Mikan, Natsume, Hotaru, Ruka- 16 Tsubasa, Misaki- 18

Hotaru's POV

"Class, we are going to have a new student. You can come in." Narumi said. I dropped my wrench the minute I saw who came in.

"Mikan?" I asked. She had the coldest eyes. Ones that can send a shiver down your spine. She is so unlike before.

"Introduce yourself." Narumi said.

"Mikan Sakura. Single Star. Special Ability. Age 16." Mikan said shortly and icily. What happened to her? Just then, Hyuuga and his gang walked in, but Ruka paused the minute he saw Mikan.

"Mikan?" he asked. She took a glance at him, probably only to see who was calling her name, and then looked back to the class.

"Okay, umm. Mikan-chan, you're partner will be Natsume Hyuuga, over there. You will go sit by him." Narumi said. Wow, 2 cold people sitting next to each other. That seat is going to really quiet and dangerous.

"Free period." Narumi said, gaily jumping out of the classroom. Mikan sat down in her seat and stayed there. Ruka was sitting next to me and we both agreed we should go talk to her.

"Mikan?" Ruka questioned. Mikan looked up at him and then back down to the desk.

"Ruka, you know this girl?" Hyuuga asked.

"Yeah, she was a childhood friend before I moved to your town." Ruka explained.

"Mikan, why are you so quiet?" I asked. She turned her head and looked away now.

"Mikan, what the hell is wrong with you?!" I yelled at her. I just can't stand the thought of Mikan being this cold and distant. Mikan slid out of the seat and walked out of the classroom.

Mikan's POV

I just can't stand facing them. They would think I'm a horrible person if I told them. But I am a horrible person and a monster. That is just who I am. Maybe I should chill under this sakura tree. It's really pretty anyway. I slowly drifted to sleep.

Natsume's POV

I can't stand all that fucking noise. I might as well go to my sakura tree. Hey, who is that person over there? Oh, it's the new girl. Just because she is Ruka's friend does not mean she can stay at my sakura tree. Not to mention how cruelly she treated him before. My face hovered above the girl.

"Oi, wake up little girl." I said. Her eyes opened. Her eyes looked beautiful for a second, until they snapped back to an icy and frozen mode.

"What?" she snapped at me.

"Get off my sakura tree." I commanded.

"No. I don't see your name on it anywhere." She said.

"Everybody very well knows that this is my sakura tree." I said.

"Well, I'm not everybody, so piss off and go find some other person to bother." She said coldly.

"Just leave already." I said.

"Don't pick a fight with me kid. I'm not in the mood." She said, pointing a finger at me.

Mikan's POV

"Don't pick a fight with me kid. I'm not in the mood." I said, pointing a finger at him.

"You can't do anything anyways, little girl. You are a single star and I'm a special star. Beating you would be like a walk in the park. You should be listening to me." Hyuuga said. Mikan don't lose your temperature. You know your alice can get out of control.

"I can do plenty of things." I muttered under my breath as I walked away from the sakura tree.

Natsume's POV

"I can do plenty of things." I heard her mutter under her breath. I was about to respond when she started getting up and walking away. She didn't look like the type of person that would give up so easily

Next Day Mikan's POV

"Free Period!" Naru yelled and then hopped out of the room. Ruka and Hotaru pulled seats up to me and sat down.

"Mikan, what happened to you?" Ruka asked gently. I miss his gentle voice, Usagi, and his cool cerulean eyes. I also miss Hotaru's coldness, and baka gun, and her cold amethyst eyes.

"…" I was thinking if I was gonna say something, but I decided not to.

"Mikan, please. What happened when we were gone?" Ruka asked.

"Hey little girl…" Hyuuga started before he saw someone enter the room.

"Mikan Sakura, I suppose?" the man asked me. He was pale and wearing all black except for a white mask that covered only half of his face. I looked up at him with my stinging cold eyes. He chuckled at them. I noticed that everyone was afraid. I also noticed that I didn't know why, but I felt like I could relate to him in some way.

"You are?" I asked, barely audible. My voice was icy and I could tell that he could hear me well.

"Persona, the dangerous ability class teacher. I came here to give you your alice control devices." He said. I nodded.

Hotaru's POV

"Persona, the dangerous ability class teacher. I came here to give you your alice control devices." Persona said. Mikan nodded. He put a pair of earrings that dangled with three alice controlling jewels each on her. Next she got a necklace with a cross on it and in the middle was an orange alice control jewel. The last thing she got was an anklet with a pink alice control jewel dangling down. She willfully raised her foot for him to put it on her. Persona looked up at her and she nodded.

Mikan's POV

Persona started walking but I got up and tapped him on the shoulder. I can tell he has the death alice. That means he has dark spots all over his body. I should give him a small version of my alice stone. Persona turned around and I clenched my fist, facing downwards. I pulled out Persona's palm and dropped a shining stone in his hand and closed it right away so that nobody would see. I asked Narumi yesterday just to make sure and most people in this school can't recognize an alice stone.

"My alice stone. Nullification. It's not big and it's just a copy but it should get rid of the death marks for a while, jut in case that earring ever comes off. Hold on to it." I whispered. I was positive nobody could hear me. He gave me the smallest smile that nobody else would be able to notice. But then he gave a visible nod.

Hotaru's POV

Mikan whispered something to Persona and then she leaned back down. She had to stand on tip toes to whisper it to him, whatever it was. He nodded to whatever she said and thus left using that dark aura to vanish and everybody was left staring at Mikan.

"No single star is supposed to have so many alice control devices." Koko said, reading my mind. I blasted him with my baka gun. I saw for a second that her eyes lightened. They were still cold but they were lightened and a second later they went back to their original level of coldness. I could see from the corner of my eye that Hyuuga was wondering what the hell was going on with Mikan. I'm pretty much wondering the same thing.

Natsume's POV

What the hell? First of all what did she just give Persona? Second of all, what did she tell Persona? And what was supposed to be first, but third of all, why the hell does she have so many alice control devices? I don't even have that many. Hell, I only have one! She has 8! Sure you can use alice control devices to hold the alices of people who can't control them well in, but she doesn't need that many just to keep it tame.

"No single star is supposed to have so many alice control devices." Koko said. Imai shot the baka gun at him, meaning that he was reading her mind.

"Hey Ruka, do you know your friend's alice?" I asked Ruka in a whisper. He shook his head. We watched Mikan walk out of the class.

"Ruka, let's follow her. Hyuuga you can come if you want, since you seem curious." Imai said dragging Ruka out of the classroom.

Ruka's POV

"Hey Ruka. Do you know your friend's alice?" Natsume asked me in a whisper. I shook my head. I really didn't. Mikan was walking out of the classroom by now.

"Ruka let's follow her. Hyuuga you can come if you want, since you seem to be curious." Hotaru said. Hotaru must have heard us. She has some of the best hearing in the world. Only Mikan can whisper low enough for her not to hear and she barely ever whispered when we were little.

"Mikan!" I called when I saw her walking by the sakura tree that Natsume always hangs out at. We were getting close to her when we saw her starting to collapse. Natsume ran over and caught her just in time. Hotaru and I also ran over. I leaned down.

"Put her on my back." I said.

"No." Natsume said firmly and carried her bridal style.

"Let's worry about getting her to the hospital wing quickly." He said running. Since when did he care about any girl? I should catch up quickly. Hotaru was already ahead riding on the duck scooter. I could tell there was worry and concern in her eyes.

At Hospital Wing Natsume's POV

"Mikan Sakura." I said.

"The third floor. Tell one of the nurses up there to notify the high school principal." The nurse at the counter said.

"Which room on the third floor?" Ruka asked.

"The whole floor is her room. Make sure you take off her alice control devices before you turn on the hospital ones." The nurse answered.

"Why the whole floor? And why the high school principal?" I asked.

"Her alices are extremely powerful. But I can't tell you what they are. And to answer your other question, the high school principal is her uncle. She doesn't know that though and don't tell her. I will notify the principal as a favor. Go up now." She said. We started going up. The whole floor really was her room.

"Hotaru." I heard from my right.

"Onii-chan." Imai replied.

"So you have Sakura-san. I have been informed that she has joined the school. You can lie her down on the bed." Imai Subaru said. I set her down and watched her for a second then returned to the group.

"When did she pass out?" Subaru asked.

"Just a few minutes ago." Ruka said. He nodded and went over to Mikan. He examined for injuries or anything like that. We sat down by her and watched her sleep when Subaru left.

Mikan's POV

Flashback/ Dream (the 16 yr. old Mikan can't talk.)

"Who am I going to play with? Maybe Mr. Birdie." A 5 year old brunette said. It's me. The small me walked over to the bird, but it flew away.

5 yr. old Mikan's POV

"I wish Hotaru and Ruka-pyon were still here." I said out loud.

"Mikan! Leave now! Run Away!" I heard. I turned around to find my grandpa. My mom and dad came out.

"Mikan, get away. Go. Run away!" they continued to yell. A man with a gun came out.

"I don't want to run away."

I saw the bullet pierce through my mom. I started crying.

"Mommy, don't leave me." I cried.

"Mom don't go."

"Mikan, run! Now, go!" daddy yelled. My small legs were paralyzed at the moment. Oji picked me up and started running.

I heard another bullet.

"Daddy!" I yelled, looking back. I saw the blood all over the floor.

"Dad, I need you."

Grandpa ran and ran. And an old man's legs can only take him so far. The man in the black suit behind us was catching up. Grandpa put me down and threw the man's gun away, by extending his cane over it.

"Run Mikan. Run to your aunt's house and explain everything. They came for a special power called an alice which you possess." He said. I started running. I didn't want to look back, but I did. Grandpa, was there, dead as well. But it seems he killed the other man as well.

"Grandpa, don't leave me."

I arrived at my aunt's house and rang the doorbell vigorously.

"What is it?!" my aunt yelled at me. She looked at me with an angered face. She never did like me. She saw that I came here alone. I explained everything to her.

"You murderer! You killed my sister, my brother in law, and my father! You! All because you had some stupid power, they all died. It's your fault they died! You are a murderer." My aunt said.

"No, it's not. I'm not." I said, scared and tearing up again.

"Yes it is your fault. Yes, you are a murderer!" she said.

"It's not my fault…I'm not a murderer…"

"It's not my fault… I didn't do it…"

"I'm not a murderer…"

"I'm not a murderer…"

"I'm not a murderer…"

"I'm a murderer…"

"It's my fault…I'm a murderer…"

"Mikan, Mikan!" I heard Hotaru call. I woke up harshly, sweating and panting.

"Mikan, were you having a nightmare?" Ruka asked. Everybody had a concerned look on their face. I was surprised to see Hyuuga there.

"Where am I? What am I doing here? Hotaru, Ruka, Hyuuga? What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"What the hell was up with that murderer thing?" Hyuuga asked.

"Hyuuga, you're getting ahead of yourself. Mikan, why did you pass out all of a sudden?" Hotaru asked.

"You would have to know everything to know that." I said.

"I want to know everything. We are best friends. I will understand whatever happens." She said.

"I can't. I'm sorry, but I have to go." I said getting up. I started falling again. It was never easy for me to get up right after being unconscious.

Natsume's POV

"I'm not a murderer…"

"I'm a murderer…"

"It's my fault…I'm a murderer…"

"Mikan, Mikan!" Imai called Mikan. She woke up rather harshly, sweating and panting.

"Mikan, were you having a nightmare?" Ruka asked. Everybody was worried like hell hearing what she was saying, including me.

"Where am I? What am I doing here? Hotaru, Ruka, Hyuuga? What are you guys doing here?" She asked.

"What the hell was up with that murderer thing?" I asked. People don't think about that, ever. It's suspicious.

"Hyuuga, you're getting ahead of yourself. Mikan, why did you pass out all of a sudden?" Hotaru asked.

"You would have to know everything to know that." Mikan said. I wanna know everything. Why, I have no idea.

"I want to know everything. We are best friends. I will understand whatever happens." Imai said.

"I can't. I'm sorry, but I have to go." She said getting up. She looked like she was gonna collapse. I got up and walked over to her. I gently pushed her back down to sit her down on the bed.

"Stay. You were going to fall again. And you need to answer all the questions. Not to mention that there is an electrical barrier around the room where you can't leave until you have your original alice control devices back. And we have those, so you have no choice. If you try and leave without those, you will be shocked. If you try to use your alice, this entire floor is filled with alice control devices to shock you if you do try it." I said.

"Fine." She said, sitting back down on the bed.

"What were you talking about and what did you give Persona? And why did you have so many alice control devices?" I asked.

"I have a lot of alice control devices because my alice is extremely powerful and rare. I gave Persona an alice stone and I told him what the alice stone was for. My alice is really powerful, so it is very easy for me to give it to somebody especially since I just had a feeling that he can relate to me somehow and it warmed me up a little. So, I did him a favor. Do you have a problem with that?" she said, snapping at the last part.

"What is your alice?" Imai asked.

"Not telling you." She said.

"We have your alice control devices." I reminded her.

"Nullification. I gave him a nullification alice stone so that the death marks will go away." She said. We all gave her a confused look.

"You make an alice stone when you think about a person that you care about or warms you up and focus your energy on one so that is what I did. I can make many alice stones easily, because whoever I relate to, or whoever warms me up, I tend to care about them a lot and give them an alice stone if I really do care a lot and want to help them. Now do you have a problem with that?" she said, snapping at the end again.

"What happened when we were gone though?" Imai asked.

"I still can't tell you." She said.

"Mikan, we have to know. How are we supposed to help you or anything? This is not the you from the past. You use to be bubbly. You use to always smile. Your voice was warm. Now you are all cold." Ruka said.

"Why were you so nice to Persona though?" I asked.

"You sure are curious Hyuuga." She snapped at me. I guess she was suspicious of me.

"Don't call me Hyuuga. I hate being called that. Call me Natsume. Now answer the question." I said.

"I have already answered most of your questions. Why should I answer anymore of them?" she asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe because I carried you here." I said. She rolled her eyes at me.

"I already told you, it's because I can relate to him." She said. Ruka looked taken back. Anybody would if you have something to relate to Persona with.

"Stupid alice and something else that I will not tell any of you." She said. How can she talk coldly throughout an entire conversation, even with her childhood friends? Childhood friends is of course excluding me.

"Tell us." I said. She rolled her eyes. She was quiet with her eyes closed. I wonder what she is focusing on.

"I'm leaving now." She said after a minute or two.

"You still can't." I said.

"Watch me." She said. She walked out of the hospital room with great ease. That is when I noticed she had her alice control devices back.

"How did she?" Ruka asked.

"She must have done something to get them back." Imai said.

"How the hell could she stand those electric shocks? They are horrible." I said.

"Hyuuga, follow her. You are the one that can follow without her knowing such a presence." Imai commanded. I hate being ordered around, but this girl, she kinda makes me feel different. I ran after her, careful for her not to notice my presence. She continued to walk. I saw her take the bus to central town. I followed by holding on to the back of the bus. I followed her shopping, for one fucking hour. She was walking to the sakura tree in the center of the Sakura tree when I saw her falling again. I ran over and caught her again. Are you serious? The shock affects should be gone by now, so this is for no reason. I guess I should let her lie down again.

Mikan's POV

I still don't know how they didn't notice I had another alice. I mean, you can't retrieve things without being noticed with the nullification alice. It is hard to believe Hotaru didn't notice it, but I guess she was too worried to do it. I feel dizzy. Damn, I hate this medical condition. I should head over to the only grassy area. Everything went black as soon as I got there.

Flashback/ Dream (Mikan no longer 16, now 5 again)

(Little 5 yr. old Mikan's POV again)

"You murderer! You killed my sister, my brother in law, and my father! You! All because you had some stupid power, they all died. It's your fault they died! You are a murderer." My aunt said.

"No, it's not. I'm not." I said, scared and tearing up again.

"Yes it is your fault. Yes, you are a murderer!" she said.

"I'm not a murderer…"

"Get out of my house! Get out!" she screamed. I turned away from her until I heard a bullet. I turned around then looked up and saw my aunt falling down with a bullet delved into her heart. I screamed.

"Come here little girl." A man said, walking towards me but I backed away with each step.

"Get away from me. Please, get away." I pleaded.

"Get away from me, please…"

"You are a murderer. Come with us and you will be able to control your alice. You won't kill anybody anymore." The man said. I continued to back up.

"NO! NO! NO!" I screamed.

"No, no, no! Please, go away."

"You can't run away from this." He said with a smirk on his face. He cornered me.

"Stop, please, stop!" I yelled, the tears streaming down my face again. He grabbed me, and an explosion that I think was caused by my alice happened. I kept my eyes shut for a few more seconds and then opened them. I really was a murderer.

"I'm a murderer…"

I looked down and saw the man with a lot of blood coming out from all over him. I looked up and saw the whole village in ruins.

"The village…"

I walked around the village and all I saw was the people I loved and cherished with blood leaking out of their bodies. I really am a murderer. I ran and ran out of the village. I killed everybody.


"Mikan, Mikan, Mikan, wake up!" I heard. Again I woke up harshly. I saw Natsume's face.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still kind of dizzy. My head was on his lap so I brought it up and sat properly, leaning against the tree.

"I was following you and saw you fall again. What is with the fainting? And what is with the murderer thing? You have to tell somebody if you are going to wake up like that every time." He said with a concerned look on his face. I was confused.

"I already told you, I'm not telling anybody." I said coldly.

"Mikan, have you ever killed someone?" he asked. I looked away. I cry whenever I think or talk about the matter. My eyes were watering.

"So you have. Who? Was it somebody important to you?" he asked.

Natsume's POV

"I already told you, I'm not telling anybody." Mikan said. Why can't she trust anyone?

"Mikan, have you ever killed someone?" I asked. She looked away from me. I could tell that her eyes were watering.

"So you have. Who? Was it somebody important to you?" I asked. I can relate to her on that matter. She hugged her knees and I could hear her sniffling. I looked at her with gentle eyes. It must be hard on her.

"I have too. It's hard to think about it, but I killed my entire village, and more." I said. I hate remembering it. She looked up at me with her watery eyes. I wasn't expecting it, but after she looked up at me, she threw herself at me into a hug. I hugged her back, holding her tight. She needed the comfort. I could hear her completely crying by now. I could also feel my shirt getting all wet. She kept crying for about 10 minutes. Then she jerked back and hugged her knees while looking away.

"You never saw me cry." She said coldly. Wow that was a quick change in character.

"I never saw anything." I said.

"So who did you kill?" I asked.

"My entire village and more. Don't tell anybody. Anybody includes Hotaru and Ruka. They cherished that village so much. Don't tell them. I'll have your head cut off and on my wall if you do." She said. She was looking away from me.

"I won't tell anybody." I said.

"Thank you." She told me with a generous smile, now facing me. It made my heart stir to see her eyes warm and a bright smile appear on her face. Her face went cold again after a few seconds and she got up.

"Hey, what about the fainting thing?" I asked.

"Oh, I was out in the cold world for 11 years, so yeah, I was told that it was a medical condition when I checked it in a hospital one day and then ran away without paying the fee. And don't expect another smile from me or another explanation. My past is worse than what you could ever imagine. Smiling isn't my thing anymore. And don't forget, don't tell anybody anything." She said. I nodded at her and she walked away. I'm happy enough. I walked the other way to the central town buses.

On School Grounds Natsume's POV

I walked into my room.

"Where is she?" Imai asked.

"I lost her in Central Town." I lied through my teeth. Imai gave me a suspicious look. My face stayed the same so she just walked past me and out of the room. Ruka stayed there with an eyebrow raised.

"You lied through your teeth, Natsume. You can't expect me to fall for your lies. I'm your best friend." Ruka said.

"Okay, I was lying. But I can't tell you anything that happened." I said.

"But I'm worried sick about her." He said. He gave me puppy eyes, which he knows make me talk all the time. I looked away from him.

"Come on Natsume. Tell me. I'm your best friend." He said.

"I promised, okay? I can't tell you." I said. He sighed, knowing that I wasn't going to tell him. I felt that my promise with Mikan was more important than his want to know all this stuff.

Next Day In Class Mikan's POV

I came into class with my cold face on as usual. I can't believe I told him that I killed my village. I can't believe it. Well, at least I got it off my mind. Though that doesn't mean that I won't have nightmares about it again. Natsume was already sitting there. Ruka and Hotaru were still looking at me with concerned eyes. Hotaru had a stoic face but if you looked closely or you knew her well, you could tell that she was concerned. I hate not telling them. But Hotaru would hate to hear all of my past anyway. It would pain and anger her to hear just one part of it.

In The Middle Of Class Mikan's POV Still

Damn, I'm getting dizzy but I can't show anybody anything.

"Everybody, take out your text books and turn to page 221." Narumi said. Great chance for me. I got up and started walking out of the room.

"Ummm, Mikan-chan? Where are you going?" Narumi asked. I glared at him.

"I'm gonna get my textbook." I said to him telepathically.

He nodded his head at me kind of nervously because the glare was really harsh. Naru is the only one who knows my other alice. I continued walking out of the room. I think I made a small scene. I walked out onto the campus. Shit, I don't think I can make it to the dorms. I should at least pass out where nobody can see me. I walked towards the forest. I didn't make it there either. Everything fell black before I could.

Natsume's POV

Mikan got out of her seat, all of a sudden and made her way towards the door.

"Ummm, Mikan-chan? Where are you going?" Narumi asked. She glared at him and then he nodded nervously. What the hell? I turned my attention back outside thinking that she was probably going to get her textbook. I suddenly saw her walking towards the forest. Before she got there though, I saw her pass out again.

"Damn, again." I muttered. I opened the window and jumped out. It was easy because the building was big but it was only 1 floor. I ran outside and picked Mikan up bridal style. I decided to go through the forest so that nobody would see. I was lucky I didn't hit her with any branches when I got to the hospital