I Love You With Hate!



Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?

But then realised it could all be over in a second?

My name is Susan Waters and this is the story of how my best friend became my lover and then my enemy!


"Dad".I shouted whilst running up the stairs. "I'm going for a bike ride with Will for a while. We are going through the woods up to the cliffs."

"All right honey. Make sure your back in time for dinner," he quickly replied.

When I came down stairs I heard him mumble something that strangely sounded like "Why don't you just notice you two are good


He was watching the news as he said it and didn't realise that i was just inside hearing distance.

I scowled at him but he couldn't see then I cleared my throat to get his attention. Once he realised I was there I leaned down and kissed his forehead and walked out shouting behind me, "Bye dad. See you in a couple of hours."

Of course it being dad he was too into the television so he only replied by a "uh uh" and "you too."

Once we were in the woods Will and I stopped by our usual place by a fallen down tree and sat down.

We both sat in silence for a few moments then he suddenly giggled.

"What you giggling at?" I growled at him.

"What your dad said indoors but obviously not meaning for me to hear."

"Oh ,you heard that too," I said nervously.

"Yes. I thought it was pretty funny."

"I'm glad you found it funny because I didn't because my dad obviously doesn't see us as best mates, he sees us as a couple!" As soon as I had said it I wished I hadn't and I instantly felt the tears rush into my eyes, I tried blinking them back quick. I looked up at his face and he looked gob smacked. I laughed at his expression and then realised he had started laughing too.

Once the laughing stopped we were off again for the cliffs, this time though I was more eager to get there quicker than usual.

We got to the top and stared over the edge. It was sunny up top and warm. Once again we sat in silence but this time it was Will speaking to break the silence. "Sue?" he sounded suspicious.

"Yes,"I answered very quickly before I could think.

"Do you think that ... we could be like your dad sees us?" He asked cautiously staring at his hands, but I couldn't think of a response from the sudden shock so we sat in silence until his eyes met my gaze and I finally


"I'd consider it but it would ruin our friendship," I told him true fully as I looked away from embarrassment then looked back to see his reaction. A load of emotions flickered across his face; shock, horror, disappointment, sadness and then suddenly understanding with a hint of relief. I was shocked by the way he reacted to that and then I almost shouted "come on, time to go, our parents will be wondering where we are." I struggled to say that breathlessly as I had not only startled Will but also myself, which we then started laughing at.

We rode back to my house and it seemed to be quicker then the trip up the cliff, but every now and then me or Will would start to giggle and set the other off.

I walked in to my house with Will on my tail and noticed Wills father sat talking to my mum while(as it sounded like)my dad was ordering a pizza or two.

Wills father was called Steven Adams and his mother Julie Adams who sadly past away three years ago when Will and I were only twelve.

"Hey mum, dad and Steven. What brings this get together?" I said through a huge smile because it meant that me and Will could talk longer.

"Just wanted a few friends over for a chat," my mum answered with a smug grin on her face.

I turned to look at Will and he had the same grin as me and possibly the same thought.

We sat in the back garden while the adults sat in the living room probably talking about me and Will but we didn't care because we knew the whole truth - or at least I did.

Will and I sat with N-Dubz playing in the background while we talked about what we were going to do tomorrow, as it was Friday today. But we obviously stayed away from the conversation that our parents were talking about until it was the only subject left to talk about.

"So..." I began.

"Well what would happen if we did try and we deeply swore that we were to always be best friends if it didn't work?" He said meaningful with a large smile from ear-to-ear across his face.

"Well I guess that could work."

"Are you sure that we could try it? I only will if its okay with you sue!"

"Um..." I sat thoughtful for a second then got up and kissed him on the lips and sat on his lap.

"Is that...a...yyyes...then?" He tried to say breathless from shock.

"Of course it is you great lump," I almost shouted it I was that happy and kissed him again. Then a sudden "YES!" came from the audience inside.

"They all know then."

"Obviously, my dad wouldn't be a mind reader if he couldn't read..." he trailed off he obviously wasn't meant to say anything, so I just sat on his lap with my arms around him and my mouth wide open.

"Oh crap, now I'm dead you weren't supposed to know about us. But your mum and dad already knew."

"Oh well... Okay then, your dad is still family to me.." I trailed off suddenly remembering what he said about 'us'. "What do you mean us?"

"Well as we are together I guess you should know who and what your boyfriend and his father is," he cleared his throat before he began again. "Me and my dad and all the previous and future males in my family have a ... you could say 'super power' each, me I can see the future. We are known as the 'gifted ones' but it also means ... we are not human.

"We originally came from vampires but evolved so that we do not eat humans or drink their blood, we just have the same 'powers' and have no heartbeat from the age of two." He stopped to scrutinize my face and I sat wide-eyed and open mouth at the story. I then waved him to go on.

"Up until the age of two we are human but on our second birthday we change and get 'powers'.

"But if by mistake we taste human blood we have a instant blood lust and turn vampire. See we are called Vamparnis and we are the reason vampire legends still live on because someone goes and slips a taste of blood.

"We are not the only family as we are spread across the world but we are one of the few with gifts. We can also bite and insert venom into humans so that they are like us and start their family. It also doesn't mean we don't go vampire unless we attempt to take the venom back. It's all very complicated really. Well that's pretty much it."

Finally I was able to talk so I spoke while I could. "Wow, why didn't you tell me before? You didn't think I'd run away and tell anyone did you?"

His eyes went guilty and then ashamed."I'm sorry, but it was also that my dad wouldn't let me so I'm probably...well...sort of dead if that's possible."

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone I'd even surrender to your become one of you ...if that were possible... whoops…my turn for some explaining to do now which means I'm dead."

"Okay I believe you, but I don't understand, what do you mean 'if it were possible to become one of us'? We can change you if you really wanted."

`Well its just you said any human but I'm not human either so..."

"What do you-..."

"Will time to go now," Steve interrupted.

"Oh crap, I promise I'll tell you in the morning, eight o'clock here. It's a long story."

"Oh...um...okay." We walked into the house holding hands, everyone wearing smug faces, especially my dad.

"OOo," my dad suddenly sung startling everyone.

"Jack now be nice don't make them embarrassed,"my mum hissed at him.

"Well it seems like you know mine and Wills family secret now,"Steven said to me, then whispered something that sounded like,"I'll give it a week and she'll be 'part' of the family!

"Come-on now time to go, though I'm sure you'll be back to see Sue again tomorrow."

"Of course dad, Why wouldn't I?!"Steven nodded and went over to say good-bye to my mum and dad while Will and I said good-bye with a passionate hug and kiss. Will and Steve then went home.

I turned to see my parents faces they were both smiling so I narrowed my eyes at them and so they went to sit down.

"Night mum. Night dad. Love you see you in the morning." I said trying to hide the annoyance in my voice and then started for the stairs. "Night honey, you too," came from my mum with a small giggle. Then my dad replied to me with "Night Sue, love you too, see you in the morning," he followed mums example with the giggle and I rolled my eyes at once then almost ran to my bedroom.

That was a good day but embarrassing. I laid back on my bed and the next thing I knew I was dreaming.