A/N: This is my first Journey to the Center of the Earth fanfiction. It's a SeanXOC story and I tried to make my OC Lydia as un-Mary Sue as possible. And also to make it different, I made Lydia Hannah's much younger sister even though she is thirteen and Hannah is in her twenties. I know it's kind of weird but just try to overlook it.

"Lydia, dinner's on the table!" My sister yelled. I came trudging down the stairs in my socks, black sweatpants, grey singlet and brown jumper. I'd just had a shower. My long brown hair dripped as I walked. I then sat on the stool at the kitchen counter, eating the soup Hannah had provided. There was a knock at the door which made me jump. She stifled at laugh at my reaction, and then yelled out.

"I'm sorry I don't speak Icelandic," A man's voice replied from outside. I inclined my head to the door but quickly turned back to my soup as she opened it.

"Hi can I help you?" Hannah asked the visitor. "I'm Hannah," She introduced when there was no response from the stranger.

"Oh, how do you do? Hi, I'm Professor Anderson, visiting from America. Uh, this is-"

"I'm Sean," A different-sounding voice said.

"My nephew," The other person added.

"Hi, Sean. This is my younger sister, Lydia," Hannah motioned for me to come. I slumped off the seat and wrapped my arms around my torso because of the freezing wind blowing through the door. I took a glance at the two boys. One was older, he looked twenty-something * I know Brendan Fraser's actually in his fourties but I'm pretending he's not so he can seem young enough for Hannah to date*, and had brown hair and brown eyes and his muscles sort of showed through his shirt. The other one looked about my age of thirteen, and had scruffy brown hair and brown eyes. He was definitely attractive. Distractingly attractive. I coughed deliberately when he met my glance and looked at the ground, feeling awkward.

"I was wondering," The older man said, "if I could speak to... Sigurbjorn Asgeirsson?" My sister and I exchanged frowns.

"Well, um... Sigurbjorn Asgeirsson is dead," Hannah reported sadly. I looked up at the strangers.

"Dead?" The younger guy said, surprised. I then spoke.

"Yes, he died three winters ago." I was quiet, but I was sure they heard me.

"Oh, um so do you run the institute?" The scientist man asked.

"Nobody does. There is no institute," Hannah said, confused.

"But there was a sign down the road that said –"

"Progressive volcanology was a failed idea," She explained, grimacing at the memory.

"Oh, I see. Uh, did you work with him?" The older man questioned. Hannah and I traded glances again.

"No, he was our father," I said. I had the feeling we were going to get to know these Americans from that moment on.

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