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Daniel smiled as Kari fumbled with a hot dog for a moment, hands still clumsy from sleep, before getting a grip on it and taking a bite. Meeting his amused stare, she smiled at him. "I'm starving! Work was a madhouse last night, and this is the first thing I've eaten since last night at dinner."

Daniel grinned, having been there himself. "I understand. You should try this…uh…purple stuff. It's really good."

"You mean Melissa's blueberry surprise? Yup, it's awesome."

"I'm Daniel, by the way."


Daniel nodded. "Yeah, Jeff introduced you when we first got here. You were still asleep. You looked like you had a rough night."

Cam flopped down next to him. "That ain't a very nice thing to say to a lady, Daniel. Or a very smart thing to say to a kickboxing champion like Kari…" He grinned at Daniel, slapping Kari on the back. "Even if we do have one of the best doctors and two of the best paramedics in the state right here."

Ray sat down at the table and Jeff came over. "You got that a little backwards, Cam. You really been gone that long?" Ray said.

"What do you mean?" Cam looked at them confused.

Jeff put his hands on Kari's shoulders. "That would be two of the best doctors and one of the best paramedics in the state. Kari started her internship this year." He grinned proudly.

Cam's eyes widened in surprise, then he gave Kari a high five. "You finally did it, kid? You've been talking about medical school since you were a kid, but when you married that… jerk… I figured that was over. Congratulations! Where is he, anyway? Didn't he come?"

"He's not in the picture anymore. He left Kari and Daniel a few years ago." Kari looked away when Jeff spoke, a cold edge to his voice that told Daniel it didn't matter how nice and gentle a man Jeff seemed to be, he was happy not to be the one who hurt Kari.

Cam winced and Daniel looked at her in sympathy. "I'm sorry."

Kari shook her head. "It's ok. Don't worry about it. We're fine. And I think we were bragging about me making it through medical school…" She grinned, turning the subject quickly.

Daniel took the hint. "So you're a doctor? And if I was to guess, Jeff is the other one?"

She nodded. "And Ray is the paramedic. I used to be too. But then when Travis left us, I had a chance to start over. Thanks to my awesome family." She leaned back against Anna, who smoothed Kari's hair down.

Cam gave Daniel a look that said 'I'll explain later' so he let it go. Kari's smile widened. "I love the ER. It's what I wanted since I was a kid. Last night we had this stabbing and the knife actually-"

Jeff cleared his throat and she stopped. "Sorry… civilians present. I forgot. Anyway, it was a fun shift."

Jeff shook his head. "How many years has it been since I described a shift as fun?"

Kari smirked. "The traumatic pneumothorax last week?"

"Oh, yeah… forgot about him… that was cool. Glad you got to see that…"

Just then a kid who's name Daniel had forgotten came running over and nearly tacked Ray. "Can we play the mafia game, dad? Please? There's enough people for it to be fun!"

Ray shrugged. "I'm in. Who else?"

Everyone chimed in quickly, as it was obviously a favorite game, and Cam was among them. "I'll explain it as we go," he told Daniel. "It's a lot of fun!"

What followed was possibly the most confusing game he had ever played (including the Ritual of Carnan on P3X-942) and one of the most entertaining. A storyteller (Dean, in this case) was telling a story of the mafia killing people in bizarre ways (the highlight being a poisoned toad thrown in a blender with someone's milkshake) while everyone's heads were down. 2 people were the mafia, one was the doctor and could save people, and the job of the rest was to vote off the mafia before they all died. Daniel had no idea what he was doing and it got more complicated the third round when he drew the mafia card.

Dean said the phrase "Everyone asleep" and everyone laid their head on their arms and closed their eyes. Then he said "Mafia awake". Daniel raised up to find himself looking into Kari's smiling blue eyes. He put his hands up, indicating that he didn't know what to do. Kari smiled and nodded, then pointed to Cam. Daniel grinned and nodded. Dean said "Mafia asleep" followed by "Doctor awake", "Doctor asleep" and "Everyone awake."

As everyone sat up, Dean said "Well, we really should all know not to mess with the mafia… and we especially should never try to run off with the Godfather's daughter. But one brave soul dare to try to elope with the fair maiden. Unfortunately, the Don got word of this beforehand, and as this Romeo was heading off with his Juliet, he stepped on the banana peel the Don had left beside his car door, fell into the pool, hit his head on the side and had a near drowning. This left him in a coma, where he was trapped in his body, a prisoner, until a caring friend smothered him with a pillow… And that was how Cam Mitchell met his end…"

Cam growled and leaned back in his chair. "Seriously? First one to go?"

Dean chuckled. "Had to be someone, man…"

Kari winked at Daniel as it all started again. Cam watched the two of them and grinned. If anyone could help his friend, it was this little fireball. He had watched the kid grow up, seen her battle through things that would make a weaker person shatter, seen her triumph and raise and adorable son, become a paramedic, and now reach her dream of becoming a doctor. He was proud of her. And he totally owed her ex-husband a visit. With Teal'c. And a zat gun…