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Pretty Little Mudblood
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Blaise feels his gaze wandering again. He stares away from the Slytherin table, bored, and looks instead at the Ravenclaws – or rather one particular Ravenclaw. Lisa Turpin has velvety brown hair, pale brown eyes and lips that look like they could be coated with silk. He can't help but wonder how it would be to have that hair tangled between his fingers, to see her eyes fill with tears and to kiss those lips until they began to bleed.

"Who are you staring at this time?" Draco asks him, exasperated, drawing Blaise's attention away from the girl. "You've got that look in your eyes again."

"Lisa Turpin," Blaise replies.

"Turpin?" Draco sounds as though he's just choked on his pumpkin juice. "But she's a mudblood, Blaise. Oh god, it's making me feel sick that you're so much as considering anything like that."

"And your point is?" Blaise drawls. "You're allowed to do anything you like to mudbloods so long as you don't soil your family line, you know that. And she's such a pretty little mudblood, isn't she, Draco?"

"You're a bastard, Zabini," Draco hisses. "You've put me completely off my food now. I was looking forward to the treacle tart as well!"