Darkest Hours

By Sentarla

The night was cold and dreary

The sun set long ago

A vision of you walking, down a lonely highway road.

You never saw it coming

The car so fast and bright

It threw you on the wayside, and left you there to die.

I sit in the dark and worry

In a lonely apartment block

As your cell phone goes unanswered, until the batteries all run out.

You lay in a ditch still bleeding

Broken bones, concussion and more

Crying for help that never comes and sobbing my name till dawn.

The joy that was mine in the morning

When we found you cold but alive

I will never forget my darkest hours and the pain we went through last night.


Comments, any?

It is very rare for me to try poetry, I really feel that I am not good at it. Review and let me know, either way.