Title: Medical Attention (double drabble)

Word count: 200

Summary: Booth and Angela are in agreement that Booth needs medical attention.

He hears Angela snickering in the background when the female agent arches her chest forward, bats her eyes, licks her bottom lip and asks, "So G-man, do you play cops and robbers in your spare time too?"

She pitches her sexual innuendo at him with all the subtlety of a Boeing jet, implicitly inquiring about a possible sexual partner and patently offering one.

And Booth is momentarily stumped, because he's not exactly taken, but he's not exactly free either.

He smiles indulgently, but it falls short of his usual charm smile, when he answers her, "Look…I'm not dating right now. Really, it's not you. Sorry."

His eyes follow her when she turns and walks away, the sway in her hips one of spite rather than seduction.

When she turns the corner, he swivels to rest his forehead against the wall behind him, groaning in frustration. What is it that makes things like that tumble from his mouth when a beautiful woman makes her interest known?

"God! I need medical attention!"

Angela chuckles, the opportunity too good to pass up.

"Well, there's no doubt in my mind that you need a doctor. I just happen to believe it's a particular doctor..."