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All day I couldn't concentrate in my classes. My mind kept thinking of Draco and how he was in the Hospital Wing probably just lying there pathetically- sleeping, or maybe he was back to his snarky, self-absorbed self. Now in the common room at seven thirty, I was planning a way to get to Malfoy and ask questions that he could possibly answer.

However my tricky mind would then ask questions like, 'did he try to commit suicide or did some decided to kill him and make it look like suicide?' which he would never answer but I seriously considered asking him that, just to gauge his reactions to make an educated guess. The Draco Malfoy I knew wouldn't even think to kill himself. Malfoy the cocky and arrogant, the wimpy boy who would cry out at the slightest touch of pain would not commit suicide. Then someone else has to have done it... but I didn't see any Aurors hanging around and no announcements of any sort. So that probably means a lot of things:

One: Draco isn't dead

Two: Draco did this of his own will or he is too scared to tell the professors that someone had did this to him.

I bit my lip, I would find out more tonight when I visit him. I groan at that thought, I haven't even thought of a plan for tonight. I can't just barge in demanding to see him, Narcissa might still be in the Hospital Wing with Draco, and even if she wasn't what was he going to say to Draco? 'Hello, just a question, did you try to off yourself or did somebody try to kill you?' Yes that would go down so well. Note sarcasm.

I needed a plan, a well thought out plan. A plan that was Hermione worthy... why oh why couldn't Hermione help him on this? Of course I didn't ask her, Hermione would have just given him a huge lecture on the privacy of others, even if it was the ferret, and how this was none of their business and then call him hypocritical, if I wanted others to respect my privacy then I should respect the privacy of others, yadda yadda... God, I swear, even as a victim Malfoy is infuriating.

Screw this! I will take my invisibility cloak and think of a plan when I get there, no one said I had patience.


I strolled down to the hospital wing in my invisibility cloak dodging masses of people, perhaps coming down before curfew was a bad idea.

Ron and Hermione might suspect something... well then again they are too absorbed with the other to really notice anyways. However Ginny, Colin, Neville, Seamus, Dean or anyone could notice I was gone and if they ask around and got no answer they would surely be suspicious. It was times like these that I really hated to have so many friends.

"Narcissa, stop fussing."I heard a low voice say from around the corner.

"How can I stop, my son is lying in there, after he tried to kill himself! I should be with him, he has to tell me what is wrong and why he did it. I need to be there to support him in his time of need."

I walked around the corner to find Snape and Narcissa. Snape's hands were on her shoulders stopping her from moving back to the Hospital Wing.

"Narcissa, I think it's best if we leave him be, he needs a little privacy."

"Oh yes, the last time he was alone things turned about fantastically!" Narcissa screeched. "You know who's fault is this? It's Potter's. The damn boy puts Lucius in jail and now our family is falling apart. Oh my Lucius," Narcissa then breaks down into a sob into Snapes arms, clinging on to him. "I have to tell him, oh Merlin! I have to be the one to tell him that our precious dragon tried to kill himself. He would be so heart broken, do you know how much he loves Draco? It would slay him, yet I have to tell him! He can't not know."

It never occurred to me to think of the Malfoys as a family. The Weasley's were a family, they showed their love and warmth to each other all the time. The Malfoy family, in public, was cool and distant but now he was probably witnessing the privet Malfoy family life.

"Lucius was the rock of our small family, you know that right, Severus? He was the one that kept us going, that constantly reminded us of who we were and what we have to live for, and now he's gone! What am I going to do? I am no Lucius, I can't give my dragon the same comforts that his father can."

"Then give him what you can, Narcissa, give him the comfort of a mother." Snape said reassuringly looking down gently at her.

This is weird. Snape being nice, Narcissa being motherly, it was all too weird.

"I don't know if I can! I told my mother that I didn't know if I could be a mother, when I found out I was pregnant. I wouldn't know what to do, how to act or even what to say! I knew I couldn't do it! I knew it, I knew it! Oh my poor dragon, it is all my fault."

"No it isn't. Collect yourself-"

"Don't tell me to collect myself, you mudblood! MY SON, IS IN THERE. Do you know just how painful that is?"

There was silence. Nobody knew what to say, I certainly didn't.

Narcissa had her head down, looking slightly ashamed, probably for loosing her cool. "You are right Severus, I just need a good night's sleep to gather my nerves, I will ask Dumbledor if he has any spare rooms in which I could accommodate myself. Good night." She says cooly.

I moved out of Narcissa's way as she headed to Dumbledors' office. After letting Narcissa go, Snape entered the Hospital Wing.

I let out a breath I didn't I kept. What was that?


While waiting around for Snape to leave, I began to think about so many things, the things that I heard, the things that were implied, everything about that conversation.

It was so weird to think that Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy had a heart. Had a heart capable of feeling love for their son. Then again it really shouldn't come as a shock. Look at Draco! He is so spoiled that it makes Dudley look humble.

I heard someone coming up behind me, I turn. It was Madame Pomfrey.

Sick from all the waiting I decide to enter the Hospital Wing the same time she did. I need to Draco and what was going on. It couldn't take so long to feed him a couple of potions.


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