Elphaba found Fiyero staring exasperatedly at her room, his hand half raised, unsure whether he should knock.

"Can I help you?" She asked, eyebrows raised, but when he stared at her, instead of feeling abashed, his face changed, flushed red with pleasure. He smiled, unable to contain that he'd found her, after searching for Elphaba for the past two hours. He lent forward, kissing her, caught in the moment, forgetting neither of them had yet confessed their feelings. She obliged, her mouth sealing round his, warmth flooding her body as his arms moved to hold her. She ran her hands through his hair, pulling him in closer as they forgot everything but each other. It was only as she turned to take a gasp for breath that they pulled apart, yet still encased in a hug. And Fiyero wasn't letting go anytime soon.

"Where on earth have you been?" He asked, curiosity filling his face.

"Well, let's see." She spoke slowly, patronizing him, but with a smile on her face. Inside she was glowing that he seemed to care. "I went to the library for lunch, and then to the class after and then… then I spoke to Avaric. Where have you been searching?"

"Um, just that hallway, and then your sister said she saw you heading to your room." His face was conflicted; filled with understanding and embarrassment, yet curious about her visiting Avaric. He waited patiently for her to explain. She stood there in silence, refusing to explain, not sure why she should tell him about how she had to endure 10 minutes of insults to find out that Fiyero did like someone; of course, now , it all just seemed a waste of proof compared to the fact Fiyero had just kissed her.

"You don't… like Avaric, do you?" He asked, suddenly worried. He wanted Avaric and Elphaba to get along for once, but not in that way. He doubted it, but his mind still felt unsure.

"You think, after the fact I just kissed you, that I like that pig-headed womanizer?" She laughed, and he smiled, joyed to hear the rare low chuckle that made his head tingle. "No, Fiyero, I do not like Avaric. In fact, I dislike Avaric almost as much I like you."

"So, you hate him, right?" He smiled, no longer caring about his best friend getting along with the girl he loved.

"Yes." She shook her head, before leaning in for another kiss, knowing there were many more kisses to come.

Later, across campus grounds, Nessarose sat in front of a terrified Boq, worried about the purple eye shadow and the red lipstick being rubbed off on his face. He saw Galinda rush past, laughing with Avaric, who smiled as he challenged her to a game of truth and dare, not knowing that Galinda now knew a dare to beat all others, or that Madame Morrible was lusting after a more athletic strong student, renowned for his dirty jokes and distasteful conversations. As Nessarose lent in for to kiss him, Boq wistfully thought of how, if he didn't have Nessarose, he could have Galinda; but then again, who wanted someone like Galinda when he had Nessa. As he turned back to face Nessarose, he handed her a tissue, a determined look on his face.

"You don't need that makeup to have me. I'm already yours." She smiled, wiping away the garish colours, before, for once, he kissed her.

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