Summary: What happened in between Transformers 1 and 2? How did Sam and Mikaela get together? A Sam/Mikaela story.

Authors note: I tried to write them in character but it's hard when there's not much material to work on. There weren't really enough scenes of them together in the movies. I just hope you guys enjoy this story. :) Also, this is mostly in Mikaela's POV and the italics are Bumblebee's voice.

Mikaela Banes looked across the hallway and let out a disgusted sigh. Standing right in her line of sight was Sam Witwicky with the cheerleader extraordinaire, Isabella, throwing herself at him once again. Ever since Sam came to school in his yellow Camaro, he has turned heads and of course, the occasional flirt. She slammed her locker shut and with one last lingering look at the two, walked towards History class.

"Hey, Mikaela," Sam greeted her, a few minutes later, as he sat down on the chair in front of her. He turned around and faced her, his signature goofy grin on his face. "How're you today?"

"Good, I think," she shrugged, opening her book, choosing to ignore Sam's attempt at a conversation.

"Bee's asking about you," he, on the other hand, chose to ignore her choice to ignore him.

Before Mikaela could respond, their History teacher entered the room and class started. A few page turns of their book and boring words from their teacher, the class bell rang indicating that their 45 minutes of History class was over and done for the day. Mikaela quickly picked her things up and walked out of the classroom to head to her locker. It was their last class for the day and she wanted to get away from school as much as possible.

"Mikaela! Hey, Mikaela!" Sam's familiar voice came from across the lawn of the school grounds. A few seconds later, an out-of-breath Sam reached her side, causing her to stop and face him. "You heading home now?"

"Yes, Sam," she nodded, trying not to look at him in the eye. "Did you want something?"

"Well, Bee's parked right over there and he really wants to see you, Mikaela. He's been asking for you. Do you think you can just come say hi?"

She looked over at where Sam pointed and saw Bumblebee parked right where he told her he would be. She gave out a sigh. "Fine."

"Great!" Sam grinned. "C'mon. Bee'll be delighted."

Before they can reach Bumblebee, Isabella suddenly popped out from nowhere and shamelessly flirted with Sam right in the middle of the street. "Are you finally give me a ride on that hot car of yours, Witkicky?"

"It's Witwicky," Mikaela corrected her with a roll of the eye.

"Oh, hey, Mikaela," Isabella greeted her, looping her arms on Sam's in a flirty, possessive manner. "Sorry to hear about you and Trent."

"You broke up with Trent?" Sam asked, a shocked look on his face. She never told him she broke up with Trent as soon as she got home from Mission City, which was two days ago. After realizing that there was so much more to life than being with a man with hot abs and muscles, she broke it off with Trent. At first, Mikaela thought Sam would finally ask her out, in all honesty, but I guess there were other thoughts on Sam's mind now that he was the guy with the hot car. Also, Mikaela has told herself it was safer to be just friends with Sam, anyway.

"Yeah," she nodded. She gave a look at Bumblebee and gave the car a smile and then looked back at Sam and Isabella. "I think I'll go ahead now. There's some stuff I still need to do."

"Bye, Mikaela," Isabella's voice ran after her, making Mikaela grimace. Isabella was so not the girl for Sam. Mikaela knew how Isabella rolled. She lured in boys to use them… Just like she used to do. She gave herself a mental beating after realizing Isabella was just like her.

Because of the recent events (discovery of an alien race by Sam and her), Mikaela has lost her moped which was one of the casualties in the Barricade attack. Mikaela has been walking to and fro from school since she came back. It was a long way but she just thought of it as exercise. Exercise that she didn't really need but had to do anyway.

A block away from school, a familiar car horn made her glance for a second sideways.

"Mikaela! It's Sam! Witwicky!" a familiar line from a familiar voice came from the yellow Camaro. Only this time, the Camaro was a new model and definitely not a car as it seemed to be. She stopped on her tracks and looked sideways, seeing Sam's face from the driver side, leaning over to look at her through the passenger side. "Hey, hop in! Bee and I'll give you a ride home. Just like old times."

And just like the last time, Mikaela had no reason to say no. So she got into the yellow car. "Hey, Bee."


"Just like old times, eh?" Sam grinned at her as he started the car once again. "You. Me. Bee."

Gone was the awkward, stuttering boy who mixed up his words from the first time they met. Sitting right next to her was a boy who went through an alien race war, standing right in the middle, and coming out a man.

"You know, I should really learn my lesson to not ride in any car with you," she commented. "I seem to always end up in trouble when I do."

"Well, this time, Bee and I promise not to get you in trouble, right, Bee?" Sam gave the dashboard a pat. Bumblebee revved his engine, most probably agreeing with Sam. "You were actually gonna walk home?"

"Well, yeah. After my moped got run over by a maniac alien robot, there really is no other means of going to school."

"Shit," Sam cursed and gave her an apologetic look quickly followed by a look that some great idea just popped into his head. He grinned widely. "Well you know what? I guess I'll be your designated driver from now on."


"Since it's my fault your moped got caught up in the giant droid match, I'll make it up to you by driving you around wherever you need to go. Bee and I are cool with that, right, Bee?"

Bumblebee once again revved his engine in reply.


"Are you sure Bumblebee means yes whenever he does that?" she asked with a raise of an eyebrow.


"Straight from the autobot himself," Sam grinned wider. "So what do you say?"

"Fine," she huffed. "It's not like I've got any choice. I am getting tired of all the walking."

"Great! Now do you prefer going to school a little late or early or just in time?"

No one goes to school late on my watch.

"Fine, Bee," Sam rolled his eyes. "We'll go early. How about I pick you up 30 minutes before bell everyday?"

"Sure," she shrugged. "I don't really need a lot of time to get ready, anyway."

"I bet you just get out of bed looking like that, eh? You lucky girl. Do you have any idea how much time it takes for me to look anything remotely human after getting out of bed?" He was teasing, of course.

"Shut it, Sam," she gave him a playful shove.

"Hey! Hey! I'm driving here! No hitting the driver!"

"Bee won't let you hit anything," she told him matter-of-factly.

"So if I do this, it'll be alright?" Sam raised both his hands up in the air.

"Sam!" she couldn't help but grab his hands down and place it back on the stirring wheel.

"I thought you said Bee won't let us hit anything?" he asked, laughing.

"Well, I don't really know when Bee's in control or you are," she told him. Her hands still lingering on his wrist. She gave it a squeeze and a warning look. "Now drive properly, Witwicky."

"Yes, ma'am," he gave her a small salute and did what was asked of him.

Before she knew it, Sam was already pulling into the small street that led to her house.

"So I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7?" he asked as she opened the door.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Thanks, Sam. I'll see you tomorrow."

He gave her a smile and a wave as she got out. Before she could completely close the door, she heard Bumblebee's voice come from the radio.

Ratchet's right, Sam. Your pheromone levels do indicate that you want to…

"Bee!" Sam cut him off with a shout and a slap on the dashboard.

Mikaela couldn't help but walk away with a smile on her face.