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"Oh, fuck…yes, that's it. Keep doing it like that baby…"

The room around me was dimly lit, with a slight red glow coming from the streetlights just outside the window. The atmosphere was giving off an expensive yet seedy feel which made me smile. I sat back in my black leather chair and plainly revelled as this girl sucked, licked and kissed every inch of my throbbing cock. She delightfully moved her hands around the base and squeezed tenderly until I was almost at the disdainful brink.

Fuck yes! She always gave the best blowjobs.

My eyesight slowly became blurry as I watched her blonde head bob zealously up and down my shaft bringing about my impending orgasm, her lips looking sore and swollen. I gazed down at her violin-shaped figure: slim, yet curvy with a beautiful ample ass. Then suddenly, she began sucking me as if her life depended on it. Too fucking right.

"Come on, Edward," she murmured in between milking me, in that sexy voice that I know all too well. "Fucking come for me, baby."

And that was all I needed to take me over the edge.


I exploded violently all over the expectant girl's face before she lapped up the sweet liquid that was covering my cock and the clear spaces around her mouth. This girl fucking loved it.

As I moved my hands back from the back of her head, I began to pull my pants back up, not bothering with a belt this time. Belts seemed to be unnecessary in my job – it just meant that the blowjobs came slower and that wasn't essentially a good thing. Fuck that – the quicker the better.

"But Edward, aren't we going to…"

I cut her off before she finished; I knew what she was going to say next but I couldn't be bothered. I was becoming weaker as the night went on which meant no time for fucking. "Sorry, Rosalie," I started. "I don't have time for anything else, babe. You'd better get back home. I've got a lot of work to do now since Leah left. You know we're short on staff so you need to do an outstanding performance for the next few nights and you need your fucking beauty sleep, okay?

She pouted sweetly in a sort of measly protest, but then she got up. We were used to this routine now – she knew not to always expect a fuck. She then giggled as I slapped her naked ass. I watched her closely from my desk as she slipped her skimpy black laced thong back on and her barely-there matching bra. I gazed at her unscrupulously as she put her killer-heels around her slender ankles as they lengthened her already extensive legs. She smiled at me slyly as she headed for the door.

Scrumptious, I thought. Maybe I'll fuck her tomorrow.

Fucking was beginning to become a rarity in my office, nowadays. Blowjobs were far more convenient and easily done. I could come from a blowjob in a matter of seconds. Fucking, on the other hand, took a little bit more time and effort on my part and with a job like mine, there was no wasting time. Plus, Rosalie was a fucking goddess at giving good head.

Rosalie was also probably the best in my club; I would always get the best feedback from the customers who regularly came to Violet for her. Man, people just came to the club to watch her. She could grind down the poles more smoothly than the other girls, and her large breasts and ass were just so fucking brilliant that it was so hard to ignore her as she took the centre pole. At least it was Leah leaving, and not Rosalie.

The girls that I employed at Violet were all inimitable in their own individual way. There was Rosalie, obviously, whose tall physique and curvy figure was completely fucking captivating. She was blonde, with pale soft skin and a harsh yet beautiful face.

Then, there was Alice. She was petite with a smaller frame than Rosalie and smaller tits and ass but the way she could grind down that pole…she was so unbelievably flexible that it was fascinating to watch. And her pussy…man, it was tight. Alice, on the occasions that I let her, could fuck brilliantly and her flexibility meant that she could do anything, literally anything.

The other girls, Victoria, Jessica and Angela were all fucking cockteases, too. However, Rose and Alice had always been my favourites.

Rosalie and Alice were called to the office much more than the other three.

My office was somewhere I could do the paperwork for my strip joint, but also somewhere I could… let off a little steam. A sub-job for my girls was what I liked to refer to as "office work". This was where I could call them to the office and do what ever I fucking felt like with the lovely bitches. Don't get me wrong – it wasn't a forced or a paid job – the girls fucking loved it. That might have been down to the fact that I was Edward fucking Cullen. I even had a column dedicated to my life in the New York Times.

I was the city's resident playboy, I guess you could say. I'd heard other people use that term. It wasn't exactly a lie to say that I fucked a different girl every night; it was fucking hard to resist me. I mean, everywhere I went, girls would throw themselves at me – sometimes literally. Not that I was complaining, of course. I lapped up the attention. I could probably bet that I had done every type of girl in New York: black, white, fat, thin, blonde, brunette…fuck, just everything. Yet, no girl had ever taken my particular liking since I had been in the city – not even Alice or Rosalie.

I just fucking loved all women.

Rosalie and Alice and even the other three girls knew that they were sort of tied to me, though. They weren't my girlfriends – no – Edward Cullen did not date. It might have been a bit logical to compare me to the Hefner himself, but I still didn't call my girls my girlfriends. But this meant that those who worked at Violet did not date either – my rules. Not that they minded; I did give them a fuck or so every month just to please them, even though my preferences were pretty blinding obvious. You see, I could be a nice boss, sometimes. However, I was more likely to fuck Rosalie or Alice as they were the best, but I could never purposely pleasure them. It simply wasn't my style, to be completely fucking honest.

Yes, some people called me selfish and yeah, of course I knew that I was pretty fucking self-centred, but the underlying problem was that like any other hot-blooded male, I was scared of commitment – I definitely didn't want to fall in love. I knew that if I gave in and purposely pleasured one of my girls or formed one act of genuine kindness, then maybe I would be irrevocably tied to them. I had seen it with Jacob – my former best friend.

Jake had owned the club with me previously; it was our project after we had completed college together. Of course, our parents help invest in our club despite not knowing was sort of club it was. But Jacob and I turned it into one of the most successful franchises in the whole of Gotham fucking City. We had owned several other clubs over the years, a few restaurants here and there – fuck, we almost owned the Big Apple itself.

The days with Jake were a fucking blast. We would knock down shots all night, snort lines after lines of coke, have hundreds of girls in for "office work" – fuck, it was something. Hell, Jake even helped to pick our girls for the poles in Violet. He was the one who found Rosalie, the belle of the club. But now, her was happily married, living a shit mundane life with my former stripper Leah, with a real shitty office job and he wouldn't even set foot in this club anymore, let alone go back to the lifestyle that we had once shared.

Yeah, he would ring every once and a while to try and convince me to give up the club. He'd tell me all this bullshit like how there was more out there than just booze, sex and drugs. I scoffed at his request; why the fuck would I ever give up the club?

It was rolling in it – in fact – I was rolling in it. I was on the Forbes Young Rich List every year and have several times been voted one of the richest, sexiest youngest bachelors of New York. I got the best coke in the city for myself and my workers and never failed to pay the dealers for all the fucking money I spent on that shit. I owned several properties, shares and cars despite also owning other recreational outlets in the city.

I was a fucking good businessman.

But since Leah had left with Jacob, I was short of girls at Violet, my most profiting and enjoyable club. Leah was exquisite: her dark, native-American skin contrasted to all of the other girls and her toned, muscular dancer's body was perfect for her performance on the poles. Yet now, she had put me in a vulnerable position: the ex-king of strip joints, Carlisle Masen, was coming form London to visit Violet in one week's time. If I was short of girls, I couldn't deliver the perfect performance. There were six poles, and now I only had five girls.

Jacob and I had specially picked all of the girls in the early days of developing Violet. They were all unique in their own way, and were the most beautiful girls in America, fuck New York. Of course, it shouldn't be that hard to find a new girl; most girls in New York would kill for a job in Violet – that, I knew. I received emails every day of girls who knew of Violet and were desperate to work here. They all send photos and videos of themselves, all scantily dressed and quite a few were pleasantly pornographic. However, to work in Violet, I needed the girls to be special whilst retaining some element of class – not just anyone who was up for a fuck. Although I did contact some of the girls who possessed that quality – but obviously for other reasons.

When I found the other girls, my instinct told me to pick them as if it was some sort of profound feeling. It was as if I just knew that the girls were right for the job, so I instantly picked them. I knew my gut instinct was right because the girls I had previously picked were absolutely fucking perfect. But now, I would have to go through the whole process again and I only had a week to do so. Carlisle Masen's review of Violet could either make it – just that little bit more – or completely break and fucking destroy the whole goddamn thing.

As Rosalie walked stealthily out of my office door after her usual remarkable head-giving, she passed my colleague, Jasper. He was obviously about to knock but evidently didn't want to disturb me. Jasper helped me organise Violet's events, and helped me on administrative work. He was shy and less good looking than I was, so sometimes I helped him with the ladies in return for his good deeds to me. I smiled knowingly as I welcomed him into my office. "Come in, Jas," I called.

"I don't know how you do it. You're such a…a…fox, Mr. Cullen!" He laughed nervously and I laughed along with him. I was in a good mood after Rosalie's mouth service. I was pretty much a god around here.

"I know, I know. So what do you want, Jasper? Have you finished what I had asked you?" I wondered, hoping that he had.

"Of course, Mr. Cullen. That is what I came here to tell you before…" he stuttered and I laughed at him. "Yes…anyway, Mr. Cullen, I just wanted to let you know that I have organised open auditions in the South Hall for girls so you can meet some of them in person, and have also arranged for a few adverts to go on late night TV for them."

"And the flyers?"

"Yep, I've got Emmett and James on them. They've been sticking up posters all day, Mr. Cullen."

"Excellent, Jasper." I leaned over my desk, picked up one of the joints I had got James to roll up for me in the morning and lit it naturally. I took a toke before speaking to Jasper again. The dope was always good after head. "The auditions will still be scheduled for tomorrow as planned, yes?"

"Yes," Jasper confirmed. "One o'clock, in the South Hall."

"Great," I answered him with my now-hazy eyes. I looked around my office, trying to think of something else to say to Jasper before I dismissed him. Then, something came to me.

"I think that's it for now, Jas. We're done for the night. I'll see you tomorrow." I smiled as I swivelled my chair around so that my back was facing him as if to signal for him to leave.

"Mr. Cullen, would you like me to lock up? It's pretty late, about 4 AM."

"Not yet, Jasper. Actually, do you know what? Could you see if Alice is still around and send her in here, please? I'm feeling a little stressed about the auditions tomorrow and you know how she relieves me…"

I turned my chair around to face Jasper again, smirked and watched him as he awkwardly bowed his head. I knew that Jasper had always had a soft spot for Alice – I had laughed to myself as I noticed his puppy-dog eyes around her for the first time about a year ago. So to watch Jasper squirm when he knew that I was going to fuck her was particularly entertaining.

"Are…are you sure, Mr. Cullen?"

I chuckled.

"Of course, I'm sure, Jasper, why wouldn't I be? Now, run along and send Alice on the way, that's a good boy," I ushered.

"Okay, Mr. Cullen. Can you just remember one o'clock tomorrow at South Hall, please? Don't forget this time. We can't let Masen give us a bad review after all we – I mean, you – have worked for."

"I won't forget. Alice, please. See ya tomorrow, Jas."

I grinned to myself as Jasper left the room and I awaited a tiring yet mind-blowing sex session with the little pixie. I loved my life; I loved my club, and most of all I loved all the freedom that came with it. Nothing would change that, especially something fucking stupid like love, like it had done with Jake.

Little did I know that I was fucking tempting fate and that fate was close – in a small audition hall that was awaiting me the next day.

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