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Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever


My eyelids fluttered as I struggled to wake up from a deep sleep. My head was pounding and I was aware of the presence of another person in the bed beside me. I glanced over to the alarm clock on the bedside table. Shit! It's 4.30 in the morning!

I forced myself to take a peek at who was next to me. The boy looked about eighteen and had bronze hair and bright green eyes. He was a total sex god. Even with my hangover I couldn't help but congratulate myself on getting such a hottie.

Did I know who he was? Yep.

Did I give my virginity to a total stranger? Kinda.

Did I regret it? Hmm, ask me later.

I groaned and then immediately shut up as the events of the previous night came back to me.

Alice was having a graduation party, and saying as I am her bestest friend, I had to be there. Alice had forced me into a tiny, midnight-blue mini-dress which just covered my ass. It was tight fitting around the boobs area and then flowed out around me. She had then done my hair and make-up using about five cans of hair-spray to keep my messy hair tidy.

When we got to the party, Alice and I had a great time, drinking, dancing and more drinking. And then of course there was the possibly most hottest guy ever who was currently lying next to me in a huge bed in the guest room of Alice's house.

The guy's name was Edward. I recognised him as Alice's brother. Alice and I are inseparable so you may ask how I didn't really know Edward. Edward went to a boarding school in Europe which specialised in music. Edward was a pro piano player. I had heard a few of the songs he composed and I had to admit: he is good.

Edward only came home during school breaks and holidays and as I went to Phoenix to stay with my mom for the holidays, I had never met him for the whole three years I have lived here. I only recognised him from descriptions from Alice, who never shut up about her older brother, and from the family photos which covered the hallway walls.

I had come in here last night because I was totally trashed, and didn't think I could drive home. I had thrown my dress over my head and flung myself down on the bed. Only when I heard a loud gasp did I look around the room and realise I was not alone.

One thing lead to another. He took off some clothes. I took off some more clothes. He took off some more clothes. We had sex.

Ta da! The amazing story of how I lost my virginity.

I crawled out of the bed, trying not to wake the sleeping figure of beauty in it. I put on my clothes and sneaked down the stairs carefully, hoping I wouldn't trip. I got to the front door and let myself out.

My little black ford was still sitting in the drive way, exactly where I had left it. (A/N Sorry! If I gave her the truck, I would've had to make everyone wake up.) Slipping the keys into the ignition, I pulled out of the yard and raced down the road, thinking about what I had just done.

I had told my Dad, Charlie that I might stay over at Alice's last night so he wouldn't suspect anything. He would probably just think I had come in really late. I hurried to my room and lay down on my bed, glancing around all the walls that were almost bare. Most of my stuff was packed to go to my mom's and after that, college.

I was going to miss this place. I was going to miss the tiny high school with all of 300 students. I was going to miss visiting the reservation to hang with Jacob and the rest of the gang. I would miss my Dad and I would miss Carlisle and Esme, Alice's family who had become a second family to me. Most of all, I would miss Alice, and all the good times we had spent together.

Before I could reflect anymore on my years in Forks, I felt the pull of unconsciousness as I fell asleep, dreaming of the time when Alice had bought so much stuff shopping, that security had refused to let her leave and called her parents.

I woke up again to the sun streaming through the open window. A sunny day in Forks was rare, but for me, today, it signalled the end of an era. I took a hot shower, letting the water wash away all the grime and sweat from last night's activities.

When I was done in the shower, I dressed in my favourite denim, flare-out jeans, a faded red top and a red hoodie. I descended into the kitchen in search of some breakfast. My dad had left for work a few hours ago. It was around 10.30 now.

I ate and brushed my teeth, hoping to get today's task started quickly. I went back to my room, opening the huge, purple suitcases I would need. I began packing the remainder of my stuff, occasionally grabbing things from other parts of the house.

The doorbell rang and I hurried to answer it, knowing all too well that it was Alice. She dumped a huge bag at my feet and was panting heavily. "Just some stuff you left at my house." She told me. I hugged her and then we both went upstairs so she could help me with my packing.

I opened the bag to find shit loads of stuff. About one tenth of the things in the bag were actually mine and the other stuff had obviously been bought by Alice. I groaned.

"Alice, you know this stuff isn't mine. Why are you giving it to me?"

"Really? I had no idea!" She grinned. Seeing the look on my face she added, "Come on Bells this is the last day with your best friend, you aren't going to deny me a little bit of fun are you?" She gave me the puppy dog eyes she knew nobody could resist until I gave in.

With all of my stuff packed away in the suitcases, we went downstairs to watch some movies together before I had to leave.

"Bella?" Alice sang. She was using the I-know-something-you-don't-know voice.

"What Alice?" I asked.

She pulled me into a hug then whispered into my ear, "I know what you did last night. Or more correctly, who you did!" She couldn't say anything more because then she burst into giggles. I couldn't help but join her. We must've looked like we were high because we were laughing hysterically and hugging each other.

Charlie came home early so that he could leave me to the airport. My car was being shipped over later. He came home to find Alice and I still sprawled on the sofa, remembering things and bursting into more firs of giggles randomly.

When we saw Charlie, we both started sobbing uncontrollably. We were hardly ever going to see each other anymore. Only at some holidays and during the summer and such. Alice was the sister I had always wanted and now I had to leave her behind and move on with my life.

Alice came to the airport with us. Now was the hard part. I hated goodbyes. I hugged my dad and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him and telling him that I love him.

Alice pulled me into what would've been a bone crushing hug, had she not been so tiny. "I love you bells!" She sobbed. I managed to choke out an 'I love you too'. "Goodbye doesn't mean forever, Bella. BFF's" she said quietly, holding out her pinky. "BFF's" I agreed, taking her pinky in my own and making the unbreakable pinky promise.

I hurried to the departure gates taking one last look behind me at my dad and my best friend.