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Chapter Thirteen - Final

"Nice bracelet."

Spencer didn't even bother to look up from her study notes as Casey sat down at her table in the library.

"So?" Casey said expectantly but Spencer still didn't look up. "What happened last night?"

"What, besides you ditching me to go fuck Sally? Nothing." Spencer had a smirk to let her know that she didn't care about being ditched.

"Hey, I was doing you a favor. But really, what happened?"

"Well, she gave me this," she said holding up her wrist with the bracelet. "As a thank you for helping her, I kissed her, and the concert started."

Casey gasped excitedly which caused the librarian to shush them so she leaned in to whisper. "You kissed her?"

"Yes, Casey," Spencer said rolling her eyes. "I kissed her." She went back to studying but she knew that wouldn't appease her friend.

"And then what?" She poked her repeatedly contemplating on whether or not to beat the information out of her.

"Ow!" Spencer pulled back her arm and examined it. "Calm, down. Then she took me home."

Casey visibly deflated and gave her a hard look. "That's it? She took you home?"

It was very hard to conceal the smile on her face but Spencer focused all of her energy in trying to study. "Yup, that's it."

"Isn't it kind of hot out to be wearing that?" Casey asked as she pointed to the very obvious scarf around Spencer's neck. She sat back in her seat and crossed her arms across her chest and waited for Spencer's lame response.

"What? No, I'm perfectly fine." She tugged the fabric closer to her.

"Uh huh." And without warning, Casey reached over and pulled the entire thing off. "Ha! I knew it!" she exclaimed triumphantly which earned her another hush and death glare. Casey didn't care as she pointed to all the red hickeys that adorned Spencer's neck.

"Casey!" she pulled back the scarf and wrapped it around her once more.

"Explain, Carlin." Even though there was no need to. A two-year old could have figured it out.

"Okay, okay, we took a detour to the park," Spencer finally said while she adjusted the scarf. "Happy?"

"No, give me details, woman." Casey's excited face was starting to annoy her.

"I'm not giving you details! Do I ask for details from you and Sally?"

"No, but I give them to you anyways."

"Yeah, I wish you didn't," Spencer muttered.

"Fine, Cliff notes' version?" she asked hopefully.

Relenting, Spencer let out a sigh. "Fine. We went to the park, talked, cuddled, and kissed. Period end."

Casey scoffed. "Please, if it was any other girl, I might have believed you. But this is Ashley Davies we're talking about."

At this, Spencer got a little angry. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

"Um, that it's Ashley. She's not known for cuddling and kissing."

"For your information," Spencer started angrily. "Ashley behaved very respectfully. She was, for a lack of better words, a perfect gentlemen."

Casey held up her hands in defense. "Sorry, Spencer, I didn't mean it like that."

Spencer went back to her notes, still a little annoyed. Ashley was perfect the night before and all they did was kiss. The thought of going further didn't even cross either of their minds. In fact, they never even made it to second base.

"Are you mad at me?" Casey asked nervously.

"No, it's just," she looked up at her friend. "I've misjudged Ashley in that past, and I don't want anyone else to do that. Ashley's a really nice girl and I really like her, Casey."

Casey nodded and smiled.

And as if she knew that they were talking about her, Ashley appeared from behind a book stack and came up behind Spencer.

"Hi, sunshine," she greeted and kissed Spencer on the cheek.

Spencer blushed at the nickname. She remembered when Ashley's terms of endearment annoyed the hell out of her. Now it just mad her giddy.

"Hi." She turned and kissed her back.

Casey mumbled something about going to look for a book and winked at Spencer. Spencer smile gratefully as Casey left her and Ashley alone.

"Shouldn't you be in class?" Spencer pointed out as Ashley made her stand up so she could sit in her chair. Once she did, Ashley pulled her back to sit on her lap and wrapped her arms around her.

"I took a bathroom pass but I should get back at some point." She put her chin on Spencer's shoulder to read her notes. "Nice scarf, Chuck Bass," she said when noticed it.

Spencer glared at her. "Nice tie, Avril," she countered and tugged on the purple tie that Ashley had loosely around her neck over her black tank top.

"What? You seemed to like my tie last night?" She grinned at her. "And plus, it kind of covers these." She pulled the tie to the side to reveal her neck.

Spencer laughed when she saw little red hickeys all around Ashley's skin. "Well, I guess we both got carried away." She pulled off the scarf to show Ashley her handy work.

"Damn," Ashley exclaimed when she saw Spencer's neck and grinned at her. She was surprised at how many hickeys she gave Spencer. "Well, I'm just marking my territory."

"Excuse me?" Spencer turned around in Ashley's lap and wrapped Ashley's tie around her wrist pulling her closer to her face. There was a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Whose territory?"

"Mine?" Ashley's breath hitched from the way Spencer was looking at her.

"I'm no one's territory, Ashley Davies." She tugged harder.

"Well, I'm yours."

Spencer smiled and finally kissed her. They started to make out and only stopped when someone angrily cleared her throat.

"Miss Carlin, Miss Davies, this is a library, not the back row of a movie theater." The librarian looked like she was about to whack them with a heavy book so Spencer got off Ashley's lap.

"Sorry," they both mumbled but was on the verge of laughter.

"I should get back to class anyways. Wouldn't want the teacher to think I've flushed myself down the toilet." Ashley gave Spencer one last kiss. "See you in music."

Spencer smiled as she watched Ashley leaving the library. She tried to return back to studying but all she could think about was Ashley.

"Screw it." She slammed her notebook shut and went after Ashley before she could get back to class. There was a janitor's closet somewhere close by.


Spencer and Ashley tried to spend as much as time they could together but that soon proved to be difficult. The next couple of weeks, Spencer and Ashley barely had a minute to spare.

Spencer always seemed to have some kind of extra curricular activity after school and Ashley suddenly became Kyla's personal taxi service. Christine had refused to buy Kyla a car until her grades improved which meant that Ashley had to haul her around whenever Kyla wanted to go somewhere. Ashley tried to protest but Christine threatened to take away her car and subject her to public transportation.

They hung out when they could between classes and a little after school before Spencer went off to wherever she had to go that day. The weekends were good but they always seemed to hang out in a group instead of just by themselves.

It was starting to frustrate Spencer. Not only was she not spending time with Ashley, she just now realized that Ashley hasn't officially asked her out. She had no idea how to define their relationship. Sure, they'd hold hands, cuddled, and kiss but they haven't gone out on a proper date. It worried her a little. What if Ashley got sick of her and moved on to another girl?

"What's up pouty face?" Casey asked when her and Sally sat down at the lunch table.

Spencer looked up at the two girls and shrugged. "Nothing," she lied and started playing with the bracelet Ashley gave her.

Casey looked worried and was about to open her mouth but Sally spoke first. "Is Ashley being an ass?"

"What? No," Spencer said a little amused that Sally would assume that of her best friend.

"Where is the whore anyways?" Sally asked looking around. "Don't you two usually walk to lunch together after music?"

"She's putting her guitar in her car. She doesn't like to leave it in the music room anymore because Todd accidentally broke someone's violin the other day by sitting on it," Spencer explained.

"Oh God, that sucks for whose ever that violin was," Casey said knowing full well that Todd didn't get the nickname "Two Ton" Todd for nothing.

"Why did you think Ashley was being an ass to me?" Spencer asked Sally randomly.

"Well, I know to two haven't seen a lot of each other and I just assume that would be Ashley's fault because she's an idiot by nature." She said this all light heartedly and Spencer laughed a little but had a somber look on her face. "But I take it by the look on your face that Ashley has done something stupid."

Spencer shook her head. "No, nothing like that."

"Then what?" Casey asked.

"She just hasn't asked me out yet officially. I know it's stupid, but I liked to know where whatever we have is heading, you know?"

"It's not stupid at all," Sally said assuring her. "Bitch better get a move on."

Everyone laughed but quickly stopped when Ashley approached the table and sat down next to Spencer. "Hi, pretty lady," she said and kissed her on the cheek. She then turned to Sally. "Lunch me, wench."

Sally threw her a brown paper back. "One of these days, Ash, you have to make your own goddamn lunch."

"Or we could just go back to my uncle's diner," Ashley pointed out as she stuffed her sandwich in her mouth.

"I told you, Casey-"

"Doesn't want to be late, blah blah blah."

"I'm right here," Casey said glaring at her.

"Hey guys," a voice said from behind them. Everyone turned to look at the newcomer and Spencer involuntarily scowled again. It was Lea the cheerleader. Everyone greeted her except Spencer.

"What's up?" Ashley asked and indicated for to sit down. She obliged and sat right next to Ashley which made Spencer scowl more.

"Musical festival this weekend and Simple Prose is playing," she told her. "And James doesn't want to go to listen to 'whiny girls play bad guitar' so I was wondering if you want to go. Admission is only five bucks."

"Yeah, sure, no problem. Just call me with more details later."

"Thanks, Ashley." She gave her a smile and said goodbye to everyone before leaving.

Spencer felt like she was about to explode. "Um, I just remembered I need to turn in something for English," she said suddenly and started to gather her things.

"Want me to come with you?" Ashley asked.

"No, I'm good." But she really wasn't although she hid it from Ashley very well.

Once Spencer was gone, both Casey and Sally aimed kicks right at Ashley's shins.

"Ow! What the fuck was that for?" she said angrily while she rubbed her shins.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Sally asked glaring at her.

"Why did you just agree to go on a date with Lea in front of Spencer?" Casey added.

"What date?" Ashley asked confused and looked down at her bruised legs. "Is everyone forgetting that Lea is straight?"

"You know what we mean, dumbass! Why haven't you asked Spencer out yet?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ashley said even more confused. She thought her and Spencer were doing perfectly fine right now.

"I swear to God, Ashley Davies, if you hurt Spencer, I'll punch you in your ovaries." Casey gave her a menacing look that Ashley actually cowered.

"Did she say something to you guys?"

"Uh, duh. She told us that you haven't even asked her out yet."

"Well," Ashley thought for a second. "I have asked her out on many occasions."

"Ash," Sally said exasperated. "That was then. And plus, I hardly call those asking. You were basically telling her to go out with you."

Ashley scratched her head. "So, she wants me to ask her out officially?"

"She wants to know that you want more from this relationship."

"I do!"

"Then show her."

Ashley knew exactly how to show Spencer what she meant to her the next day during lunch. She practically flew out of fourth period when the bell rang and only had time to see Spencer's confused face before she hopped into her car to drive to where she needed to be.

She was only gone for a few minutes before she came back with what she had bought. Ashley set the hazel nut-flavored iced coffee in front of Spencer at the lunch table and was rewarded with a grateful smile.

"Is that why you sprinted out of fourth period?" Spencer asked when Ashley kissed her on the cheek.

"Yes, I like the way you taste when I kiss you after you drink it."

Spencer blushed. "You forgot to leave your guitar in the car," she pointed out when she saw the gig bag hanging off Ashley's shoulder.

"Oh, no, I need it for this." Spencer looked on confused as Ashley unzipped her bag and put on her guitar. "Everyone can I have your attention?" She yelled across the quad.

"Ash, what are you doing?" Spencer looked around as everyone's attention went to Ashley who was now standing on the bench.

"Everyone, I want to play a song I wrote for Spencer Carlin," she continued and glanced at Spencer who had turned bright red and hid her face behind her hand. "You know her right? Smartest and most beautiful girl in school?" Everyone watched in great amusement at Ashley's little performance.

"Anyways, this one is for you, Spencer." She jumped off the bench and just stood directly in front of Spencer and started to strum.

"You're tall and fun and skinny. You're really, really pretty. Spencer!"

Ashley sang the first line of her song and everyone started laughing. Spencer could only watch on in complete embarrassment.

"I'm the Mickey to your Minnie. The Tigger to my Winnie. Spencer!" She smiled and tried not to laugh as Spencer turned even redder behind her hand.

"You're hotter than Laura Linney, I wanna take you out to dinn-y. Spencer!" More laughter and now Spencer was barely recognizable. She was pretty sure she was going to spontaneously combust.

"Cuter than a guinea pig. I wanna take you up to Winnipeg. THAT'S in Canada!" Ashley seemed to run out lyrics and started to sing Spencer's name repeatedly and at some points was scatting it. She was also dancing along with her guitar making her look like Matt Nathanson on crack.

With one final strum, Ashley ended the song with a soft "Spencer" and everyone burst into applause. Ashley plopped herself down in front of Spencer and smile again.

"So, wanna go out to dinn-y and ice cream at the beach this weekend?"

Spencer just stared at her and did the first thing that came to her mind. She took the iced coffee sitting on the table, uncapped it, and dumped it on Ashley's head. Gasps and laughter filled the quad but the smile on Ashley's face never left as the coffee dripped down her face.

"So, is that a yes?"

Spencer burst into laughter and kissed her hard, not caring that she got coffee on herself as well. "Want me to help you clean this up?"

Ashley nodded excitedly and got up. Picking up her guitar in one hand and holding Spencer's in another, the two them walked towards the school. They passed Casey and Sally who somehow missed the performance and looked at them strangely.

"I don't even want to know," Sally said as she watched the pair walk by.

"But you'll hear all about it later!" Ashley called over her shoulder.

Spencer shook her head in amusement and Ashley lifted up their joined hands and kissed Spencer's. She unconsciously fingered the bracelet as they walked towards the girl's locker room.

"Well, I guess really did fall for it," Ashley said once they were inside.

"Fall for what?" Spencer asked curiously while Ashley went into her locker and started grabbing some clothes and a towel.

She pointed to Spencer's bracelet and smiled. "My charm."

Spencer rolled her eyes but didn't protest when Ashley leaned in and kiss her. They pulled apart slightly dazed and Spencer smiled.

"Charmed, I'm sure."


The song Ashley sings is from A Very Potter Musical. I just inserted Spencer's name in there. Thanks everyone for reading and reviewing.