Chapter Three

The Sicky Plan

I woke up the next morning with eight missed calls from Will so I called him instantly.

While it was ringing I looked at the clock, it was quarter to eight so I had slept in.

"Hello?" it was Steven who answered.

"Hey, Steve, it's Sue. Is Will there please?"

"Well, yes he is, but you are ringing about the phone calls aren't you," this wasn't a question.

"Yes, do you know why he called?"

"Actually it was me. I was calling to check that you was okay after your dream last night."

"Oh I'm fine thanks, but I'm not sure if it was a dream. That maybe it was one of my visions. It felt so real, but I trust you and Will too much for you to do that."

"You might trust US but if there are to many Lifemebers then Vamparnis' turn vampire without a choice. Did you see a date or time that might indicate when your dream made out?"

"It looked like it was Will's birthday because he had a 16 badge on."

"Oh, that's in three months and the future can change. Is there any chance you can pull a sicky and me and Will will come over and I will "look after you" while your parents are at work?"

"Good plan. You and Will come here in a few use the excuse that Will wanted to give me a lift in to school and I'll come down "ill" and you could offer to look after me and Will "goes to school" than comes back again when my parents are gone."

"Excellent. Where did Will find himself a girl with brains?" we laughed for a minute until I spoke.

"Okay then. See you in a bit then."

"Yeah. Bye, Sue."

Five minutes must have passed when I heard Will and Steve come in.

"All right Jack. Sue in? Will insisted on giving her a ride."

"Yeah, 'course. SUE!" he shouted me and I was in my uniform ready, but had white make-up on so I looked ill.

"Yes, just comi... EEURGHH." I made a sound like throwing up so that I did actually sound ill.

I walked out of the bathroom acting dizzy.

"You all right, babe?" Will asked, "you don't look well."

"I'm okay," I spoke quietly and shaky so I sounded ill.

"No, she doesn't," Steve agreed, "why don't you go to work Jack. Will you go to school. I'll take care of Sue today."

"Okay, Steve. If your sure you don't mind?"

"No, problem, you too get out or you'll both be late."

"Okay. Thanks Steve. Bye."

"Bye, dad. See you later." They both walked out of the door shutting it behind them.

"Thank god for that. I thought that dad wasn't going to buy it."

"Yeah I know what you mean. Will will be back in a minute."

Almost before Steve could finish Will walked back through the door with a huge smile on his face- probably from the fact that the plan worked.

"All right babe. Dad."

"Heya again."

"Hello son. How was school?" Steve asked sarcastically as we all chuckled.

"It was okay. Dragged on a bit though."

We all sat talking randomly until only one subject was left unspoken about and was avoided.

My dream or vision!

"So then, Sue, about this 'dream' of yours," Steve said sounding as if we should have done this.

"Well, I laid thinking about you both then I fell unconscious too quick for me to go into a dream I think, but that means vision which means you two drink human blood or..." I trailed off because I didn't like the next part.

"Or, what babe?"

"Or a vampire and a lifemeber start a war which means more vampires are needed from the vamparnis's so they can win. And when the time comes for you both to change you have no choice it just happens and when it does."

"If it does," Will interrupted.

"If it does then I have no choice but to fight you both but also any generation, for example my mum, who it 'missed' they instantly become lifemebers to help fight. So it will be father and son versus mother and daughter." I really wished I hadn't said anything because they made it clear they didn't know, so we sat in silence for a while.

"Wow, I've never met anyone who knows more us and vampires than my dad."

"I know son but unfortunately it does sound more like a vision than a dream, so, Sue you need to try to find out who is going to start the war and stop them. Fast!"

"Yes, I know, I keep trying but who ever is meant to start it keeps changing their mind so I can't see it start."

"Oh, see this is going to be a problem. I told you dad!"

"But look on the bright side, if they keep having a change of mind there may not be a war!"

"The chances of that are very slight I'm afraid."

"Crap, this does not look good."

"Well, have you tried looking?"

"Yes, but it's one of your kind.. crap!"

"It's okay I know son. Have done for since she told you."

"Oh right."

"Look at least we know its a lifemeber that is going to start it and.." With that I had fainted and the vision- and floor- hit me hard.

The vision began where it left off, my boyfriend and his father by a dead body, them covered in the blood. I stood staring at them for which it felt for minutes, but only seconds past.

Will sniffed and caught my scent, they both turned to face me, eyes as red as the blood but faces too beautiful to be real.

All three of us got into a defence crouch within seconds of each other. There were foot steps behind me, I could smell my mother and others of my kind, including one of which who was staring into the forest before shouting, "Come on we started this now show your face!"

I cam out of my crouch to look at their face. It was a woman who I had seen in the shop regularly and also in my dreams several times. I looked back into the woods where she was looking and a tall gorgeous man walked out, who I knew owned a local B&B.

With that my vision changed and I saw myself laying on the floor in my house and water was thrown over me so I got the hint and woke up before they could do that to me.

"Well, wars back on I just saw the two people who will start it. They are local. One is a woman, lifemeber, she I see in the shop a lot I think her name is Clare Klinch. And the man, vamparnis, owns a B&B a few streets away he's called Paul Driver."

"Okay, did you hear any dialogue at all?"

"Yeah, it was Clare she was telling Paul to come out as he was hiding."

"Right, we've got to find them both before it all starts."