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The New Overlord –

The remains of walls made of stone and the seven guard towers that surround the whole castle are in disrepair. Besides the main house there are three wooden buildings, which are left standing and unused. What was once a guardhouse is left in the main courtyard to rot away. A dried up fountain is in the middle of the yard and a bunch of trees have taken root by one of the old towers. There is a stall built right at the side of the guardhouse and a large tent to the right side of the stand. A cooking pot resting over a dead cooking fire stood in front of the tent. What looks like a training center when there were more people around is by the stairs to the lower left side of the castle out of the main courtyard wall. Training dummies and wooden weapons stood in the center of a rickety fence, all in need of repair.

To the right is an old stable, which has been empty for years, overlooking an empty fenced in field surrounded by trees of the forest around the castle. To the side of the stable stood an old well that still held water but the cover hasn't been lifted off from the top for years.

To the left is an open space at the water's edge on one side and the cliff side where the main house sat. The only things that are there is a metal door on the cliff side and a stone stairway leading up to the main house.

The main house is comprised of two old stone buildings on top of a cliff overlooking the lake. The one on the left is a bar and stage for people to be entertained in and also leads to the kitchen. The other is a two-story building that houses the people of the castle. Many of the rooms are unused and a fine coat of dust line most of the furniture. The ground floor houses the meeting hall and two rooms that are also unused. The upper floor contains the sleeping quarters and a statue room that holds nothing in it. The library is also located nearby, which is filled with old books that people have left over from time to time. There are two underground levels. The first has the storage room and a small graveyard. The last floor has the food storage area and some old jail cells and the metal door that leads to the lake shore.

Currently seven young people found themselves in the abandon castle wondering how they got there in the first place. They found themselves in the lobby of the main building that was extremely run down. A large gaping hole is on the left side of the stairs, letting one see the ship that is behind the castle. There is another hole at the end of the hallway that leads to the bar. Five large painting frames hang empty on the walls. Likewise are six display stands that stood useless since there is nothing to put on them. But there was a brass orb sitting on the middle of a small table. (1)

"What happen?" Akane asks as she looks around in the strange surroundings she, her two sisters were with her and her three rivals to Ranma as well in wherever they are. She, Ranma and Nabiki had just return home when the other girlfriends had shown up just before Kuno had appeared.

"I remember my brother using that magic mirror on us saying that he'll get rid of Ranma once and for all," Kodachi said.

"Are all of you okay?" Ranma ask as he stares at them.

Looking down at themselves they saw what was making Ranma stare at them. They had somehow matured big time as they now had the bodies of mature adults. While they were quite well built for teens as adults they were stack.

Akane blush as she looks at herself. She still had on her school uniform. Semi-transparent starched white blouse and short, pleated dark blue skirt. Standing still that skirt hardly reached half way to her knees. With her new body her uniform was strained to their limits trying to contain her new figure. She knew what her 'above average' chest development and wider than average for a Japanese schoolgirl hips and… fatter… than she liked buns. And Ranma's "friends", those pervs he hung around with at school, were just about impossible. Hardly a week went by that she didn't have to put some serious, and justified, hurt on one or ten of those pervs trying to see her panties on the stairs, groping a tit when 'accidentally' bumping into her in the hallway, or some other juvenile perv trick. She would, could never let her guard down around any of them, not even Ranma.

That included the fact that she would never let him know how she felt about him. At least not till he gave her some indication that Ranma, the boy, felt the same way as she did. After all, she was, at least, prepared to put up with his curse… to share her life with a boy who was better looking than herself half the time. And that was true! Ranma, as a schoolgirl, effortlessly made Akane physically look like a junior high schooler! While not nearly as tall as Ranma, Ranko still had a remarkable physique for her height, and that included jaw-dropping breasts that Akane would die to have for her own chest! They stuck out so far! And were so broad at their base! And, damn it, no one deserved such big boobs that were so firm! When Ranma went to school as a girl, she didn't even have to wear a bra! Those boobs hardly jiggled when she ran, better yet walked. Her skin was so smooth, and blemish-free, and…and…perfect! In back, her butt was big for her size, but fully round, not flat in the least, and firm, of so firm looking, and…and…perfect!

"Wow I grown," Akane smiled as her new busty figure matches that of Ranko now. But her smile faded as she sees what happen to the other girls.

Ukyo and Shampoo were both standing much taller then they were before standing over six feet easily. Their bodies have also grown as each of them had been busty before the change and had filled out even more. Their breast had grown by several cup sizes to at least a D-cup going to an E-cup, their hips and behinds had also filled out. Their bodies were now a mix of a muscular female body and that of a supermodel figure. Kodachi and Nabiki while hadn't grown that tall she could plainly see as their breast sizes had to be in the triple D range that filled out the top of their shirts. Fearing the worse Akane turn to Kasumi and gasp at what she saw. Kasumi had been like a mother cow to the family ever since their mother had died and always kept the family well fed. Whatever happen had turn her into a cow to Akane's mind as Kasumi was blushing as she held her arms across her chest making her new huge breast bulge making them look even bigger. She had grown taller and filled out in all of the right areas giving her the hourglass figure that so many women try to gain.

"Wow they must be at least a H-cup," Akane said as she and the other girls stared at Kasumi's now massive chest causing her to blush.

"You have change too Ranma," Nabiki said as Ranma had grown as well. He hadn't change much as they had as he just gotten taller and his body frame had grown to give him a slender but muscular body that many men always try to build up.

"I see you seven made it through," a voice called out to them.

"Where are you?" Ukyo ask looking for the person.

"Over here," the voice called out from the small brass colored orb.

"What are you?" Ranma ask as he and the girls look at the orb. He touched the orb and felt a jolt as soon as he touched it making him pull his hand back.

"I'm the Castle's Orb that gives this place power," the orb said.

"Power?" Shampoo ask as she and the others look at their surroundings.

"Pretty run down don't you think?" Nabiki ask looking around the room.

"Well with no one here to use my power for years this place just fell apart," the orb said. "And whatever happen in your world has sent you all flying into this one and with my dormant power drawing you in."

"This is another world?" Ranma ask as everything he went through during the last couple of years, this had to take the cake.

"We're in another world?" Kodachi said as she likes to read books about people going to other worlds.

"Ranma this is your fault!" Akane said as she glares at Ranma.

"Ranma?" a voice that sounded like Ranko's.

Turning they saw Ranko, Ranma's girl form coming out of a door. All she wore was a low cut white top showing much cleavage. The skimpy shirt cut off shortly beneath her breasts. Other than that, all she wore was a loin cloth over her privates held up by a belt. And right behind her was another and another all coming out of the door that lead down. Ranma suddenly found himself engulfed in a sea of busty redheads as the Ranko's all wanted a piece of him.


Awhile Later –

The door that the Ranko's came out of lead down deep under the castle into a vast cavern with a deep pool of water in the center. And in the vast cavern was filled with Ranko's who all came out of the pool of water and they were still coming out. Ranma and the girls stared at all of the Ranko's around them and at Kasumi who was with them holding the talking orb.

"This is the spawning pool were you master Ranma can summon as many minions as you want," the orb said.

"Minions?" the Ranko's all ask.

"Ranma is a Overlord?" Shampoo ask.

"Like in those fantasy books?" Ukyo adds.

"Me?" Ranma ask.

"Yes when touch me you became the new Overlord of this land. And while the minions of the last overlord were imps, it seems that they have been replaced by the spirit of the girl of your curse form, Ranko," the orb said. "And as you can see there are four different kinds of Ranko's."

Ranma and the girls look at all of the Ranko's and saw that there are four different types of Ranko's. There were some that look just like the Ranko everyone knew back home, then there were some with a more slender frame and were less developed at a large c-cup. There were even progressively bustier and wider hipped ones that were as tall as Shampoo or Ukyo is and look stronger then the other Ranko's. The last ones have the same built as the first sets but all had runes all over their bodies.

"Being the new evil Overlord you'll need minions to do your biddings," the orb said. "The first types that are like the Ranko that you all knew back in your homeworld are the all around fighters. The slender ones are the fast attackers and are the fastest of your minions. The busty ones are the powerhouses of your force who are three times stronger then a normal human. And the ones covered with runes are your magic users and are the only ones who can harm magical beings."

"Me an evil overlord?" Ranma ask his mind racing.

"Yes but you can't be an evil overlord without heroes popping up to take you down. The last bunch of heroes killed the last overlord and looted the castle of all of its objects and left the castle in ruins," the orb said.

"You're saying that Ranma is now the new evil overlord of the land and that the clones of Ranko here are his minions?" Akane ask as she and his other girlfriends stared at him.

"Yes," the orb said.

"But I'm not evil," Ranma said.

"Doesn't mean that you can't," the orb said. "As long as you're alive you can bring any of your fallen minions back to life using my power but you'll have to be here to do it. And while the spells that I once had have been taken by the heroes I still retain a low level fireball spell. With more Castle Objects that you find the more power you will gain."

"What about me and the others?" Akane ask as she steps next to Kasumi holding the orb.

"You girls are also his minions," the orb said. "You all are now the leaders of the minions who take command of them in the field when Ranma isn't around."

"So as long as Ranma is alive he can bring us back to life whenever we die?" Nabiki ask as her mind was coming up with ideas as she now find herself in a fantasy world.

"Yes," the orb answers.

"Me an overlord?" Ranma said to himself and was about to fall over backwards when the Ranko's behind him grab him as he was stumbling back.

"Yes and this land is ripe for the taking," the orb said.


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Author's Notes

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