Before I begin this story, I would like to point some things out. Firstly, this is BL, yaoi, shonen ai, whatever you call it, it's two men becoming involved romantically. If you do not approve, please do not waste your time reading this. Secondly, I do not own the definitions at the beginning of the chapters. Please DO NOT sue me. Thank you.

Anyway, please enjoy the prologue of what I hope will be a long and successful story.


DEFINE, n.1. The act of making clear or distinct. 2. The condition of being definite, distinct, or clearly outlined


I knew I wasn't like the other children. That was apparent. I never felt the need to play their silly little games. But, really, that's just what I am doing now. Playing a silly little game of cat and mouse, the only difference being that this mouse is able to defeat the cat with just a few words and a few bare facts. This was what I am here to do. Here to be.

Justice. And it is finally coming into sight. Is this really all there is to my life...? What am I saying? Of course. What else is there to achieve? What are all these people around me living for?

Someone once told me that 'All you need is love.'

Another said 'To be loved is to be happy.'

Love. many have tried to define that word. I have read so many attempts, that I have lost count, and yet I still cannot comprehend it. 'The intense feeling of deep affection.' I can analyse these words individually, but what is so special? What about this feeling is so precious, so valued? If I fall in love will I be happy? Why am I one to miss out? I do not understand.

Is this the price of justice? It must be.


Sorry for such a short opening. It is really important though! See you soon.

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