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Death's Right Hand


Beneath a sturdy overhang in a quiet corner of Amegakure, two old men sat drinking green tea and watching the rain. They wondered quietly at the weather that was back to normal after a nine month stint of sunshine. Everyone that knew anything about it suspected that the return of the constant downpours coincided with the birth of Konan's son, Nagato, but not a breath of it escaped their lips for fear of breaking the tenuous peace that had settled over the village after the death of Uchiha Madara.

…Well, it was mostly peaceful.

Thankfully, there were few people on the sidewalk at this time of the afternoon, because moments later, a Rain shinobi came barreling down the sidewalk, hands to his mouth shouting at the bystanders who had stopped to stare at him.

"Code 713! Code 713! All civilians are encouraged to seek shelter indoors immediately!"

The ninja looked back over his shoulder at something hidden by a building, eyes widening in fear before he increased speed and darted around the block. The old men never made a move to rise or even glance at what had the ninja running scared. The older of the two merely shook his head and sighed.

"Those two just can't fight like a normal couple, can they?"

The other grunted in agreement before lifting his cup to his lips and taking a small sip. His wrinkled dry lips curled into amusement as the pair in question came into view. Hidan was backpedaling right down the middle of the street, the rain streaming down his body to mix with the blood coating his bare torso from several large wounds. His silver hair was darkened when soaked, and lay plastered against his head. His hands were up in a placating gesture, but the expression on his face was unrepentant. Just out of arm's reach in front of him was Sakura, stalking after him, green eyes blazing, her hair similarly glued to her head. Her fists were clamped to her bloody sides, and with each measured step, the aura of her unbridled chakra grew darker and larger.

Hidan started to speak, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Sakura slammed her fist into the ground, sending chunks of asphalt spraying everywhere. "Shut the hell up!" she yelled at him. "Every time you open your mouth, something bad happens!"

Finally noticing the onlookers, and the fact that his masculinity was in trouble, Hidan stopped. This turned out to be a mistake as well, because seconds later he lay sprawled in the street on his back, right cheek red and burning from the rapid swelling. He lay there for several dazed moments as Sakura loomed over him, her lips set in a hard line as she glared down at him. It was then that he noticed how wet her eyes were, bright and shining as she held back her tears. Then in a blur of pink and spraying droplets she turned and stomped off.

Climbing to his feet, Hidan looked over at the only other occupants of the street, two old men drinking tea under an awning. Throwing his hands in the air, he nearly yelled at them. "Why does she have to be so much fucking trouble?!"