His quivering black button nose

Bright round watery dark eyes

From afar three blackberries

On a handsome fox-like face

The perfect action shot of a golden blur

Running through sleet, rain and snow

Fighting off nature's wonders

He lands on all fours at my doormat

Uninjured, undeterred and unpretentious

Wipes his snow-streaked paws

And grins at me with cheeky doggish teeth

"Lucky," I ask, "Where did you go?"
Disappears round the corner

Bobbling his mass of blossoming shrub

(The bundled long hair of his curled tail)

As if to reply, "None of your business!"
Following his soundless toothpicks of legs

I wound up in front of the fireplace

Where in front of the dancing flames

And sandwiched between three cushions

A small furry ball

(No bigger than a cheerleader's pom pom)

Twitched one tiny ear lined with blonde fuzz

As I knelt down beside him and watched him sleep

The raindrops in his hair glowed against the fire

And twinkled and sparkled

Like stars in the sky