her arm and her belongings scattered, some rolling out to the floor and out of the elevator.

I gave a slight fist pump, hoping she was oblivious to it and my obvious delight at being able to help her. I walked out and collected the items that had fallen, paying no mind to what they were exactly, and handing them to her with flourish.

"Here you are miss."

She tripped over her words for a moment and it was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. I had to avert my eyes so that I didn't make her uncomfortable with my blatant staring.


Jesus sent her here to kill me. Of that I was sure. But God, what a way to go.

I walked down the hall leading to Mrs. Denali's, pulling my lab coat to and concentrating hard on making my erection disappear, thinking of my old biology teacher, Mr. Banner, in a speedo...yugh. That was a particularly nasty vision, and the swelling of my nether anatomy reduced significantly. I looked down expectantly, and when there was no visible trace of my encounter a few moments ago, proceeded. Knocking on the door to Room 313 though, I made a promise internally of a long session in my bed, entailing me, myself, and I with a bottle of KY lube. When I heard a sound of welcome, I opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Denali, you paged?"

"Dr. Cullen, I told you, please call me Katherine."

"And I have told you, please call me Edward."

"Well then, Edward, I actually paged you because I needed to discuss this poor excuse of food they have been serving here! Did you know today they gave me something called 'Waffle Surprise?' I don't think this is meeting the dietary needs you have prescribed me."

I laughed, of course, only Katherine could get away with paging me about something so trivial. Any other patient and I most likely would have upped the sleeping meds in their IV drip to just below illegal levels.


Kind of.

After I had sorted out Mrs. Denali receiving food from her daughter as opposed to the hospital (which I knew was really her trying to set us up again) , I clocked out and walked to my car.

The drive home was a long one, and when I arrived home I immediately stripped to my boxers and socks, lied down on the bed and grabbed the bottle that had become a constant from my bedside drawer. As soon as I was armed with the essential vial of lubricant on my hand, I let the thoughts that I had been keeping at bay wash over me in an onslaught of imagined sensations and sounds.

As I thought of the woman, whom I had started mentally calling Fey after her beauty, my hand gripped the base of my dick and began to slowly work up, stroking myself. I imagined her hand, so small that it would have barely fit around my thickness moving up the length. Soon my actions became her actions.

She moved her thumb in slow, sensuous circles around me, and then flicked it over the head, pulling back down with a speed that was almost stagnant. She felt the pole harden and strengthen and increased the pressure of her tiny hand, but moving at the same deliciously painful pace.










I thrust wildly into the air as the pace quickened and she reached her fingers back from the base of my cock to stroke my balls, nimble fingers fondling me and I felt the sac tighten and clench, before the most delicious sensation overcame me, and I yelled out my release, feeling the hot white of my cum across my chest and stomach. My muscles were loose and relaxed and I forced myself out of the bed, wanting to hang on to the post-orgasm experience as long as possible.

I showered myself off and wrapped a fluffy towel around my body. I wiped the condensation from the mirror and stared at myself, raking my fingers through my untidy crop of bronze hair.

I had to have her.

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