My very first fanfiction, inspired by Kishimoto's great work. The story will take place a few years later than the recent manga, M rated for a reason. Warnings: Major manga spoilers up to and including the most recent release. Disclaimer: Naruto and all its characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto!

I hope you all enjoy this: comments and feedback are much appreciated!


Prologue: The Jinchuuriki

She awoke in a bruised, sweaty heap. Her head was throbbing so hard that she thought she might be better off as a corpse than surviving in a terrible state like this. Her limbs were weak and unresponsive as she struggled to move in the frustratingly shifting pile of cloth she lay in, her mind trying to focus on remembering why she was in a dusty dark room.

"Where on earth… am I?" she rasped, her throat all sore from the dust and lack of oxygen. Her eyes slowly started to scan her arms and the rest of her body, noticing the dried blood, the bruises and wounds that was covering her. A frown appeared on her face: what had happened?

She squinted in the darkness, totally unsure of what time it was or how long she had been unconscious. Getting to her knees was a challenge, and standing, albeit unsteadily, was a feat to her willpower alone. She judged that to escape was nigh well impossible, but that didn't stop her to take a lurching step into the direction that seemed to lead towards a door. However, she staggered and collapsed to the ground after only a few feet of trying.

Riye has never felt so weak and vulnerable before in her entire life.

Now on her hands and knees, she crawled painfully forward, aware of the tearing ache that shot though her body as she made contact with the ground beneath her. She made it to the silhouette of the unlocked door and reached out with a dirty hand to push open the wooden panel… but then unfortunately it swung open toward her.

'What the- !' An immense dark force barrelled into her, knocking her backwards as if she weighed nothing and cried out, but the noise was muffled by the thick fur pressing against her face, something heavy leaning on her chest, forcing her to the ground. She was pinned beneath it as easily as if she had a mountain on top of her, and that's what it was, a mountain of fur and warmth and thick animal scent. She was being smothered as she resisted, her defensive action already pitifully weak, without the lack of oxygen to slow her more. She was being crushed under this creature, going to die if it kept that way, and she didn't even know what it was. She tried to push him off with all her strength, trying to meld some of her chakra into her hands to - but then it struck her: she had no chakra left at all, even her reserves were all gone!

How was this possible? How had she gotten into this dark stink hole? And most of all: why the hell was this filthy thing trying to crush her?

Riye heard a sound from far away, and belatedly registered it as a man's voice that she definitely had heard before. The thing on top of her growled in displeasure, but cleared itself of her body so she could gasp for air on the ground.

"What the hell… was that?"

Gratefully she sucked in the dusty air, alive, and knowing it because she was still aware of her immense pain that came from her upper arm and her right temple. She heard the sounds of the door being bolted, peered into the darkness.

"Your attempts to escape will be useless since Kisame-san has drained your chakra with his Samehada. I highly advice you not to try again."

Riye felt somewhat too weak at the moment, when she finally remembered that her chakra reserves were gone. She gritted her teeth horror and anger. "Who's there?" she asked in a slow voice that quavered slightly. She heard the beasts she felt a few moments ago rumble aggressively as she spoke.

"No one of consequence," was the rough reply. "Do not try to escape again, or the wolves will bring you down, next time not so gently."

"Wolves?" she repeated, a little recognition apparent in her low tone.

"Yes," the man said. "They will not hesitate to bite your neck, especially an escaping little girl."

"So you are Kawada Hiroki… the new Akatsuki member from Kurogakure that uses wolves to kill." she had spat his name in disgust, knowing that he was responsible for several deaths of some of her friends, as she glared at her enemy in the dim light he had conjured. The man held a single candle over Riye's head, and though he could make out her features quite clearly, all she could see of him were shiny yellow eyes and the red clouds on his cloak, proving him a rightful member of the Akatsuki.

"You are the container of something that we need, plus you are holding some interesting information on Kirigakure's plans," he told her bluntly. "Give it to us now."

"You know that I won't tell you anything…" she said, and threw herself at the light, knocking it from his hand before he had time to turn away. She hurdled past him, but his foot caught her and she fell heavily, sprawled on her face on the ground.

"Get off of me filthy-!" The wolves were on her in a flash, their menacing growl roaring dangerously in her ears as a pair of jaws was none to lightly clamped over her unprotected neck.

"Wait." she heard Hiroki order the wolves sharply, and their sharp teeth did not draw blood. She froze, barely breathing, listening to the man as he retrieved the extinguished candle from where it lay a distance away.

"Too bad," he mused indifferently. "That was my last match. You'll have to spend a night with wolves in the dark now." The way he said it, she knew he couldn't care less for her fear of the creatures still poised to kill her. Until God must have heard her silent prays…

"I thought that there was told that we aren't supposed to harm the Jinchuuriki or… am I mistaken, Hiroki-san?" a young male voice spoke up, his frame blocking the doorway. Riye's eyes squinted over and got surprised as she noticed Momochi Zabuza's sword, Kubikiri Houcho, that was resting on the figure's shoulders. How long has it been since she has seen that sword…Hōzuki Suigetsu..

"Don't interfere, Suigetsu… or should I really make you leave?" Hiroki spoke up, as in challenging him. Riye suspected that Suigetsu held the same temper as his brother and she seemed to be damn right: he immediately lifted up his arm to reach for his sword.

"Let's see how you would fight without your-!"

"Enough, Suigetsu." a soft, yet powerful and masculine voice suddenly cut him off.

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