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When In Rome… You're Not in Japan

Saying I loathe my life right now would be an understatement. This is the third time this year that my family has moved. My family is just made up of just me and my dad. I hate moving. I could care less if I ever saw my friends again and considering how much I really didn't know them I have to wonder if I can actually call them friends. I most certainly am not going to miss the view of my neighbor's bathroom that I had from my old bedroom, I'm still trying to block out the images. Why do I hate moving? I have to pack all my stuff into boxes just to have to unload them a couple of days later in another house. It is ridicules! The whole idea of moving is ridicules! It's all my father's fault, he likes traveling to help give him ideas. He's a grocery store employee by day and a writer by night. Those ideas are for whatever harebrained story he's working on. Currently he trying to write a novel, it'll be his first one, and hence the new scenery.

"So what do you think?" Dad asked me, he was standing on the lawn admiring our new home. Another reason I abhor moving is because my mind over uses and abuses words like 'new' and 'hate'.

I unbuckled my seatbelt begrudgingly, we go through this every time I swear, and got out of our car making sure not to slam the door even though I wanted to. "It's nothing to brag about, but we've lived in worse."

"Don't say that Frannie," My dad gave me his one hundred watt smile which made this whole situation feel gauche, didn't help that he called me Frannie. Is a nickname supposed to be longer than one's actual name? Dad continued, "Come on I'm sure you have more of an opinion than that!"

"It's bigger than the last one," I tried but it really didn't matter to me. A home is a home no matter where you live and it doesn't matter what it's like as long as it can support your way of life. Also I'm only concerned about my room because it will be where I spend most of my time.

"Yup, and this one has a backyard." Dad stuffed his hands into his jean pockets and sighed contently. "I've always had this dream of me barbequing in a backyard while you swim in a pool."

"I don't like swimming," I reminded my dad. "Besides, you can't cook."

"Yeah," My dad mumbled allowing the dream to slip away. "So is the size all you noticed?"

"The window's have shutters that are cracked, the front door looks like a dog attacked it, I can't see the roof but I see tiles shattered by the garage, and the lawn is the same color as ramen." My dad frowned, realizing his mistake in asking me what I noticed. "It looks old and it needs a new coat of paint."

"Well I guess it does need a little work, but that's the fun part! We can work on it together, father and son, side by side." My dad put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer.

"Yeah, fun." The lack of enthusiasm in my voice was overlooked.

Just then the moving van pulled up, it was pretty small considering it held all our worldly possessions. The driver was a rather large man, he towered over my dad who was no small fry, and the two began to unpack everything. Dad turned around, remembering me, "You can go inside and take a look around. The door's unlocked."

Is it really safe to leave the door unlocked? What if some hobo went inside because they needed a place to sleep? I had to wonder how my dad could be so careless; I must have gotten my commonsense from mom. The door's knob squeaked when I opened it and I automatically winced. I hate sharp noises like that; they messed with the nerves in my head. I swung the door open and looked inside.

The space where the living room should be looked old and empty, I hadn't been expecting anything else really, so there was no disappointment. The dining room branched off from the living room straight ahead and I assumed the kitchen was somewhere after that. My destination was the bedrooms. I located the stairs behind a door and made my way upstairs. There were four doors. By a tedious process of elimination I discovered that there were three bedrooms and one bathroom.

The master bedroom I left for my dad, I didn't need that much space anyways. That left my choices with a bedroom that was large but had a window facing our neighbor's house, or a smaller room that faced the street. I did not want a repeat of last time so I choose the smaller of the two.

"So pick your room yet?" Dad asked from behind me, he was carrying one of the boxes that had my name on it.

"Yeah," I pointed to the room and before he could ask me what I thought of it I supplied, "It's a dump."

"Like I said we can fix it up." He set the box down by my door and wiped his brow. "We'll be coming up with your bed next so can you do something with this?"

I nodded my head and waited for him to disappear back down the stairs before examining the box. It was full of everything I owned that wasn't clothes, bedding, or furniture. A few wall posters that dad got me for my birthday a few years back that I didn't have the heart to throw away. Along with those were a couple of books I liked and one that my mother gave me when I was a child. My hand brushed against something fuzzy and my face dropped. I pulled it out of the box to confirm what I already knew. It was that god-awful, digesting, most reprehensible, abomination! Just looking at the backpack made the bile in my stomach churn. It was a green and yellow frog backpack with large plastic eyes that my father bought me and made me take to school every single year. Every single year! I tried getting rid of it before but some good Samaritan just had to turn it into the police who were more than kind enough to return it to me. Why couldn't people mind their own business? I told dad I didn't like it but for some sick reason he keeps making me use it. He said it looked cute on me, but I am 14, and 14 year olds do not wear froggy backpacks to school!

I heard dad and the mover guy coming up so I tossed the frog into the box and dragged it away from the door. Dad's face was red, he wasn't very strong. "Here you go Frannie. Where do you want it?"

That was a good question. I had been so wrapped up in showering my backpack with murderous intent that I hadn't even given it a thought. "Just set it down and I'll move it."

"You sure?" Dad looked relieved when they sat the bed down. "This thing is heavy."

"Yeah I'm sure." The mover guy shrugged and left the room. He seemed to be a man of few words. Dad patted me on the back, "I'll get the desk and your trashcan up here in a jiffy."

Who uses the word jiffy? I looked at him with dubiousness, "Are you sure? Maybe you should leave it to the professional."

"Nonsense." He laughed then walked away trying to act like his back didn't hurt. Yup nonsense is precisely the word I would use to describe my dad. No matter what sort of horrible grotesque stuffed frog backpack he tried to force on me I'll still love him, resent him a little, but love him.


"The dirty deed is done," I sighed as I stared up at my ceiling, my back against the floor.

"It only took 5 hours, 2 snack breaks, and 1 mental breakdown but we did it." Dad was sitting on the couch; his head tilted back, his arms stretched out. I couldn't see his face but I assumed he had his eyes closed. His chestnut brown hair was probably sticking to the leather because of all the sweat in it. I got my looks from mom.

"I still have my room to do." I said absently, I was in no hurry to work on it.

"Sorry about that," Dad apologized. "Thanks for neglecting your room to help me with the rest of the house. It looks nice."

"You're joking right?" There was a spider crawling across the wall. Not like there weren't bugs in our last home but this spider was huge. I rolled onto my side so I no longer had to look at it.

"So what do you want for diner?" Dad lifted his head long enough to make eye contact with me.

"Are you cooking?" I tried not to imagine all the things that could be on the hardwood floor of the living room.

Dad hesitated, "Well I was planning on it."

"With what food?" I lifted myself up and had to brush the green hairs from my face. Stupid static electricity. "If I recall we just moved in. I don't know about you but I didn't see any food in the fridge."

"You're right." Dad sat up straight and ran a hand through his hair. "Well that could be a problem."

I tried not to point out the fact that I'm usually right, but instead opted to say, "Want me to go shopping?"

"Would you? While you're at it I want you to buy school supplies for tomorrow. Also get something for breakfast." Dad said it casually, trying to not make a big deal about it.

"What did you say?" My usual calm tone changed to one of more surprised anger. "School? I start school tomorrow?"

"Well Frannie," Dad waved his hands in front of him. "The school year starts tomorrow and you have to go. No son of mine gets to skip, and I would if I could, but I have no time to home school you."

I blinked. This sucks. This… this really sucks! "You'll have to give me the money."

Dad observed how my voice was back to monotone and quickly fished his wallet out of his back pocket. He handed me a wad of cash. "Here you go."

I left the house after pulling on my brown button up jacket. It was something my aunt sent me, she made it herself, and the back and sides of the jacket was longer than the front. If you ask me it looked weird because the longer part went all the way down to my knees, but it kept me warm. It took me a few minutes after I was several blocks away from our new home to remember some very important things that had slipped my mind. For starters I don't know where I am, where I'm going, or how to get back. I didn't know where to buy food or school supplies, I hadn't memorized my new address, and I was lost.

"Great…" I sighed. This was not my day. If only there was someone I could ask for directions.

"Hello there, you seem lost, are you?"

I turned around and saw the body to the voice. The man had a green Mohawk; he wore red sunglasses that made it impossible to see his eyes, and his outfit sported feathers. "Are you a pedophile?"

"What? Me?" The man looked hurt. "I'm no pedophile in fact-. Hey why are you walking away when I'm talking to you?"

I was hoping he wouldn't notice my retreating form. I turned around to tell him off when I noticed he was a lot closer than he was a moment ago. He's fast.

"Look, my name is Lassuria and I'm the drama teacher at Namimori Middle School. I am no pedophile!" Lassuria held out his hand for me to shake but I ignored it.

"That's what a pedophile would say," I pointed out.

"True but I'm not." The grown man pouted. "Besides I don't like girls so you have no reason to worry!"

I didn't feel like pointing out the fact that I was a guy.

"So are you lost?" The Lassuria fellow pressed.

"Can you tell me where the nearest grocery store is?"

After getting the directions from the pedophile I managed to find myself standing outside a yellow painted building. The sign told me it was the Stop and Shop Store. Oh the irony. The store I had been looking for is the same one my dad would start working at in a few days. I pushed the door open and took a look around. There was annoying music playing in the background, a bored looking teen behind each checkout aisle, and row upon row of merchandise.

I thought it would be best if I got my school supplies first so I headed down aisle 5 which was labeled above Office Supplies. I got there and blinked. "What in the world?"

On the shelves were bath supplies like sponges, shampoo, and towels. One of the store employees was walking by and I hailed her. "Excuse me?"

The women looked over at me and smiled. "May I help you?"

"Uh yeah," I pointed to the sign. "It says this is supposed to be office supplies."

"Yes it does," The lady kept her smile on.

"Well where are the office supplies?" I deadpanned.

"In aisle 5." She replied instantly.

I didn't seem to be getting through to her but I tried anyways. "This is aisle 5. I don't see any paper, pens, pencils, or staplers. I think the sign is wrong. Can you tell me where I can go to find office supplies?"

"In aisle 5." The lady was really getting on my nerves.

"Okay look if you're not going to be helpful I'll find it on my own. Thanks for nothing." I started walking away, looking down every aisle.

"If you're not careful you'll get lost," The lady called after me.

Yeah right. This store was only so big, only a kid could get lost in a place like this. I held back an eye roll and continued walking. Not may people were in the store, no wonder with the crappy service, but seriously the place was completely empty. I got the feeling I was the only one shopping. I like being by myself, I admit, but it was a little eerie. I brushed my uneasy feeling aside and continued looking down aisles. I found the food section of the store and decided my school supplies would have to wait.

What did I want to eat for diner? Anything as long as it wasn't spicy. I grabbed a bag of rice then realized that I hadn't grabbed a basket when I came into the store. Great. With the bag in hand I made my way back to the store front and grabbed a blue basket and placed the rice inside. "Now back to get the ingredients for my Omuraisu."

Talking to myself was probably a desperate cry for human companionship but I like to think I've always been this far off the rocker of sanity. I began making my way back when I realized something was different. It was like as I had my back turned the entire store was rearranged and I was now facing an aisle full of cold drinks where it should have had cereals. Seriously what the hell was going on?

"You must be new here," I turned around to see a small boy who looked around my age. He had brown hair that stood in the air and calming brown eyes. The boy laughed nervously.

"How did you know that?" I wasn't impressed.

"You seem lost." The boy explained.

"I'm not lost." I stated firmly.

"Oh…" The boy shuffled his feet. "Well if you need help I would be glad to help you find something."

I relented. I'm not a very proud person after all. "Can you tell me where I can find the eggs?"

"Sure, follow me." The boy stared walking in the complete opposite direction I had been going in. Go figure. We walked past several aisles before he stopped. "Here they are."

I grabbed the ones I wanted and placed them beside the rice. The boy also showed me where to get gravy sauce so the meal could be complete. "Thanks."

"No problem." The boy smiled at me nervously. He looked at the clock on the walls and gasped. "Oh no I'm late!"

The boy was gone before I had a chance to blink. He was fast like how that pedophile was. Now that I had my food the only problem was my school supplies. Once again I continued to explore the store and much to my dismay I still found nothing. Giving up I walked up to a male cashier. "Excuse me but can you tell me where I can fine the office supplies?"

The guy turned around and smiled. Did everyone love to smile in this town or was it just me? He thought about it for a moment then replied, "Yeah they're in aisle 5."

I wanted to hit my head on something, like a wall, but instead an idea came to me. "Where are the bath supplies?"

"Aisle 26." The guy said before turning around and continuing reading his magazine.

It was just an idea but if the people here thought bath supplies was office supplies then they might think office supplies was bath supplies. When in Rome do as the Romans right? Then again if I was in Rome I wouldn't be here in Japan having this dilemma.

It was there just as I thought it might be. There wasn't much of a selection left and to my disdain a lot of the supplies was imprinted with little frog faces, they must have been avoided like the plague because there were so many of them left. I wanted to get sick. I didn't know what I needed for school so I just guessed. I was able to find blue and red pens but the only pencils left were green and covered in frogs. The notebooks I found weren't much better. They had a frog in a pond on a lily pad with a crown on its head. I couldn't believe this. It was like the world was out to get me. I sighed. I hate frogs, I really do.

I paid for everything and was quick to get out of there. Now to conquer my next problem, getting home…

To be continued…

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