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I lay in a bathtub, the water warm, charmed to do so. The water against my pale skin, relaxing tensions in my body. For a moment I look unto the ceiling thinking yet... not at the same time. Thinking about what I was going to do... It must be close to dinner time by now. I took a day off school, claiming stomach cramps and ache and since there was no need for constant monitoring for cases such as this I have been sent to my room to rest and 'recover'. Recover, what does that word ever mean to me? I am beyond an attempt of recovery. I know this yet I find a small piece of myself asking questions. Is this the only way out? Could there be a better life if I just rode it out? I scoff.

A thousand times I had pondered this question and a thousand times I had came up with the same answer, no.

I leaned over the bathtub grabbing my wand. I point to my wrist.

This is it.

This really is the end, and to think, all that time finding a way out- in the end was given to be by my enemy... I take a breath.

"Sectum Sempra."

Oh the irony.


"I dare you! Harry James Potter to go to the House of Slytherin and put this purple skin dye into the Slytherin Lavatory!" Ron said in a mocking posh accent holding out a vile holding clear liquid.

It was a Thursday night, the Thursday night after their major potions exam and Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas played a game of 'Dare or dare!' Testing their Gryffindor courage.

I raised an eyebrow. "And how do you propose I get into the 'House of Slytherin' Ronald Weasley? Not to mention how do you use this dye stuff."

"Well 'Mione and I were walking to the Great Hall when we overheard some Slytherin brats talking about their password. Quite funny actually, one of them was bemoaning the fact that he lost the piece of paper which his password was on..."

Everyone looked at Neville.

"Oh... shut up you lot!" Neville said indignantly.

"Anyways, getting back on the topic! The password is... 'gryffindork'" Ron said with a wince. "Why did they let prefect choose, this year!"

I nodded in agreement. Though there probably wouldn't have been much effort in Snape's part to change their password. "Well where is the dye?" I say ready to get it over and done with.

Ron produces a suspicious looking vile and holds it out for me to retrieve it. "Ron, are you sure this is skin-dye?"

Ron nodded. "That's what Fred and George told me, and if it isn't... Well it's only a Slytherin."

I smirk back, true true.


I walked to the portrait guarding the Slytherin common room, with a glamour charm in place to change my appearance (if only for 15 minutes or so) dressed in Slytherin clothes, don't ask.

"Gryffindork." I said mentally cringing. Slytherin fifth years are so mature, note sarcasm.

The portrait hearing the correct password and seeing correct school robes, let me through. Good, that was phase one done. Since this was dinner time there was no one in the common room, good. I doubt that the Slytherins would be bothered to actually check me but it was better this way, in case the charm wore off.

All I had to do was find the bathroom... that shouldn't be too hard since it must stem from the common room, somewhere, right? After I find said bathroom, I was to smear it all over the tub, with gloves of course. I am not that big of an idiot.

After walking around a bit I found a corridor, which in turn had a door. Well this could have been a door way to the bathroom. Smiling I take out the vile of 'my' robe pocket and preceded to push the door open.


I hear noises from the room, damn, someone came in before I had ended myself. I wanted to open my eyes but I found that I was too weak. I hear more noises, a voice, maybe? I don't know it sounds muffled, probably me losing my hearing. Damn, I really wanted to end it all in some peace and quiet.

The noises continue, only louder, the has probably come closer...

So tired, so sleepy. I don't bother to resist it. This is what I wanted. It was my choice! The only thing that isn't spiraling out of control and premade for me...

Urg... it's so hard to think...


"Malfoy! Malfoy!" I yelled beside him. Shit, shit shit! What do I do? I didn't know any spells to heal him... I couldn't see the wound, that meant it was underwater, I couldn't see anything underwater because the water was coloured red, by his blood.

He didn't react to me, not even when I first entered, his eyes were shut and he was deathly pale, the only way I could see that he was still alive was by the way he was still breathing, I could hear his labored breath echoing off the tiles of the bathroom.

Suddenly Malfoy's head, which resting on his chest lolled to the side... a sign of unconsciousness!

This simple action brought me to motion. I dashed out of the common room. "Help! Help! Someone! GOD! HELP!" I was running to the Great Hall, everyone was still at dinner, but it was so far away from where I am! "Sonorus," I spelled myself making my voice loud enough to be heard on the opposite side of the quidditch pitch. "HELP HELP PLEASE! COME TO THE SLYTHERIN COMMON ROOM!" I said as I was running towards the Great Hall.


After two minutes of my plea, I found teachers running towards me. "Silencio!" I say making my voice go back to normal.

"Mr. Potter what is the meaning of this?" Snape drawled out.

"It's Dr- Draco Malfoy sir! Come quickly to the Slytherin Common room!" I panted out, rushing towards the common room leading the teachers. There was no need to explain, while we could be running over to him and possibly saving his life.


I rushed down flights of stairs and finally made it to the common room and to the bath room. The teachers not far behind me.

I heard a few of the gasp as they see the sight in front of us.

"Move out of the way, Potter!" I hear Snape call bitingly, pushing me aside. He wasn't the only one to push me away, nearly all the teachers did. I was told to get out. I did, not knowing what else should I do and not wanting to see his pale, limp, lifeless- no not lifeless! He was still alive! He didn't remember any breathing noises though, but he was only there for a quick second before he was barged out!

Draco Malfoy had to be alive...

He had to.


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