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Two Dragons –

Ronja having came to the city that surrounded the Overlord's castle. It's a city unlike she had ever seen before. For unlike other cities she has seen this city wasn't built on the foundations of an old city. But was built as a city not grown from a small settlement. It was built from the ground up to be a city. And it has so many people living in it, not just humans but different races as well. She spotted dark elves, demons, and pig orcs with people not paying any attention to them. Seeing how powerful this Overlord is by having dark elves under his command, he would surely be able to protect her race. Even if she would have to offer herself to him to do so.

She is a powerful built woman in her human form, a large built with thick limbs that showed off her powerful frame. Her glorious mane of red spiky hair flowed down her back and her dark tanned skin gleamed in the sunlight. A red headband adorns her head, with an ornate tight jacket as her top, with a detailed piece going around her neck. She wears black panties and a detailed red belt over them. On her arms she has armguards high up on her arms, with feathers protruding from them. She also as a thigh-length tattoo on her right leg, and sandals.

She doesn't need to wear much in terms of protection as her human form maybe less powerful then her dragon form, her skin is tougher then most metal armor. She carries around a spike mace as a weapon of choice. She human form is much stronger then any human and standing at around 7 feet tall she's large and powerful, with K cup size breasts. (1)

Ronja walk her way to the castle to meet with Overlord Ranma and give herself to him if needed. She will gain his protection for her race, giving them someplace where they won't have to fear being hunted or their young being killed. Seeing how vast in numbers the minions serving under him are as she had traveled with never any shortage in manpower her race will be protected.


On the Eastern side of the castle -

Empress Mei-Long and her servants riding in the large carriage that was carried by six of her servants in their dragon forms flying through the air. She look down below and saw the city that is being built around the castle. While not as large as her own city or castle, she remained herself they're still new and building up their power base. There's so much that can be done with this new country and it has grown so powerful so quickly. Opening a trade agreement with the overlord will greatly improve things back home.

"Halt!" a winged woman shouted as she and several other women with wings flew around the flying ship.

"I am Empress Mei-Long of the Zhun Empire I'm here to talk to the Overlord," Mei-Long stated. She had sent one of her servants up ahead of the ship to deliver a letter to the Overlord about her visit.

"Set your ship down in the courtyard," the winged woman said.

The six servants holding the ship flew down into the courtyard and set the ship down. Inside the ship Mei-Long is having her hand maidens prepare her to meet with the Overlord. The muilt-layered kimono took a help to put it on and the makeup and making sure not a hair was out of place. One thing she learned about catching the eye of men is to make the man wonder what is hidden beneath the kimono, what kind of body is hidden from view. No man has seen her fully grown body only her hand maidens have seen her in the nude. Which is why all her servants who are dragons as well, are women as she wouldn't allow any man close enough to her to ever see her in the nude.

She has a slender built with a large bust at a massive G cups that she always keeps tightly wrap to hid them from view. Something that very few women of Zhun of the Eastern Dragon race could ever gain. Along with her long green hair, a rarity for Eastern dragons as most have either brown or black hair, made her the envy of many women. The Eastern Dragons females usually have slender bodies with most never gaining any larger then a C cup and dark hair of their race, not the voluptuous curves and green mane that enticed the spirits of the males so. It was the curse of the Eastern dragons that their women despaired of their breeding denying them of the very features that their men looked for and craved. It wasn't that uncommon for a male Eastern Dragon have a mistress that is more shapely then their mate. It was one of the reasons why Mei-Long held so much power as the male leaders are just taken by the sight of her.

She would present herself to the Overlord and he would be taken by the sight of her beauty. For no man has even seen her and not stare. But then she remembered those women with wings and how pretty and busty they are. She heard about how the Overlord has an army of beautiful women serving under him. But she is a dragon and it's unlikely that he has ever taken a dragon as a lover. She has been schooled in the ways of love making, that her mother made her take. Saying that to be a true wife one must know how to please their mate, so that they would never want to mate with anyone else. With her skills she will lure him into her arms so that he will never look to another woman for pleasure.


Inside the Castle -

Rose open the door to the master bedroom to find Ranma sleeping have buried in a pile of women. The women that covered him are the elves and Kasumi along with several Ranko's. Sleeping on top of Ranma having his tool buried inside of her is Kasumi who looks like she wouldn't take it kindly to having him pulling out of her. But with the dragons waiting to see him she'll just have to wake him up and to take away Kasumi's teddy bear.

Walking over to the bed she wonders how safe it be for her to get onto the bed. Last time she got into his bed to wake him, she ended up pulled into the mass of bodies and repeatedly taken by him and his women. She grabs a long handle duster that's used to reach high places and starts using it on Ranma's face waking him up.

"What is it?" Ranma ask seeing that it's Rose.

"There are two dragons in human form to see you in the throne room. One is a Western dragon by herself and the other is an Eastern Dragon who is the empress of Zhun that's far to the east, along with some of her servants," Rose explains.

"I'll get up after, I wash up," Ranma said pulling himself out of the mass and pulling out of Kasumi waking her up.

"Ranma?" she ask rubbing her eyes.

"Sorry have some people to meet," Ranma said getting out of bed.

Rose couldn't help but stare at his naked form, her eyes lock onto the meat pole of his, making her feel hot. His cock dangled nearly down to his knee. It's a foot long when it's soft at least, and as thick as her wrist! No man Rose had ever seen was even half so big, and very, very few were even one third as large. His balls were equally impressive, each the size of her fist. It made her wonder how all of that fits inside of her. The last time she was taken by him, she was so sore when she woke up and was an utterly exhausted wreck.

"And you need to dress in more then a loin cloth while meeting them," Rose said.

"You seem to enjoy me walking around naked," Ranma smirks at her as he heads for the baths.

"Still trying to get Ranma to act as an overlord?" Kasumi ask.

"Someone has too. Ranma is stuck in the castle as you women don't want him to endanger himself. He will have to become a diplomat and deal with the other rulers, and he still has much to learn about ruling a country. We the women serving him handle many things but he still needs to be more then just the stud around here," Rose said.

"True," Kasumi agreed. Ranma wants to do more as he hasn't fought anyone since they got here.

"Which is why…," Rose began but stops herself as she sees that Kasumi has closed her eyes and fell back into the bed with the other women.

Rose deciding that it's better for her to leave before the other women wake up got out of the room.


The Throne Room -

After washing himself up and putting on some clothes, Ranma sat himself down facing the two dragons. Rose stood with him along with Nabiki who came after hearing about a trade deal that one of the dragons wanted to make with their country. Ronja is standing alone while, Mei-Long is standing with four of her handmaidens.

"I welcome you to my land," Ranma said to the group.

"I am Ronja from the western forest," the larger of the dragons said.

"I am empress Mei-Long," the one standing in front of the four said.

"Ronja why have you come to see me today?" Ranma ask the first dragon who came.

"I seek your protection for my people. In the western forest my kind have been hunted for our bodies. It has stop for now as the bandits and hunters have been chase off by your women hunting them. But it will begin again. I wish for you to have the western forest as part of your country and it be protected so that my people can live there in peace. I have nothing to offer you but my body," Ronja said.

"And what about you Mei-Long?" Ranma ask.

"My country is facing hard times and hearing about the advancements from traders, I wish to open trade with your country. My country is rich in resources and in the ways of magic which we will share with you. Both of our countries will grow strong together," Mei-Long said.

"I'll will help you both. Mei-Long please follow Nabiki to her office where a trade agreement can be made. Ronja follow me to the war room where we can see how many of my girls are needed to protect the forest," Ranma said.

"Thank you," both dragons said before glaring at each other.

'I can't believe an Eastern dragon has the nerve to show herself here,' Ronja thought to herself. The only reason she hasn't acted is because she didn't want to make a bad impression with Ranma.

'Offering herself like that, at the drop of a hat. It's bad enough that she exposes herself like that, a woman needs to hide that only showing it to her lover,' Mei-Long thought to herself glaring at the western dragon who is going to be with Ranma while she'll be with one of his aides.

Both dragons turn their sights on Ranma and saw why so many women are under his spell. They both don't want the other to upstage her with the other being the first to bed him. But they can't settle things like they want by fighting to the death, so they'll just have to play with the cards dealt to them for the time being and wait till the time is right. For it's a known fact that female dragons will never just let another female dragon get the male they have their sights upon. (2)


Author's Notes -

1 – Ronja looks like Risty from Queen's Blade.

2 - It be like the demon and the princess in Tenchi.